Tap the Wire Finally Confirmed Dead at Los Alamitos

At Los Alamitos May 9, Tap the Wire was “injured” at the wire in the 4th race (he “won”). He was then “vanned off.” Familiar with the various styles of (Equibase) chartwriters across the country, I knew that an “injured, vanned” at Los Alamitos almost always means dead. However, I was told by the CHRB that no euthanasia had been reported; neither did the 4-year-old ever surface on the Board’s new database. Now, though, there has finally been a confirmation (track announcer Michael Wrona). Tap the Wire is the 17th victim at Los Alamitos this year.


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  1. As sad as I get when reading these reports I feel that by knowing about these deaths we are paying respect to these creatures who are sacrificed. Humans use these animals up no differently than slaves. These horses, and all animals who are “broken” for our use, deserve better but the reality is that as long as money and profit is involved little may ever change. People have the unfortunate need to dominate; the land, other people, animals…nothing is exempt from this characteristic that is unique to us.
    I will continue to read these tributes and to see my rescued horse as a way to find solace. Thank you for your diligence in reporting these atrocities.


  3. May TAP THE WIRE Rest in Peace.
    As morbid as it sounds, for a horse exploited by people involved in the horseracing industry to die is the way of escaping the every day routine of being forced to live or exist a completely unnatural way of life. It sounds morbid because it is morbid. For so-called horseman to always be forcing their horses to do what causes everyday pain and soreness to the horses is totally wrong. This vile human behavior must be punishable by law!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Another sickening report from CA, which is hardly the only state suffering these losses. Racehorse deaths and injuries occur everywhere–and unfortunately, many who aren’t moneymakers end up at auctions where they can be bought by “meat buyers.” This reinforces my commitment to donate to horse rescue organizations that offer these wonderful animals a chance at a much better life. This brutal assault on the lives of horses must end!!

  5. You know Gina… I remember vividly when I read Mighty Manfred (beautiful BIG chestnut) got claimed by Steve Asmussen… I said to myself; Oh F… I’m sure it had to be horrible for Mighty Manfred because he had spent his whole life with Hugh Robertson…who I feel took care of him very well.

  6. All racing needs to be banned now. R.I.P Tap the Wire you can be in peace now and you won’t be tortured and abused any more.

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