Colt “Found Deceased in Stall” at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that O’Bushido, a twice-raced 3-year-old, was “found deceased in [his] stall” at Belmont Monday morning. Apparently, he had been treated for thrombophlebitis the previous week. But I’m sure we’ll learn more (that’s called sarcasm) as the Commission has promised an “investigation.”

This, still, is horseracing.

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  1. Wholesale carnage on the tracks, in the stalls, and on the slaughterhouse floor.
    Anybody who participates, supports, works there and defends this are all parasites.
    They all feed off the bones, backs, blood, and lives of racehorses.
    They are pathetic human beings.
    One big basket of bad apples – rotten to the core.

  2. Obviously this colt had not been given the care he deserved while dying in his stall. No matter how many times people protest against the terrible treatment of these horses it just seems to keep happening. When will the care of these horses be #1 on the list?

    • Simple answer: NEVER.
      Racehorses are there to be used, abused and dumped in the trash like a worn out gambling chip.

  3. The care of racehorses will NEVER be number ONE on the list in horseracing. MONEY is NUMBER ONE on the list in horseracing. It’s extremely unfortunate but true. If the proper care of horses was number one on the list, this colt would still be out on pasture allowed to grow and mature into an adult horse, possibly with light riding that would not cause lameness or other health problems. At three-years-old, this colt was a child in human years. Horses mature at the age of six-years-old. At two-years-old, they are babies. At three-years-old, they are toddlers, more or less. Just because they are born “to run away from predators in the wild” does NOT mean that that they were born to run on a racetrack while FORCED by their HUMAN PREDATOR OWNERS/TRAINERS/JOCKEYS to run on a track and then be locked up in a stall for TWENTY-THREE HOURS A DAY by their HUMAN PREDATORS PREYING ON THESE YOUNG HORSES (exploiting them) for financial gain in the form WAGERING HANDLE and GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES, the subsidies adding money to their purse winnings. That government money is needed by humans that are not in the business of abusing horses and calling it a sport for financial gain. These young horses are suffering in pain!!!!

  4. The only thing people in the horseracing industry really care about is money!

  5. Surprised they admitted that. Thrombophlebitis is from shoving things in his jugular.

  6. Alan After reading this I have been wondering allday if this was intentional.

    • Whether they intentionally killed him, they certainly intentionally caused the condition that led to his death.

  7. An investigation into the death of O’Bushido by whom?
    These investigations conducted by racing are nothing but a disgraceful sham, a total conflict of interest. What qualifies these people to conduct a potential criminal investigation, anyway?
    Horses are even knocked over the head and the so called investigation amounts to nothing but a coverup while the perpetrators just walk away.

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