“Horse Became Weak, Wobbly – Then Went Down and Expired”

The final batch of 2019 California kills, from my FOIA request to the CHRB.

unidentified 3-year-old, Nov 5, Los Alamitos T – “fracture, rupture, massive hemorrhage”

Ghost Street, Nov 10, Del Mar R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”; stomach: “multiple chronic ulcers” (three years old)

Prayer Warrior, Nov 10, Del Mar R – “compound, comminuted fracture; rupture”; stomach: “multiple chronic ulcers” (three years old)

Slewgoodtobetrue, Nov 17, Del Mar T – “the horse suddenly became weak in the hind leg, then wobbly, then went down and expired”

unidentified 5-year-old, Nov 17, Los Alamitos S – “severe colic”

Koa, Nov 30, Del Mar T – “catastrophic breakdown of left front fetlock”

unidentified 2-year-old, Dec 2, San Luis Rey S – “found dead in stall at 3 am – possible cardiac failure”

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  1. Yet another vile and heartbreaking list of extreme suffering and dying.
    KOA another victim of multiple racehorse killer Jerry Hollendorfer.
    This dude is running a kill factory and is still permitted to continue – outrageous.
    Oaklawn Park yesterday Race 4 MIGHTY MANFRED “vanned-off” yet another victim of Steve Asmussen.
    The race office would not tell me whether he was euthanized or not, but it was horrific.
    Multiple racehorse killer and active claiming “trainer” who regularly maims and dumps racehorses, Mike Maker, is at it again.
    On 4/2/2020 he claimed FUTILE a 7 year old gelding whose made over $336,000 with the usual life of being dumped as soon as he couldn’t perform in stakes races and flipped owner/trainers many times.
    He now doesn’t have much of a chance of either making it out alive or be claimed again for another round of abuse.
    The parasites who lived off of FUTILE didn’t care about him nor did they give a home.
    He’s a disposable gambling chip there to be used and tossed if he makes it out alive.
    Not even a pandemic stops these abusers and killers.
    Pathetic losers.

    • I wonder if anyone from the FBI is monitoring any of this current activity in horseracing/horse-killing?

      I feel horrified by the list of horses killed by horseracing!!!! The depraved mindset of the sadistic, barbaric, heartless heathens that torture these horses to death is evil and these vile acts must be severely punished! Horseracing and Pari-Mutuel betting, wagering, gambling are vices, not virtues. Our country does not need this deplorable business!!!!

  2. Many thanks, as always, and a quick question for Patrick about today’s list.
    Where is Princess Dorian? Her story is perhaps the most disgusting of the THREE fatal breakdowns at Del Mar on Nov. 10, euthed a week later. Thanks again.

  3. Another soul shattering list of victims of an obscene industry. And still, the cruelty, abuse and killing continues unabated. The Hollendorfers and Asmussens and the rest of the malefactors need to be eliminated! Locked up for life! When I read “expired” describing the death of a beautiful horse just makes me mad. These horses were NOT born with an expiration date, bastards!! And YOU have NO right to select one for them! They are like your “children” are they not???!!!
    Oh but your time is near. VERY, very near.

    • The Fucking most Vile sacks of shit. I wish it were these used car salesman looking men (bob,steve) they are both corny looking,with their old man long white hair,get a real job you losers.They are KILLERS of innocent animals. It should be men like these two being tortured,not the horses.SAVE the horses. Fuck the uneducated sleazeball old men. bob and steve are making millions,while INNOCENTS lose their lives,shut it the F down…NOW

  4. The fact that Mighty Manfred ended up with that wannabe hipster fraudster steve ass., I cannot stand the thought of…of course awful outcome.People save these proud horses from ones like steve ass.

  5. Just an update on their “reforms” knowing that it won’t stop racehorses from being killed.
    Back in 2005 when we tried to bring in the reforms mainly FULL DISCLOSURE of all doping/SWT/treatments by the private vet administering to be provided to the CHRB, made public, and available on the website the main group that opposed it were the vets, followed by the top trainers and owners.
    Fast forward 15 years until now and it’s very telling who is not co-operating with the changes yet again.
    You guessed it – the private equine vets who administer the dope, and treatments to racehorses on the track.
    In fact, on March 16, 2020 the CHRB filed formal complaints against the below listed private vets for failing to provide all doping and treatment records leading up to either the deaths of racehorses under their care and/or racehorses they treated.
    The vets are: 1. Dr Jennifer Finley 2. Dr. Joseph Dowd 3.Dr. John Araujo 4. Dr. Sarah Birch 5. Dr. Karen Valko.
    Any racehorses who died under their “care” – names redacted or withheld.
    Dr. Jennifer Finley was treating and killing racehorses since around 2007.
    Dr. Joseph Dowd has been treating and killing racehorses since 1990 and I believe he’s the main vet for Bob Baffert. He runs a clinic where racehorses were shipped into for “treatment” just before a race.
    Dr. John Araujo same as above for years.
    Dr. Sarah Birch. Same only relatively new compared to the others.
    Dr. Karen Valko. Been treating and killing racehorses for many years since at least the 90’s if not before.
    All of the above vets have become very rich off the bones, backs and lives of racehorses.

    Under their “lack of transparency” system they can run their own private killing show because by not providing records it also ensures that the records DON’T FOLLOW THE RACEHORSE which leaves them completely unprotected and highly susceptible to catastrophic breakdowns.
    Furthermore, the lack of paperwork makes it near impossible for any formal criminal charges to be laid because there’s no paper trail or evidence.
    Also, by withholding these records we can’t track which dope may be causing severe reactions in racehorses eliminating any type of warning system.
    Under this system the racehorses lose big time and yet they continue to either fight the transparency or not provide records at all leading to the “formal complaints,” which are no different than the “investigations” into trainers with slap on the wrist fines.
    So much for caring right? Vet oath right? Bullshit, but it’s not only the vets it’s the entire system that is set-up to fail the racehorse every step of the way with zippo repercussions for any type of criminal activity that they may be involved with.

    • It’s all criminal activity when it comes to horseracing; the abuse, the doping, the forcing of underdeveloped young horses to run carrying a rider, the whipping, the shocking with electricity, the cruel torture of horses exploited for racing! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us, Gina!

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