“Collapsed, Sudden Death” – at Four

The final batch of 2019 California kills, from my FOIA request to the CHRB.

Ought to Be Wanted, Oct 5, Fresno R – “[multiple] fractures, severe cartilage loss”

Into a Hot Spot, Dec 14, Los Alamitos R – “collapsed, sudden death” (four years old)

Mighty Elijah, Dec 14, Los Alamitos R – “comminuted fracture, severe rupture”

Truest Reward, Dec 26, Santa Anita T – “comminuted, complete fracture; massive hemorrhage; muscles severely torn”

Saddle Club, Dec 28, Los Alamitos R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”


  1. Horse racing,dog fighting,sea world,circus’s, greyhound racing…all of it EXPLOITATION,and ABUSE.

  2. ‘TRUEST REWARD’ and ‘OUGHT TO BE WANTED’ …your names says it all…

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