Yes, They’re Still Killing Racehorses

While racing has stopped in New York, they are, apparently, still training them – or at least were as of Sunday. We know because they killed one: 3-year-old Starting Point at Belmont, who, according to the Gaming Commission, “sustained leg injury; subsequent radiographs revealed necessity for euthanasia.” This (still) is horseracing.

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  1. I would hope trainers wouldn’t be pushing the racehorses so much during this time of no racing! Obviously no break for these great athletes, very upsetting!

  2. Racehorses are not great athletes, they are abused and exploited living sentient beings who are used and discarded like the garbage that Bridgett Maloney was found laying in.

    • I still can’t get that image out of my mind…Bridgett Maloney,laying there,in the landfill amongst garbage. I’ll tell you who’s Garbage…the abusers in this travesty.

  3. STARTING POINT (SP) – yet another victim of parasitic scum multiple racehorse killer LINDA RICE.
    This lady has been claiming, sucking them dry, and killing racehorses FOR YEARS.
    This is how she makes a living.
    S.P was bred by Winstar Farm whose main “go to” trainers are multiple doping and racehorse killers Todd Pletcher and Jerry Hollendorfer only this time he was sent to multiple racehorse killer Bill Mott.
    In just 10 starts S.P was SOLD and BOUGHT 3 times in the claiming ranks after he wasn’t performing at upper levels where he started – where they all start only to end up running for their lives.
    Keeneland. October 13, 2019 SOLD from Bill Mott to Danny Gargon Owners are the notorious Midwest Thoroughbreds who have a long history of claiming, dumping, and killing racehorses.
    Aqueduct. January 30, 2010 SOLD from Danny Gargon to Linda Rice Owners Drawing Away Stable.
    The breeders of S.P, Winstar Farm, are the owners of BATTLE OF MIDWAY who made millions, whose sperm was not 100% viable, and so they forced him back into training with multiple violator and racehorse killer Jerry Hollendorfer.
    He broke his leg during training at Santa Anita on February 23, 2019 and was euthanized with, supposedly, a multi-million dollar equine insurance policy in place that has yet to be confirmed because they refuse to answer any question with respect to this.
    This was, apparently, the original injury that necessitated his retirement so these people maliciously sent him out to die as far as I’m concerned and, true to industry form, has never been held accountable to this day.
    Isn’t horse racing so lovely? So full of people who “love them like family” while they send them to trainers with a long history of legal and illegal doping including multiple racehorses dying under their care?
    That would be like sending your child to the same daycare that killed your other child!
    These people are such scum and they are supported by owners who are equally scum.
    There’s more integrity in a pile of manure than in this vile business and it’s long overdue to shut this down.

  4. The Mass-Racehorse Sell-Off (well, Dump-Off) of 2020 has begun in earnest. Ads are popping up all over the racing world that previously would have said, “Free to good home: OTTB” but now could more accurately be read, “Bankrupt: getting out of racing, so somebody PLEASE take my horses!”
    Where were all these owners as their investments were being over-bred, commodified, and slaughtered en masse? Do they understand the horrors they’ve inflicted on their “expensive” racehorses? Will they vow to never again participate in, and contribute to, what amounts to a horse holocaust? Or, rather, will they jump right back in with both blood-soaked feet, when the breeding industry once again ramps up production to meet the “demand” for ultra-fragile, unsound animals to be publicly killed off?

    • I pray to god this holocaust,and that is what it is, will mean the end of this EVIL perpetuated on innocent Majestic horses, people are Awful,evil,greedy,amoral killers.

  5. Supposedly, the Triple Crown races will be run in September and October. Time will tell. The richest of these demented breeders of racehorses will find a way to continue their sadistic, barbaric and inhumane treatment and killing of beautiful horses by cruelty and torture as long as they can get away with it. The Thoroughbred “people” have been torturing horses for centuries. The Jockey Club was founded in 1874 (to the best of my knowledge) so why should they stop killing horses at the racetracks now other than it may not be quite as financially lucrative during this global PANDEMIC as it was before February 28, 2020. The first person to die with the Coronavirus in the United States died in the State of Washington on February 28, 2020.

    I expect the killbuyers will be buying horses for $10 a head/per horse or getting them for free. Of course, the killing of beautiful horses won’t stop. That is what the Jockey Club stands for: breeding, racing and killing Thoroughbred horses for profit.

    • Well said, Wanda! I think you’re right about the kill-buyers having a field day over COVID-19.
      And The Jockey Club is gonna have to scramble and lie (even harder) to cover up all the registered TBs that “mysteriously” drop off their radar in the coming months.

      • Yes, Kelly, I think it is ironic that while it is a well-known fact, at least to some people, that there are two “groups” of horseracing heathens, one being “We Support Horse Racing” and the other known as “Protect the Harvest” advocating the killing and slaughter of Thoroughbred race horses, the Jockey Club seems to squirm at that blatant reality. Even though they are known to be “Pro-slaughter” in a public way, they still go to great lengths to attempt to DECEIVE the general public hoping that there will continue to be a large number of humans that will be, in my words, stupider than sticks. I’m sorry if anyone is offended at that! But, to tell you the truth, I look back when I was in grade school and always thought racing was cool. Well, it makes me feel like an idiot, now that I know better, to have ever thought racing was cool. I didn’t know then what I know now.

  6. As far as I am concerned, the hundreds of thousands of horse deaths around the world is and has been a pandemic! Not caused by a virus but by parasitic owners, trainers, vets and bettors. We continued to live through it. Now, people are dying, lives are disrupted, livelihoods lost and still, these parasites continue killing horses. I am hoping that once the “human” pandemic becomes a thing of the past, by association, racing will be abolished and people will finally realize they would much rather put food on the table than bet on horses and contribute to their deaths. And the likes of Hollendorfer, Baffert etc. will be simply GONE living off their “acquired” blood money and horses will be horses, not gambling chips.

  7. Of course. It’s not going to stop until there is a groundswell of opposition.

    So sad to hear about that victim at Belmont two days ago!!

  8. Okay folks are you ready for this?
    I mean please sit down before you read this comment, but given the lows of this vile business this one is tough.
    TIZSO, due to her popular sire Cee’s Tizzy sold for $625,000 at the age of 7 years old when her track days didn’t raise an eyebrow.
    She was bought specifically for broodmare purposes due to her age.
    She goes on to produce about 20+ foals, forcibly-bred year in and year out.
    Now 25 years old – I repeat 25 year old broodmare called TIZSO was vanned over to the Keeneland sale IN FOAL – this being her 20+ foal – no kidding including the ones who died or were stillborn.
    Just to put this in perspective for outsiders this would be like a 75 year old woman getting pregnant and being pregnant for the past 20+ years of her life, EVERY YEAR of her life.
    Anyways, she goes to Keeneland in January,2020 and sells for $68,000.
    She DIES giving birth, evidently, in the van on her way to her next broodmare slavery farm.
    Apparently, some people have said it was a HORRIFIC death as she started bleeding profusely in the van.
    It goes on and on, but this GROTESQUE VILE FUCKING business needs to shut down now.
    Ray Paulick, supposedly, and ALL pro-horse racing media outlets REFUSED to publish this story.
    You pathetic low life pieces of shit this infuriates me.
    I can’t imagine the years of suffering, pain, probes in and out of her vagina, needles, dope to manipulate her reproductive cycle, confinement, and 1500 pound sires on her back pounding her vagina.
    This is the truth isn’t it?
    If you find my words too much to bare can you imagine what this broodmare went through?

    • Gina, there is no point in not telling the truth about an incident that should never have happened in the first place in an industry that is known by its characteristic trademark of being dishonest, lying, cheating and being deceptive.

      Anyone with any brains or common sense about pregnant animals knows that being hauled on or in any kind of transportation mode can cause severe complications to the pregnant animal and the unborn animal. I read in a book a long time ago that in cattle, pregnant cows should NEVER be hauled while pregnant. The same principle holds true for horses; pregnant mares should NEVER be hauled while pregnant. How these people can be so stupid besides greedy, cold, and callous is beyond disgusting!!!!! Of course, horseracing heathens are demented to do what they do!!!!

      • Exactly and evidently she was showing signs of extreme distress and bleeding in the stall at Keeneland, but Taylor Sales didn’t call the vet or perhaps didn’t even notice.
        Somebody is responsible for this.
        Actually no, every single apologist in this vile business is responsible for her death.
        Poor soul this is heartbreaking for me.
        There should be a full investigation into her death and what happened leading up to her death.
        Wait no – that’s wishful thinking on my behalf because they don’t care.
        These morally deprived parasites don’t give a shit.
        Who in the hell gets a 25 year old mare in foal?
        How greedy, low, and pathetic can you get?
        Oh wait – this is horse racing where there are no parameters for either morality or compassion.
        TIZSO so sorry for you gal and may you rain down a living hell on the greedy parasites at Keeneland including their CEO’s who continue their freak show.

      • TIZSO has 17 registered foals and was forcibly impregnated right after racing and right up until the day she died.
        Is there anything sacred to these amoebas on parasites?
        Anything at all?
        Not even a racehorse’s vagina is safe for heaven’s sake.
        You crotch snatching greedy assholes racehorse killers every single one of you.

    • Of course DRF, BH, Paulick, et al. will not cover this travesty. They exist solely to (*scoff!) grow the game. These dinosaurs still don’t realize that they’re just NOT going to expand their imploding fan base. And they won’t attract any more much-needed racehorse owners, either. Those with an ounce of social conscience and with the disposable income to purchase these (also disposable) racehorses would no sooner buy into this cluster*#%k of a business than they’d invest in a dog-fighting ring.
      Is horse racing a barbaric blood sport that won’t survive the decade in the U.S.? TIZSO.

    • Heart and soul shattering! I cannot even imagine TIZSO’s agony over the years leading ultimately to her TRAGIC DEATH. This poor soul was abused day in and day out for a whole 25 f**g years! Who the hell does that?? This industry is nothing short of CRIMINAL. And it all comes down to the fact that these horses have zero rights. TISZO rest in peace and may your abusers pay a thousand fold for what they have done to you (and many others, no doubt)

    • Gina, I am sobbing reading about that precious mare’s last days, hours and minutes on this earth – DAMN them all.

  9. One nasty thought I had was how are they treating those horses that are still racing now that there’s nobody in the stands they have to put on a show for?

    • It could be worse but probably not much worse than they already have been considering that they have been injuring and killing horses on both the training tracks and the racetracks and in or near the barns and stalls for a long, long time. In some cases, there might be someone there to videotape some of the races. Of course, they can cut out the parts that they want to keep hidden from public view.

      • True. I suppose if they can kick horses in the belly, punch them in the head, and hit them across the face with the handle of a riding crop in front of thousands of people and while been nationally televised, they don’t have much in the way of decency or shame anyway.

      • I remember an incident that happened several years ago; a certain jockey got reprimanded (I’m not sure what word is more accurate in this case) for kicking a Thoroughbred in the belly. It seemed to be taken seriously at that time, at least to the television viewing public. I have no idea how much that incident affected his so-called professional life in real life that most people would have no first-hand knowledge of or see.

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