Six More Golden Gate Kills

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following information regarding racehorses killed at California tracks in 2019. Due to the volume, I will be posting incrementally.

unidentified 3-year-old, Oct 5, Golden Gate S – “severe pleuropneumonia”

unidentified 2-year-old, Oct 20, Golden Gate T – “sesamoids displaced and fractured, [multiple] ruptures”; “up to 90% of racehorses [have] gastric ulcers; factors that increase the likelihood of ulcers: stall confinement, stress, NSAIDs”

Wilhelmina’s Girl, Nov 1, Golden Gate R – “[multiple] fractures and ruptures”

Dramatic Ride, Nov 2, Golden Gate R – “catastrophic skull fracture, severe intracranial hemorrhage”; “severe ulcerations [in] stomach”

unidentified 4-year-old, Nov 7, Golden Gate T – “looked ataxic, fell over, died”

unidentified 2-year-old, Nov 20, Golden Gate T – “went over fence – massive [abdominal] hemorrhage, splenic tear”

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  1. Don’t these trainers know when their horses have internal injuries or they just don’t care!

    • Most know and most intentionally cover it up via their private vet and by virtue of their long standing policy: Vet/doping/treatment records are kept SECRET 2. These records DON’T follow the racehorse which intentionally and maliciously results in thousands of racehorses training and running with pre-existing, often life threatening, conditions that cause extreme pain 3. Reckless disregard for the racehorse by getting rid of their “problem rat” through the claiming ranks 4. Maiming, and not even KILLING a racehorse requires any type of mandatory investigation, disclosure of those investigations plus the investigations themselves are being conducted by the industry themselves 5. There are no laws protecting racehorses nor are there any laws holding these racehorse killers accountable.
      Think of the racehorse as a piece of “chump” dangling for any shark to come along, take a bite out of it while it slowly suffers, bite after bite, until there’s no more left to give.
      That’s the life for about 90% of these racehorses condoned, supported, and revered by this vile business.
      Sure they say they “care” and “love” them, but their actions persistently and consistently prove that the opposite is true – they are nothing more than parasites who live off their host until it can’t give anymore and then dump.
      The only way to stop this is to shut this down.

      • Gina, you always tell it like it is. A million thanks to you for your dedication and determination.
        I think the 90% is a bit on the low side, though, given that nearly half of the foals bred for racing never even make it into training .If we count all of racing’s “culls,” I’d venture to say that it’s more like 98% that don’t live to their natural lifespan.
        But we WILL put an end to this madness; of this I am absolutely positive.






  3. Another list outlining horrific injuries and are a testament of this disgusting industry. How does a baby horse sustain a catastrophic skull injury?? Or how does he/she just go over the fence causing severe abdominal hemorrhage? HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? Horses definitely don’t have suicidal tendencies. We do not need any more proof as to the vileness of this industry. It breaks, destroys, maims and kills. It has zero positive impact on society, actually the opposite is true and it needs to be abolished. Now!

  4. How much of the responsibility (of these horses’ injuries) belong to the Stronach Group?

  5. The horse racing industry is worse than a virus upon horses. Shame on you all in this industry for the suffering for which you are 100 percent responsible.

  6. Wow. Just finished watching “Tiger King” on Netflix, and was consistently struck throughout the docu-series how the characters in the Captive Big Cat Biz are in absolute lock-step with those in the horse racing industry! So much of the EXACT same, scummy excuses and attitudes about animal abuse, cruelty and exploitation for “the prestige” and “the glamour” — and of course, the big money — that I believe the filmmakers could have easily made an identical series on nearly all of the creeps in horse racing.
    Who (besides us) would have thought thoroughbreds and tigers had so much in common?

    • Yes Kelly I just watched it last night.
      100% agree with your comment.
      Animals bred for profit and egos are voiceless victims of delusional, morally and psychologically challenged individuals.
      Just like horse racing they discovered their “death pit” no different than Bridget Maloney laying in a pile of garbage with her racing bandages still on after generating billions in profit for these parasites.
      They kill them when they must with no remorse – a total betrayal on an animal who was not brought into this world under natural circumstances.
      I was watching, shaking my head thinking these people are demented.
      Exotic Joe bred 272 tigers – really?
      A classic hoarder with the same mental depravity of all hoarders – an obvious train wreck.
      I think that any animal bred for profit is an animal that will lose in the end (about 98% probably as you previously stated) and that’s why I support the Big Cat Safety Act that will BAN personal ownership of exotic animals.
      The same goes for horse racing – BAN it.

      • And I’m sure you noticed both entirely-parasitic industries feed off ONLY THE BABIES. Just like with captive big cats, nearly ALL racehorses have only negative value to these creeps when (more like IF) they’ve reached maturity.
        So, immediately after their youth, TBs and tigers are killed/dumped by those who claim to “love” them. Sickening.

  7. Now that we are all in “Corona Virus lock-down” please take some time to contact your state and federal representatives to encourage them to end horse racing state =-wide or nation-wide.

  8. Golden Gate Fields owned by The Stronach Group who facilitates the massive pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses.
    From coast to coast their facilities are a conduit for shady trainers whose abhorrent, cruel, and inhumane treatment of racehorses are condoned and for the most part they provide the stabling for their operations.
    Now this.
    Please everybody read this and take action for the racehorses.
    A new, young, female mayor of Hallandale Beach Florida where Gulfstream is located (another Stronach-owned death and corruption pit) is standing up to these bullies.
    Horse racing is DEMANDING to continue training and racing and the new Mayor, Sabrina Javellana, doesn’t side with horse racing – FINALLY a politician not bowing down to this vile business.
    She’s threatening to heavily FINE them under a second-degree misdemeanor which they deserve.
    She said that horse racing is NOT an essential business and has the potential to spread the virus.
    In her words “horse racing can wait.”
    Of course pro-horse racing individuals are tweeting out very offensive, sexist comments about her maliciously attacking her for this decision things like “a new lady in town,” etc.
    The Stronach Group is going to defy the Emergency protocols put into place in Hallandale Beach where every single business and person is on lockdown, but NOT horse racing.
    They continue to, and quite cleverly, use the health and welfare of the racehorses as an excuse to stay open when really they just want the wagering profits most likely.
    If they had any consideration for either racehorses or human lives than they would ship the racehorses out to their respective farms, give them a rest, and stop spreading the virus that is a threat to humanity.
    PLEASE TWEET Mayor Sabrina Javellana to support her decision to STOP horse racing.
    She needs to hear that people support her decision and hopefully she won’t back down.
    Her Twitter account is: @jvellana or email her constituent office.
    On this note, I’m thoroughly disappointed in Gov. Newson for endorsing their fake excuses and to continue to put human lives at risk by keeping horse racing open in California.
    Evidently, he’s losing lots of credibility by supporting horse racing while asking everybody else to shut down.

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