“Severe Fracture” Fells “Star” Filly

Taraz, a 2-year-old filly, is dead after breaking down this morning at Oaklawn. We know not because Oaklawn is transparent about these matters – they’re not; in fact, it (and Arkansas) is the worst track (state) to deal with – but because she was “undefeated” in three “career” races, “earning” a shade under $200,000 along the way. So, the racing rags reported on it. The details, according to a statement from owner/breeder Juddmonte Farms in the Thoroughbred Daily News:

“Taraz severely fractured her left front pastern this morning in a workout. Given the extreme nature of the damage to the bone and compromise to the blood supply, it was agreed that repair was impractical. Having consulted between trainer Brad Cox, veterinarians and Juddmonte management it was deemed best to euthanize the filly.”

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  1. It would have been best for Juddmonte Farms not to have forced her (TARAZ) to run under saddle and rider at all due to her being only 2-years-old. This is a consequence of factory farming Thoroughbred racehorses at its worst.

  2. And so the death and destruction on the way to the Kentucky Derby and Oaks begins. So many pro racing people were hoping she would be the filly against the boys in the derby.
    Every year, we see these babies getting destroyed prepping for the ultimate race. Then you see the blah blah about condolences to the connections, and so much talent lost…. and then those that died fade away as the hats and mint juleps come out and the revelry of the big race begins.
    And every year, this continues to be ok to the pro racing crowd.

  3. Typical injury for an underdeveloped BABY! They knew it and still they raced the life out of her. The injury was “impractical to repair”?? But it was “practical” for this baby to fatten up your wallets by another $200,000 and pay with her life. These people are beyond disgusting. I sure hope they pay for all their sins. Soon! RIP beautiful Taraz! So sad you never got to experience true love.

  4. It’s not the disgusting fact this filly died – it’s just that her parasitic connections can’t live off her any more. I’m honestly surprised that that they didn’t shore up her leg with metal plates and bolts under the pretense of “loving” her just to see if they could force a foal out of her before “deeming it best to euthanize her”.

  5. For those of you who don’t know who Juddmonte Farms is I will tell you what I do know.
    Juddmonte Farms is owned by one of the richest families in the world: Prince Khalid of Saudi Arabia.
    With this money comes, of course, their own PRIVATE VET.
    By private vet I mean a vet that works exclusively for Prince Khalid unlike private vets on tracks that have lots of clients.
    Their private vets are on salary with bonus incentives usually.
    They are flown into tracks with first class hotels and expenses just to take care of their horses.
    I know this because I went to a luncheon there to view their stallions and was told this information directly from one of the vets working for them at the time.
    Their private vet would have, most likely, known that there was an issue with this filly because these exclusive vets know everything about their horses since they’re not juggling a bunch of clients with a slew of horses.
    It seems obvious that they were under pressure to qualify her for the up and coming stake races on Derby day.
    Rich or poor they all DOPE them up to train and run.
    Juddmonte Farms has been caught with a plethora of doping positives both in America and Europe.
    Just Google it. It’s all there.
    They send their racehorses to trainers with a long history of doping, cheating violations and killing racehorses.
    TARAZ was probably subjected to the regular abusive, daily business practices such as shock wave therapy and whatever they probably injected into her veins, joints, and muscles
    We will never know because this is kept secret and Oaklawn operates with no transparency to the public, for the most part, as Patrick pointed out with his FOIA requests.
    This mentality prevails in the barns and on the tracks especially when racehorses die, which is precisely why all the doping cheating killer trainers flocked there when California started to increase transparency.
    They just move to another track where they can carry on their dirty business in a shroud of secrecy.
    These are tracks that want billions from casino profits and/or taxpayers money.
    It just never ends and this vile business needs to be shut down because no reforms will change it.

    • Makes perfect “sense”, Gina. I do not believe money is the root of all evil but clearly in this depraved industry IT IS. When his “royal” ass is sitting on billions and horse racing (horse killing, rather) is just a “hobby”, the sense of entitlement is sickening. I wonder every single day, WHY in God’s name, THESE freeloaders and leeches NEVER choose to do any good for the horses..EVER! It is beyond sickening…

    • I personally think the designated trainer to get away with cheating in California is Bob Baffert. The stewards (and whoever else) at Santa Anita would be part and party to this cheating. That’s what I believe. He doesn’t need to go to Arkansas to cheat and get away with it “on the road” to the Kentucky Derby or the other grade one races.

  6. They gambled with the life of this this beautiful physically and mentally immature filly and they killed her.
    R.I.P beautiful baby- you are free of obscene greed and egomaniacs.
    And the “fans” and racing apologists send their condolences to her connections – OMG, what alternate universe do these people inhabit !!!

    • Aqueduct race 7 on 2/17 filly vanned off after crossing finish line. DESPICABLE…by the way Chris Engelhart,trainer-figures (right,Gina) I’m sure you would be able to tell us some more-on that front. Dear God, these idiots can’t go ONE day without KILLS.

      • Chris Englehart? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they don’t call him “The Milkshake King” because he’s so fat.
        Anyway, Bonnie, let’s hope Accabonac Harbor is all right. Doubtful, though, given her connections.

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