Oh, How They “Love Their Jobs”

Yesterday, at three of the (only) five tracks active (Equibase):

In the 3rd at Parx, Creative Genius was “reluctant to load.”

In the 5th at Parx, Gunfighter’s Girl “reared up badly at the break.”

In the 1st at Sunland, Pain for Gain “was fractious at the gate.”

In the 3rd at Sunland, Shio “was reluctant to load.”

In the 6th at Turf, California Appeal “was reluctant to load.”

Then this from the 2nd at Parx:

“Cape May Ferry, Stormy Highway, and Bobby’s Song all injured themselves in the starting gate and were ordered scratched on the advice of the veterinarian.”

Pulled, pushed, wrenched, jerked, yanked. Yelled at, shouted at, cursed at. Chains, ties, bits – whips. But they “love their jobs,” right? Vile.

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  1. The fact that these horses already know that acting up at the gate is going to get them hurt more yet they are still doing it shows that they are in survival mode: their fear is over riding any harsh reinforcement being used. It’s vile that the Paulick Report ran an article praising the intelligence of horses (and they sounded so surprised) and yet the racing industry confines them, drugs them, beats them, and subjects them to continual emotional and physical abuse. “They love to run” is one of the most obnoxious pieces of propaganda the racing industry spews, second only to “loving them like our children”. Cue my gag reflex.

  2. This is how it was with our beloved Mongolian Groom in the Santa Anita DEATH TRACK Breeder’s Cup as he was only trying to save himself by refusing to load, like so many others who are in terrible pain. The “job lovers” did not love him or their jobs. They could not have cared less about MG or how he was feeling or the consequences of forcing him and lifting him into the gate and sending him out against his will to snap his leg, and after many, many hours of MG suffering from incomprehensible excruciating pain while torturing him by dragging him around on three legs before they finally got the go ahead to euthanize him. Yeah, they all “love their jobs,” the crooked and slimy veterinarians included. It’s only and always has been about the love of money and nothing else, they can make off of these poor suffering beautiful horses who pour their hearts out for their humans. They are All MURDERERS, every single one of them! May all of the gentle precious horses they have KILLED rest in everlasting peace, never to be abused again by the so-called greedy “job lovers.” Go find another job that doesn’t involve torturing and killing innocent animals!

    • Sandy,I will NEVER forgive those f’n ugly scumbag california a..holes. NEVER NEVER NEVER…may they rot. Get a REAL job…you leeches.

  3. Sounds like these sensitive earthlings are saying how they feel about being confined in the gates. Whipped out of them. Running the races. It’s long past time to end this heinous torture for profit.

  4. Since racehorses can’t speak verbally they speak through their body language.
    A racehorse refusing to load is a racehorse whose saying “I don’t want to do this.”
    The same goes for a racehorse, in the stretch, whose slowing down.
    There are a multitude of reasons as to why their slowing down, some more obvious such as tired, and others probably due to painful, pre-existing conditions that are about to snap, give way and the racehorse can feel this, knows this and is trying to protect itself.
    This is the racehorse’s way of saying “I need to slow down and stop – something’s wrong here,” but instead of the jockey properly responding to this body language they do the opposite.
    They beat the crap out of them for gambling bets propelling the racehorse forward denying them the ability to take care of themselves and, more often than not, the legs snap-off and down they go.
    Racehorses are mere disposable gambling chips for this industry, and no reforms will ever change that.

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