“Collided Hard With Fallen Foe”

The 9th at Fair Grounds Friday, according to Equibase:

“MISS YOU JO clipped heels with BAND BOSS…then fell and was struck by two foes from behind before regaining his feet, went off the wrong way for about a quarter-mile before being caught and was also walked on the horse ambulance then subsequently vanned off.

“JACOBS FLYER collided hard with the fallen foe [above] at the three-eighths as that one began to regain his footing and fell, returned to his feet and went the wrong way for a about a quarter-mile before being caught then was walked onto the horse ambulance and subsequently vanned off.

“OHMYMY OHMYYES struck the fallen foe [above] while jumping over that rival at the three-eighths then checked very sharply and was eased but walked off.”

While Paulick and the other racing rags afforded ample attention to the injured jockeys, I have yet to find anything on the status of the horses. Will, of course, update.

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    • Thank you, Phil. Bet they’re not too eager to concede yet another euth (or three) at Fair Grounds, after their similar, multi-horse “accident” last weekend.

  1. Patrick, you made big news in Louisiana:

    For every tarp that goes up we will expose this nasty, evil, unnecessary gambling venue for what it is.
    Some of us have mentioned how ironic the names are and then sometimes they say anything for a name.
    OHMYMY OHMYYES and all the other racehorses that have died there is repulsive.
    However, I will say this OHMYMY OHMYYES horse racing will shut down.
    It’s long overdue and can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.
    Their stupid names reflect a bunch of delusional imbeciles that have nothing better to do with their lives than to prey on their innocent victims.
    Parasites – every single one of them.

    • Author was way off base when he said racehorses receive the best of care while racing. People just can’t help but hold onto that delusion, can they?

      • You’ve got that right, Rebecca – “best of care” is WHAT to industry “employees”, fans and apologists? Being isolated and confined 23 hours a day? – only enough room to WALK in circles? Hay bags at the level of their noses? If they’re lucky, a stall ball? – the occasional carrot or peppermint?

        There are so many racing owners that know NOTHING about horses (the majority, I dare say, given fractional ownership) – they don’t know the difference between the horse’s poll and his pastern…ergot and elbow…croup and crest. Racing trainers give potential owners a backside tour and present their shiny horses – because they’re clueless, they buy the lies the trainers sell.

    • Hey Gina, OHMYMY OHMYYES is not deceased. In fact, he’s a wonderfully happy healthy horse. He even has an Instagram that is @Ohmyottb

  2. A “foe”??!! No! That was his/her buddy lying in the dirt, you scumbags!
    Sorry, (not sorry) we do not care about the pricks with the whips. We would care if they would figure out a way to get a decent job instead of earning a “living” off these innocent horses’ lives. We do NOT feel sorry for their choices to whip, abuse and kill. They
    are all leeches… literally.

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