“Pulled Up Lame,” Dead – This Is Why We Protest

As HW activists stood in protest out front, inside, Laurel Park and this whole vile industry was busy killing, again. The 7th today: “Esterina [was] bumped and forced in leaving the starting gate, pulled up lame in the left hind leg and was euthanized” (Equibase). Esterina was three; ’twas her 12th time under the whip.

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  1. How appropriate that Laurel killed off Esperina at the very moment Teresa Genaro decided to tweet some pro-horse-racing drivel, decidedly siding against yesterday’s WaPo editorial. Always amusing to watch racing apologists zip-up and slink away the second their latest horror rears its ugly head.
    Oh, and thank you to the Maryland protesters. Your efforts will not go unnoticed, even as the racing press wishes it would.

  2. They can’t go a day without killing, can they? Disgusting! You would think with protesters standing right outside there would be some sort of attempt to keep the shit off their faces to at least try to make their vile industry look a little less vile.
    Have they issued the “investigation blah blah, safety is priority blah blah” BS yet or are they not even bothering to do that anymore?

    • Nope, Bonnie, they can’t. They can’t even do what they did for decades, which was throw the poor, mangled horse in a stall for a couple weeks until he or she would “magically disappear.” Now, there’s cameras everywhere, there’s advocates infiltrating the barns, and, best of all (or worst, depending on one’s side), there’s Horseracing Wrongs.

      Good luck, racing creeps.

  3. I am glad to see they are protesting in Maryland as well. We need it world wide! God Bless that beautiful sweet soul. Horse Racing Must End!

  4. “was] bumped and forced in leaving the starting gate, pulled up lame in the left hind leg and was euthanized”- this is like a scene from a horror movie. I am trying to imagine the horror this poor 3 year old must have endured. I don’t want to run anymore, you assholes” is probably what she was trying to say-but the prick with the whip wouldn’t have it any other way! Force her anyway! Force her and kill her. That’s what this abominable industry does! We will remember you, Esterina and all your other buddies destroyed and killed by these monsters. And we will keep fighting! STOP THE KILLING ALREADY!

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