Filly Killed at Gulfstream – But No Big Deal, Tomorrow is the Pegasus!

As the Stronachs and Gulfstream ready for their big day tomorrow – the $3 million Pegasus – today it was but business as usual. About two hours ago, in the 2nd race of the day, this for the 2-year-old filly Strong Performance: “…fell while in distress nearing the seven sixteenths pole and euthanized” (Equibase). What are the odds for a moment of silence before the Pegasus goes off tomorrow? Please. This (relatively) cheap horse has already been forgotten. Vile – to the core.


    • Chart says Milkah stumbled over “a fallen foe,” (That’s what they consider poor Strong Performance to be — not a terrified, mortally wounded, suffering animal, but Milkah’s RIVAL. ADVERSARY. FOE. Disgusting, as per usual.) Anyway, Nancy, writer goes on to say that she, Milkah, lost her abusive-little-creep-with-a-whip, but was corralled and walked off. So that is somewhat hopeful news, in terms of her immediate survival.
      Then again, Stronachs (and every other racing liar) have every reason to encourage a cover-up as they quickly try to mop up the blood before their big day.

  1. Nancy,the poor filly had Saez on her back,he is one of the most aggressive hard riding little men. The EXCRUCIATING pain that poor baby girl felt!!!!!!!!!!! Experienced total PAIN as she was DYING. SHUT the whole MotherF’ER DOWN…NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dirtbags kill horses and observe no moment of silence. If the jockey was killed, they might hold a moment of silence or they might set aside one day to observe the death of one jockey. Considering that the “PEGASUS” is this weekend, they would most likely set aside a day of no racing anyway to observe the death of a jockey.

  3. “While in distress?” What exactly does that mean?? What?? That she just could not not run anymore and was whipped until she collapsed ? That she had broken a leg and the little prick kept urging her?? That she had some pre-existing condition and she shouldn’t have raced anyway?? 2 year old! AGAIN!! Disgusting to the core is what this idiotic, cruel business is. Well said, Bonnie!’ SHUT THE WHOLE MOTHER F**ER DOWN!! NOW!!!
    I am do horrified for the “big” Pegasus. I would like to see the Stronachs GONE from this business forever! God knows they have enough money… this is just a “hobby” that turned into carnage and more blood money in their already overstuffed wallets! choose to do something constructive with it, you sorry excuses for human beings.

    • Andreea, I saw the race in real time on tv the horse who broke down and the horse who fell over her, were so far behind-they weren’t even in the screen. I’m willing to bet her leg was breaking and she was still being Whipped as she was trying to save herself. I can’t believe as a society we are still putting up with this bullshit. I mean why don’t we just do bull fighting-like those scum Spaniards do. It’s all VILE beyond words!!!!! END ANIMAL ABUSE.

      • Thanks Bonnie! You are most likely right
        And the prick kept whipping her!! Right.. so she could at least finish and put some $$ in their pockets and earn her “keep”. She paid alright… with her life. I cannot imagine the pain and utter fear she must have gone through, poor baby. I am still astounded at this shallow, insecure, ready to make an easy buck, no matter through what means DIRTY society! Speaks volumes!! STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW!

  4. That beautiful little CHESTNUT girl died in the Dirt as a BABY. How do you SCUMBAG apologists live with yourselves? She suffered excruciating pain as she lay dying.I hope all your deaths are WORSE than what she went through…you spineless sacks

  5. A moment of silence? We’ll get YEARS of silence from everyone whose bloody claws are still in this abusive cesspool known as horse racing.
    Used to be, they could attempt to deny the training “accidents,” the slaughter numbers, claim the “humane” whip use is for safety purposes only, plead that the abused animals are “treated like royalty,” etc. Now, they just don’t talk about it. They won’t. They can’t. Because their whole game has been found out, and every single aspect of it is indefensible. All they can offer up is silence (interspersed with the occasional lie) when prodded under direct questioning.
    So, yeah. We’ll be the only ones offering a moment of silence to honor poor Strong Performance — and all the thousands of others who are killed off, day after day, year after year in this bloody horror show. They’ll just continue on, unapologetically killing off horses, until we shut them down for good. That will be the final, and only, SINCERE moment of silence from the horse racing world.

    • Kelly, I agree 100% about the silence.
      Their new strategy is silence – mum is the word.
      They are mummified because there’s nothing else they can say or do at this point.
      Not even 17 vets, a PET scan machine and intense scrutiny scratched Mongolian Groom who was so obviously lame on his rear leg the one that eventually snapped-off and was the cause of his death.
      As they continue to hire their apologists, like Dr. Bramledge, to justify yet another senseless death by blaming it on “time constraints” is an insult on people’s intelligence.
      Then there’s Bob Baffert, AKA Teflon Bob, who was involved in one of the biggest scandals in horse racing history, not to mention his nefarious record, and there he is running and winning again as if nothing happened.
      It will only be a matter of time before he kills another racehorse.
      Yet, the industry continues to revere and support him which clearly shows that nothing ever changes.
      This example alone proves that a manure pile has more integrity than this business, but who would expect anything else from a bunch of racehorse dopers, cheaters, abusers, and killers?
      About the only time this business speaks out is to defend their vile business and the daily abusive practices that often lead to racehorses dying in the dirt.
      Just the facts that they sit there and watch a racehorse get the shit beaten out of them while they are tired, sore, and in obvious distress says it all.
      These people are nothing but sadistic parasites every single one of them.

  6. Joy,if your listening once again I’m mourning a Chestnut. Damnit!,what is it about those chestnuts?!!!! I mourn all the horses who are born into this EVIL, they have all been robbed of their lives,by evil,evil people, who are animal abusers and TORTURERS. 2yrs. old practically a new born. I wish a miserable life of no happiness or compassion to the brain dead idiots who perpetuate this BLOODBATH

  7. There are no cheap horses they all are fantastic animals. Very disgusting how some are treated!

    • Sharon, I agree that all of these horses are fantastic animals. I cringe at the word “cheap” being used to describe the horses that are not eligible to race in the Grade One, Two, or Three level races.

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