Animal Abuse on Full Display, Every Day

One race yesterday, the 2nd at Fair Grounds, as relayed by the Equibase chartwriter:

“TREYS MIDNITE MOON was roused [whipped]

“IM A COWBOY TOO came under the whip

“PAPA’S BOY drifted out under a left-handed whip

“IMPRESSIVE STUDENT tossed his head while rank under restraint

Then this: “CHASE FOR THE GOLD fought hard against the rating tactics of the rider when taken in hand then was wrestled back while tossing his head badly…was urged along…and stopped [finishing last, 25+ lengths back]”

“fought hard against the [jockey]…was wrestled back while tossing his head badly”

We shouldn’t need to convince you that horseracing is animal cruelty; it’s on full display at racetracks across America every single day.

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  1. Horses are animals too! All animal abuse needs to be recognized by law for what it is and it is cruelty. Horseracing is pre-meditated cruelty and torture of horses from the farms to the training tracks to the racetracks and to the slaughterhouses. The sadistic exploitation and abuse of horses is so bad that some Thoroughbreds don’t live long enough to even be raced at an age of 2-years-old. Demanding that young horses, which are underdeveloped, carry the weight of a rider and run is pre-meditated cruelty and torture of horses. This logically leads to breakdowns. It is not a big mystery. It is not rocket science. It is common logic. Horses are being subject to all kinds of sadistic cruelty and torture. Some of the abuse is seen by watching horse races. Some of the abuse is not seen by the public and that is the way the horseracing industry wants to keep it; hidden from the public. The Thoroughbred Safety Coalition was formed to dupe the uninformed to continue to be ignorant of the many forms and levels of cruelty and torture inflicted upon racehorses. Sadistic abuse of Thoroughbreds is an ongoing form of animal abuse that needs to be called out and the abusers need to be brought to justice. Horses need kind people to stand up for them and save them from sadistic people.

  2. Just the relentless, incessant beating with a whip onto a, most likely, sore and tired racehorse is egrecious in and of itself let alone the rest of the daily abusive business practices required to keep this charade going.
    Anybody who sits there and watches these racehorses getting beaten is a sadistic parasite and the jockeys who deliver the beatings – shame on you, but the entire system condones this horrific animal abuse.
    The stable area staff who watch racehorses come back sore and in pain intensely confined and restrained so that needles can be plunged in and out of their veins, joints and muscles are sadistic parasites too and you need to go get a job so you won’t get my sympathy as you spew your malicious lies.
    There is one big basket and you are all in it.
    There’s no such thing as a bad apple just a bunch of deliberately delusional parasites who live off the bones, backs, and lives of voiceless racehorses.
    Just as you beat these poor racehorses into the ground we will beat your antiquated business model, full of racehorses dying, into the ground and we won’t stop until your business is burried for good.

  3. I have no words, this is so sad and tragic. It is such a cruel cruel industry and it needs to be abolished immediately throughout the world!

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