“Vanned Off,” Dead at Gulfstream

Power Punch finished third (in, in a sign of the times, a three-horse field) in the 4th race at Gulfstream January 3. Then he was “vanned off” – “vanned off,” I can now confirm, to his death. But all was not lost, for in finishing the race the 2-year-old Power Punch “won” his exploiters – jockey Cristian Torres, trainer Larry Pilotti, owner Panther Gap Stables – almost $3,000. Vile. Horseracing.

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  1. Is there any person or group of people who can bring legal charges against the people responsible for causing death to this horse, POWER PUNCH, a vulnerable 2-year-old? The people responsible for this young horse’s injuries and death need to be held accountable.

  2. A 2 year old???!! You people are beyond repulsive, detestable and execrable!!!
    The $3000 is such an insult. Blood money at its best. How come the major publications/editorials/TV stations are NOT covering any of these heinous crimes?? Where the heck are they when all this happens? No one seems to utter a damn word while horses, babies, are dying EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  3. A race run with only three horses and one of them died. I have no words……..that I can use on a public forum.

  4. Patrick, Thanks for your continued hard work and daily information you provide.
    Next month I’ll be out celebrating my Dad’s 84th b-day. After reading a few of your articles to him, he said he no longer wants any involvement with horesracing.You helped vanish a man’s 50 year hobby. We will no longer be celebrating at an OTB, it’s off to a casino in the Chicago burbs. Thanks again Patrick, you are allowing people to get a full understanding of this despicable-so called sport. Horseracing has been pushed against the ropes and a KO is close to happening. Adios Arlington.

    • Thank you, John, and please pass along my warmest appreciation to your Dad. Comments like yours are what help us to press on, that and the certitude that the winds of change are blowing in but one direction.

  5. VILE.
    Not only was POWER PUNCH 1/3 racehores that died, but the other 2 racehorses, BAZOO & BLACK HOPE, were CLAIMED for another round of abuse.
    All 3 racehorses snatched-up by this vile business and the parasites in it to either die or be further abused, exploited and possibly die.
    This business is the dirty asshole of this entire planet.
    It just gets no worse than this, it’s totally despicable.
    All this business has done is promote mandacious propoganda to the unsuspecting public with their fancy hats, mint juleps, and images of forever paddocks.
    Every single one is mandacious promotion and so are their claims to “care” because you can’t truly care for a racehorse while subjecting them to the daily, abusive business practices required.
    The facts speaks for themselves and the racehorses are crying out through their broken bones, torn ligaments/tendons muscles and their snapped-off bones while dying in the dirt.
    Their mandacioius images covered up with tarp after tarp and if they think they are going to continue to get away with this they need to think again.
    Their free fall is in motion and they have nobody to blame, but themselves.

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