Multiple Fractures, Torn Artery, Stomach Ulcers – One Racehorse’s Death

As I’ve oft written, “went wrong” is one of the racing industry’s go-to euphemisms for dead, especially in the not-so-great (for animals) Commonwealth of Kentucky. In the 9th race at Churchill November 24, Tigers Rule was one of those. And now we know for sure (Racing Commission) that he is dead, and here’s why:

“Comminuted fractures of the lateral sesamoid, including apical and basilar fragments; comminuted basilar fracture of the medial sesamoid; fetlock was subluxated with damage to the tendinous and ligamentous structures; tearing of the medial digital artery and vein.” Oh, and “ulceration of the stomach.”

This is horseracing.

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  1. Indeed, behind the fancy hats, mint juleps, million dollar farms, millionaire owners, all being conducted under a “sports” “entertainment” banner is a delusional portrayal of what really goes on in horse racing.
    The real truth behind horse racing are racehorses like Tigers Rule forced into servitude to flip a buck, to fill races, fill the wagering coffers for the ultra rich wagering firms that pay little to no taxes and little to no aftercare contributions.
    Then there are the 90% of racehorses, the ones that are not in the big stake races, that are virtual slaves being forced to run with, most likely, very painful pre-existing conditions and while they try to protect themselves they get beaten with a whip and, incidentally, in Kentucky there are NO LAWS or NO MAXIMUM amount of beatings.
    They can beat a racehorse into the ground even killing them with zippo repercussions.
    So much for “caring” about their “family members” right?
    TIGERS RULE made over $200,000 for parasites Vickie Foley who has been on the horse racing scene for years, and like many others had many racehorses die under her care, custody and control.
    Lack of transparency is what this business thrives on and has for many years.
    It’s only been recently that they are now disclosing tragic deaths like this and the information is heartbreaking.
    The real truth about horse racing is widespread suffering and carnage.
    It’s all legitimized, it’s state-sanctioned animal cruelty – that’s what it is.
    So think twice about placing a bet because this is what your supporting.

    • It’s all a bunch of corny bullshit…..isn’t it Gina? These morons who go once a year to inbred Kentucky, pretend they “care” about horses. What a f’n joke. These scumbags make me want to 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮on them. That would be cool 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. And as is the usual chart writers’ norm lately- chart says “vanned off”. God willing they spared this poor horse a van off while still alive. To have to try to stand and bear weight while bouncing and swaying in a horse trailer on a track, with a horrifically demolished leg would be excruciating. But then again, they did it to Mongolian Groom in one of the biggest races of the year, so I don’t have high hopes that this poor horse was spared that. But, the industry “cares”, though sadly not about the horses.

  3. Disgusting! These are the kind of catastrophic injuries you would expect to see in a war zone. You would think (or am I hoping for too much?) that someone somewhere in one of the many animal defense and welfare groups would put the evidence together and actually come to the realization that a horse running on a level dirt track should NEVER have a leg simply splinter apart mid-stride, and not just one or two but HUNDREDS annually. When are these groups actually going to sack up and come to the defense of the racehorses? You would think they were being asked to put on bullet proof vests and air drop into an active military site instead of verbally standing up to a archaic corrupt society of parasitic animal abusers.

    • Because these horse racing apologists are LOSERS who have nothing going for them-or any kind of life,for that matter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#Pathetic

  4. Just gotta love Kentucky, don’t we? Horse suffers a very horrifying, very public breakdown on November 24th (as in, Nov. 24, 2019), but racing officials for Churchill Downs — and all the “regulators” for the whole, shameful state — don’t bother to confirm the death for nearly six weeks. I’ve heard their stated reasons for this secrecy have something to do with preventing unfair competition between horse”men” and protecting their coveted (ha ha) trade secrets.
    I’m sure there’s good people in Kentucky, and believe they must be more than a little discouraged to see their representatives in government acting in such a corrupt and deceitful way. Hopefully, they’ll speak out more vehemently against the horse-killing bureaucracy in 2020.
    In the meantime, though, this should be an exceptional year for the biggest and most effective PROTEST of the Kentucky Derby. Thoughts?

  5. According to the Paulick report, Prince Lucky has been released from the equine hospital. As we remember he sustained fracture in Gulfstream during the Harlan race last month. Hopefully his recovery and future will be bright.

  6. My 2019 Recap of horse racing overview because there is so much vileness that one can only summarize:

    1. Bob Baffert AKA Teflon Bob. Here’s a sociopathic monster in my view. Here’s a guy whose doped, cheated, and killed so many racehorses it could fill a book. Former horse racing insiders from California has stated that if Bob Baffert were to shoot a racehorse in the head in the paddock of Santa Anita the CHRB would do nothing nor would the authorities. Well, last year during 2019 we come to find out that JUSTIFY (I can’t call him a Triple Crown Winner) tested positive for a Scopolamine that would have automatically disqualified him from his Santa Anita win PLUS it was covered-up. How else could you interpret this? The CHRB, the gang of cronies who have been protecting this multiple doper, cheater and racehorse killer for years PROTECTED his win and didn’t release their findings to the public. Justify went on to win the Triple Crown rip-off millions of dollars in wagering money because thousands of people placed bets on Justify during the Santa Anita Derby and onwards throughout his Triple Crown races. Teflon Bob was well aware that Justify tested positive and continued to share the spotlight with him. Then, in true Teflon Bob fashion and with his legal gangsters backing him up they sold Justify for 60 million dollars – another blatant rip-off and anybody who owned racehorses in either the Santa Anita Derby or the subsequent races that follow have every right to SUE Teflon Bob from here to kingdom come. So far nothing, absolutely NOTHING has come out of one of the biggest rip-off and scandal in horse racing history. In fact, there he is, Bob Baffert, running and winning races out in California. Just this example alone, never mind all of his previous scandals including a morphine split sample disappearing from the CHRB offices years ago, clearly shows a deeply ingrained corrupt business with their voiceless victims caught up in this misery. Horse racing has zippo integrity and zippo repercussions for all dopers, cheaters, and killers. Nobody can dispute this especially after this example alone.
    2. Horse racing claimed in 2019 and continues to claim that they are experiencing “record-breaking wagering profits.” Yea right. You can’t believe one word coming from this vile and corrupt business – not one. They make these claims without releasing any details that can be scrutinized by outside agencies. I’m told that they are instrumental in moving money around, via the Interstate Horse Wagering Act, with total impunity, with NO oversight and we’re talking billions in wagering with little to no taxes paid to the states who carry the signals – on and on it goes. So they can move around and manipulate billions of dollars and then claim that they are having “record-breaking” profits. If you believe this than you believe that an elephant can hang upside down by it’s tail in the air. Got it? This is just another ruse to the public and to our government so that they can claim “look at how good horse racing is doing and our business is Soooooo popular just keep those billions from the casino profits flowing in folks.” This seems to be the reason and there’s absolutely NO NEUTRAL statistics or facts to back up these claims. Horse racing is on it’s way out and will eventually shut down. It’s just a matter of time.
    3. The California D.A’s office lead by D.A. Lacey totally exonerated the horse racing business of blatant animal cruelty and even went so far to justify racehorses dying as an “inherent risk.” I just about dropped when I saw this report because it sounded like it was coming from a horse racing public relations firm not a taxpayer funded government supposed to be neutral agency. If we were to accept their legal argument with no HOPE whatsoever for the poor racehorses snapping their legs-off in California and just about everywhere else than this will continue unabated with no oversight unless we, the people, shut this public butcher show down.
    4. The Humane Society and PETA. Both do amazing work on behalf of animals all over the world, They are against dog fighting and greyhound racing, but continue to support horse racing in one form or another. None have come out and demanded an outright ban of horse racing. Absolutely baflling. How in the hell can you be against greyhound racing, but not be against horse racing? Or, advocate for it to shut down and not adopt the reformist approach that horse racing is embracing in order to save their sinking asses? Unbelievable.
    5. Unwanted racehorse mess continues unabated. The horse racing business touts their industry-funded aftercare programs that doesn’t even put a dent into about 12,000 unwanted racehorses every single year. We know that their 2 most reliable dumping systems are the claiming ranks and the kill auctions. Every single pro-horse racing entity is well aware that racehorses have been bled-out on the slaughterhouse floor for years and continues to die on the slaughterhouse floor. Yet, in lieu of their “millions in wagering profits” and their “millions in sales auction profits” there are STILL no MANDATORY contributions – not even 1%. Every single apologist is repsonsible, in one form or another, for ever single racehorse that dies on the slaughterhouse floor. This business is pure hell and misery for these racehorses and the business that sucks off their bones, backs, and lives are nothing more than parasites.
    6. No meaningful changes. In the end, all the above points plus plenty more clearly show that this business has never changes and will never change. There will never be meaningful changes that will reduce the massive pain, suffering and carnage of racehorses – none. All we have again is lip service, empty rhetoric and NO ACTION.
    Why would any business want to change when they have the entire governmental structure behind them as stated in the D.A.’s report? Their grandstands are empty about 350 days of the year except for stake days. The younger generation want nothing to do with horse racing and I can’t blame them. There are definitely not enough younger racing fans replacing the aging demographics to financially sustain this business.
    7. Racehorse shortages. There are racehorse shortages all over the place and this will continue as there are little to no new owners or racing fans supporting this. Consequently, and painfully, racehorses are being literally run into the ground with little to no rest and robust claiming activity from all the usual parasites. The horse racing shortage will translate to only one thing: increased pain, suffering and carnage on racetracks throughout America as if the present state of things can’t get worse.

    There is only one inevitable future for horse racing and that is closure, shutter it down.
    The future of horse racing is bleak, they are in free fall, and they know it, but so does our politicians so why chase bad money after bad?
    Why continue to throw billions in casino profits, taxpayers money and/or corporate welfare at a time when these precious dollars are needed in all segments of our communities?
    There are so many other beneficial business entities that will create more jobs than this business ever has.
    These jobs, as we’ve seen in new developments where tracks once sat, are decent jobs that support decency not flagrant widespread dying of sentient beings that we’re supposed to accept as an “inherent risk.”
    I won’t accept the inexcusable and neither should anybody else.
    These pro-horse racing apologists, abusers, and racehorse killers have no place in our civilized society – none.

    • Gina,thank you for your FOCUS and DETERMINATION!!!!! We must all have the mentality of the little engine who could. Grit and a never give up will.

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