The Cruel Life and Tragic Death of Delta Outlaw Gives the Lie to “They’re Like Our Children”

Delta Outlaw was bred into existence by Blue Heaven Farm on February 15, 2012. At some point, probably before his first birthday, he was SOLD. He was first put to the whip, at the tender age of two, at Monmouth in September 2014 under trainer George Weaver and owner R. A. Hill Stable. He was raced 14 more times for them, then SOLD.

Then this:

Raced on October 5, 2017 under trainer Assaf Ronen, owner Everything’s Cricket Racing. Three races followed, then SOLD.

Raced on January 15, 2018 under trainer David Jacobson, owner River Card Stable. Three races followed, then SOLD.

Raced on March 25, 2018 under trainer Scott Lake, owner Home Team Stables. Seven races followed, then SOLD.

Raced on October 25, 2018 under trainer Bernard Dunham, owner Belair Stables. Eight races followed, then SOLD.

Raced on August 3, 2019 under trainer Hugh McMahon, owner Larry Rabold. Two races followed, then SOLD.

Raced on November 10, 2019 under trainer Michael Catalano, owner Princess K Racing. Then SOLD.

Raced on December 3, 2019 under trainer/owner Jennie Wilhelm-Saldana. Then SOLD.

Three days ago at Parx, he was raced again, this time under trainer Joseph Taylor and owner John Fanelli. In this one, before which he was “For Sale,” again, Delta Outlaw was “vanned off” and, I have confirmed, subsequently euthanized. Dead. At seven.

In all, Delta Outlaw (below) was put to the whip 46 times, at 12 different tracks, in 7 different states, for 9 – yes, 9 – different trainer-owner teams. A mere thing to be used, a piece of chattel, a means for human ends.

Imagine the hours, the years, this poor animal suffered – alone – in tiny stalls.

Imagine the amount of drugs that coursed through his system.

Imagine the number of lashes his sensitive hide was made to absorb.

Imagine his fear at being prodded, pulled, pushed, wrenched, jerked, and yanked.

Imagine his stress and anxiety – anyone care to bet on whether he died with ulcers? – at being shuffled from trainer to trainer, barn to barn, track to track, state to state.

Imagine his life. Imagine his death. But while doing so, remember that this is no isolated incident: There are tens of thousands of Delta Outlaws out there; they, not the American Pharoahs and Justifys, are the real horses of horseracing.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Patrick. I’ve seen comments from pro racing people that are upset at what this poor horse went through. You’re right, he’s certainly not alone. People like Arianna come on here to make stupid comments trying to absolve the breeders and rationalize that they aren’t part of any wrong doing in these horses’ abuse and deaths. Too bad this horse’s original breeders weren’t willing to look out for him as he passed from barn to barn. Maybe if they actually cared, he would still be alive. But we know the truth- they DON’T care, and I cried for him.

  2. The precipitous decline of hard-knocking, hard-training, ran his ass-off for everybody – DELTA OUTLAW.,
    Every single one of the parasites that fed-off his doped, ravished body had NO intentions of taking care of him, getting him a home, or giving him a home.
    Indeed, their sole intention was to use, abuse, exploit, and dump.
    Even when he was crying out for help, when in his previous race he “faded” and badly.
    We can only imagine the HUNDREDS of injections that his poor gelding was forced to endure and because this industry fights hard to keep their doping/vet/treatment records secret and ensures that those records, critical to his well-being doesn’t follow them from the 9 different trainers and the multiple racetracks.
    Then there’s the feed program and daily regime.
    Horses are creatures of habit, they know their routine, their feed program, and the people around them.
    DELTA OUTLAW’s routine was constantly changed sometimes even after 1 race, which would have most assuredly caused ulcers not to mention the stress.
    Nevertheless, not only is the breeder, BLUE HEAVEN FARM, responsible for his demise, but so is one of the largest and richest sales consignors; TAYLOR MADE SALES AGENCY who is responsible for selling thousands of racehorses mainly at Keeneland and they have become filthy rich doing it.
    They have these horses mostly for just the few days that they are at the sale, they flip them for owners, and they usually get 10% of the sales price not to mention their daily rate for prepping them.
    In this case, DELTA OUTLAW sold for $410,000!!!!
    Somebody knew something about this horse and Taylor Made Sales Agency would have made $41,000+ just for prepping him, keeping him in a stall for about 1 week, and flipping him.
    In fact, Taylor Made Sales Agency has made billions as the leading or top 3 consignor for the past 20 years at mainly Keenland.
    Did anyone of these parasitic leeches go and get DELTA OUTLAW to save him from ruin?
    No, of course not because this is horse racing, this is the TRUTH behind their “sports” banner and you can bet your bottom dollar that the breeder followed him, via stable mail, throughout his career because they get breeder checks in the mail.
    However, it’s not only these parasites that made his life a living hell, but it’s this ENTIRE business, anybody who derives a living from it who are ALL enablers of this abuse and dying.
    This is legitimized, widespread, state-sanctioned blatant animal cruelty that involves unprecedented abusive business practices in full public view with NOBODY protecting these racehorses not even our laws.
    Pit bulls in a fighting ring have more legal protections than racehorses do.
    That’s how horrible this business is and for them to claim that they love them like a “family member” is impossible to digest because it’s untrue.
    The facts speak for themselves when on December 26, 2019, a few days ago, the most likely doped-up, sore, pre-existing conditions finally gave way.
    Yet another racehorse that they don’t have to house, take care of, or pay for.
    These are the CREEPS in horse racing, this business attracts the parasites, the abusers, those who don’t care because they know that nobody will hold them accountable.
    All racehorses count, but it’s the geldings who run so hard, who give so much, who take care of everybody, makes money for all these life-sucking parasitic leeches that really hurt me, get to my soul, and I despise this vile business and the vile people in it.
    DELTA OUTLAW may your spirit rain down a living hell on those who harmed you.

    • If DELTA OUTLAW did have ulcers, they could have been caused by certain drugs given orally, from what I have read. I am usually shocked and horrified when I read something that others write that has been done to horses. One of the things that is horrible and horrifies me is the statement that some breeders give anabolic steroids to Thoroughbred foals at birth. This crap really needs to be recognized as a crime and punishment needs to be severe!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes, Wanda…nearly all racehorses have ulcers; living conditions (stall confinement and isolation, restricted movement/ambulation, frequent change in ownership that results in different barns, handlers, feed and routine, training/racing) that stress the horse, grain-rich diets, “bulk feeding”, NSAID administration all factor into ulcer development.

        Do horses other than racehorses get ulcers? – of course they do. But racehorses are “set up” for equine maladies, including ulcers (and subsequent colic), due to their living conditions and their forced participation in a high-risk-for-injury-and-death activity.

        When we love our horses – and I mean really love them and not just claim to – we will do everything in our power to MINIMIZE risks that could injure them or take their life. Making them race doesn’t minimize those risks – it increases them.

    • This needs to stop this horse was abused, tortured every dam day of his life sold so many times made people rich no compassion , feelings for this horse or the other horses that are bred to race and make money , money . I hope in my life time that the horse racing industry is shut down . So people lose their jobs find a different way to earn a living people are getting very angry now abuseing animals is going to stop. Stop the blood money . I used to go to the Kentucky Derby i stopped going there because so many horses go to slaughter
      Remember only 1 horse can be the winner the rest are sent to slaughter or if they are lucky sold to someone who will give the horse a good forever home. Didn’t even get me started on the Amish people buying a horse at auction. To all the horses treated like this i am sorry That your life was like this.You are always in my prayers and times are changing now .🐎 .

  3. I’ll bet his original breeder doesn’t even remember his name or what he looked like. Honestly, vehicles are given better care than these horses, and still there are people who rush to defend this soulless industry. How does Delta Outlaw’s life not scream exploitation? Look how many parasites lived off him until he finally had no more to give – and which of them is showing even the slightest remorse for his death? These people are no better than scavengers, taking what they want and leaving a trail of bodies behind them.

  4. Thank you Patrick for this post. As sad as it was to read, it is even more disheartening that beautiful Delta Outlaw is indeed not an isolated case.
    I can only imagine the horror this poor horse has been put through and all for disgusting human entertainment and of course, money.
    Gina, as always, you nailed it with your informative and truest of true comments!
    I am grateful and thankful for having found all you wonderful people here. We will keep going no matter what and soon enough horse racing, the abuse and cruelty that comes with it will be abolished! And so will the leeches feeding off these beautiful creatures!
    Wishing you all the happiest New Year and new decade! May 2020 be our year, the year that will remain in history as the year when a group of caring, resilient human beings were able to achieve something amazing…PUT AN END TO RACING!

  5. Soulless monsters, each and every one of these so-called men. Thank you for naming names, as they ALL have Delta Outlaw’s blood on their greedy hands.
    The tide is turning, though. Racehorse ownership is becoming akin to operating a dog fighting ring. Worse, in fact. Because at least with dog fighting, there’s always a chance the feds will swoop in and save at least a few of the abused “athletes.” Not so in horse racing. These guys will just keep on breeding and buying replacements until they’re forced to stop. They know that Delta Outlaw’s story is the absolute typical norm for the oh-so-sportsmanlike claiming game they’re so fond of playing.
    The only exceptional part of this poor horse’s end is that he was given the benefit of a humane euthanasia — rather than the usual prolonged, tortuous slaughterhouse death. Way to go, racing creeps.

  6. The outright horror of horse racing in the United States must become something that is against Federal law in all 50 states. Period. May 2020 be the year that horseracing is banned!

    May DELTA OUTLAW rest in peace. May his heartless connections be put out of business!!!

  7. There is a special place in HELL for the ASSHOLES in this business. REMEMBER that you SCUMBAGS. You are COMPLICIT with the TORTURE of innocent animals. Look at yourselves in the mirror…I know you know deep down none of you are capable of a REAL job. So F You …holes.

  8. Thank you for your investigative journalism. We need a similar effort here in Australia.

  9. Wow, powerfully written. Keep exposing this abuse. Horse racing will shut down eventually but it takes years of concentrated effort and exposure to wake people up enough and hurt the industry financially. It’s all about the love of money over the respect for life.

  10. No, we cannot imagine the pain and horror ‘DELTA OUTLAW’ went thru, may KARMA prevail to take care of ALL who used and abused this beautiful baby. DELTA OUTLAW, you are so LOVED now! May you know nothing but PEACE and TRANQUILITY, AMEN

  11. A life of hellish torture. His only peace was in death.
    RIP Delta Outlaw. You can no longer be sold over and over from one tormentor
    To another.
    When will this evil end? How much is enough?

    • People who this is their only “job” …..this is not a job and you should be EMBARRASSED that ABUSING innocents is how you collect money.. you f’n scumbags. Rot in Hell,and May you go through the same sadistic pain and suffering that you inflicted. KARMA is a bitch 🔥

  12. Delta Outlaw is by no means an anomaly…there are hundreds of thousands of him out there. Shut this motherfucker down NOW

    • Bonnie, every day there are who knows for sure how many horses being mistreated in various ways. It is so disturbing!!!! Can you believe that breeders give anabolic steroids to Thoroughbred foals at birth!?!? It makes me cringe and it makes me horrified and angry that there are people pretending to be so high and mighty and doing all of these horrible abuses to race horses!
      Look at all of the Hall of Shame winners; they are losers from hell and proud of it.
      They should all be put out of business!!!!!

  13. And now this business is advocating that fans and supporters do “their part” to promote racing and improve the increasingly tarnished image.
    They want others to do their dirty work for them. What gall!! But such outrageous expectation coming from a business that is rife with corruption and does NOTHING to protect the horse from horrendous abuse should not be surprising.
    The fact that racing has always and continues to facilitate corruption and abuse, has never taken responsibility and is never held accountable seemingly escapes the adoring fans.

    • When I read that article, Rose, I had to laugh out loud. BECAUSE of what I saw and was exposed to at racetracks is why I am a supporter HERE!! Natalie Voss is asking people to go on the backside of racetracks and to encourage new fans of the sport. The few times I did that, my friend thought she was in a awful ghetto, we saw a poor filly who had a cantaloupe sized ankle that she could hardly bear weight on, and yet everyone, even track vets, knew about it and did nothing, (when I asked about the filly the next day I was told she had “disappeared”), and we saw a horse collapse and die during a race. One would have to be one hard hearted person to “encourage” other people to support and enjoy that!

  14. In this race that Delta Outlaw snapped his leg-off, was “vanned-off” and died, there was another racehorse in this race that’s been under my death watch.
    His name is THOMAS KNIGHT (TK)
    TK is an 8 year old gelding whose life of slavery is very similar to DELTA OUTLAW’S.
    TK has made over $340,000 the HARD way.
    Jan. 29/15 First race for trainer Naipul Chatterpaul (a notorious claiming trainer who claims and kills plenty).
    March 22, 2015 Claimed by notorious claimer and killer Gary C. Contessa.
    May 20, 2015 Claimed by Naipul Chatterpaul.
    Oct. 3, 2016 Claimed by John Rodriquez.
    Oct. 31, 2016 ONE RACE LATER claimed by Robert E. Reid Jr.
    April 23, 2017 Claimed by J. Guadalupe Guerrero
    Sept. 22, 2018 Claimed by Michael V. Pino
    Nov. 11, 2018 Claimed by Juan Carlos Guerrero.
    June 3, 2019 Claimed by Patricia Farro AKA Python Pat AKA Parasite Pat notorious claiming and killing “trainer”
    Nov.4, 2019 Claimed by Juan Carlos Guerrero
    Dec. 9, 2019 Claimed by Patricia Farro AKA Parasite Pat

    Dec. 28, 2010 running along side of DELTA OUTLAW for most of the race until Delta Outlaw snapped his leg-off, broke down, was vanned-off and subsequently euthanized.
    Thomas Knight was “tired” and finished just behind Delta Outlaw.
    Thomas Knight’s time to die is coming close.

    11 different trainers and owners although some trainers re-claimed him it was still a change of hands SOLD and Claimed like chattel, bought, exploited, and dumped.
    NONE of the parasites listed above had any intention of taking care of THOMAS KNIGHT for he was just a gambling chip to be sold and dumped whenever they see fit.
    He’s now in the hands of one of the biggest parasites on the track: Patricia Farro AKA Python Pat AKA Parasite Pat who makes a living claiming, exploiting and dumping racehorses for YEARS with no remorse, no feelings, complete numbness as she watches racehorse after racehorse DIE under her care, custody, and control.
    We can only imagine the hundreds of times TK has been injected to keep him flipping a buck for every single slave master only to be continually dumped and he’s on the verge of a breakdown.
    Parasite Pat will just keep on sucking the life out of him until he can give no more or gets claimed for another round of abuse.
    She will quickly be onto her next victim sucking them dry too.
    This is horse racing and this abuse is perfectly legal under their system.
    This is so vile and my only hope is that Thomas Knight makes it out alive, but what awaits him?
    Not one of these parasites will take care of him or even find him a home.
    These people shouldn’t be called “trainers” they should be called out for what they are: parasites.

    • Gina Powell, thank you for this report on THOMAS KNIGHT. I read the whole thing and just want to point out one typographical error and that is December 28, 2010 should obviously be December 28, 2019. Until now, I didn’t know this horse existed. It’s a crying shame that the horses have to be forced to exist in this way!

      I agree the people you described above are parasites but at the same time they are criminals abusing animals especially horses. Their criminal activities need to be recognized by law as felony animal abuse. I feel sickened by this horrifically diabolical inhumane treatment, abuse, neglect, cruelty and TORTURE of horses exploited for money by the horseracing industry. I wish someone had enough money to go get THOMAS KNIGHT away from that sleazy owner/trainer you named. I know I don’t have the wherewithal to save him from the inevitable death by abuse, neglect, cruelty and TORTURE of horseracing. Is anyone able to pull it together and rescue THOMAS KNIGHT before it is too late?

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