Sold, Whipped, Killed – All in a Matter of Minutes

Macca Tree, in the 4th at Mahoning yesterday afternoon, as relayed by the Equibase writer: “sprinted to a clear lead soon after the start, set the pace into the stretch, suffered a catastrophic injury and was euthanized.”

To add insult to kill, as this industry is wont to do, the 3-year-old Macca was sold immediately prior to dying. Vile. On a pro-racing site, one of the commenters shared this: “Very ugly-looking and the track announcer gasped and groaned audibly during the call.” And yet these people keep coming back for more. By the way, I would show you this “very ugly-looking” death, but Mahoning has removed this (and only this) race from its replay page. As if it never happened.

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  1. None of us need to see the video to understand what horrible death this poor horse faced. It does not matter how you view horse racing in todays image – it is brutal and barbaric and needs to stop. Horses are dying daily for no reason other than all of them that most of us have already posted. The government needs to get off their ass to put an end to this bullshit. Get your greedy hands out of the pockets of politicians and think about the lives of these poor horses – just think about what you are doing to them and their bodies. You are all a bunch of ignorant f*ckers!!! I wish to hell you were dying off as quickly as you are killing these gentle souls!!

  2. No Cathy, we don’t need to see if. For those of us that have seen them in person, every breakdown is horrifying, as long as there is an ounce of heart in you for these poor horses struggling race after race for the almighty dollar.
    However, what is telling is that prior to this breakdown, in Mahoning Valley Racecourse’s brief existence, they have NEVER sanitized or scrubbed any of their race replays! The industry is running and hiding. I’m sure they know Patrick has posted their races before. But what is even more telling is that they are also hiding from their main fan base, the bettors, because I can damn well guarantee that there are bettors out there who would have liked to have watched this race replay so they can start scheming on their next bets on the horses that ran in this race.

  3. Vile.
    This is so deeply disturbing and it would end as soon as the insane amount of money that OUR politicians approve to this vile business including millions in taxpayers money and/or casino profits ends.
    It needs to end now and our communities deserve this money not a bunch of abusive, sadistic horse people.
    It’s no secret that there are no younger demographics replacing the “senior” crowd on their way out not enough to financially sustain this.
    It’s going to be the dissemination of the facts, educating the public including our younger folks that will eventually shut this down.

  4. Patrick, keep exposing these heartless bastards! Seems they are starting to hide in the dark holes they emerged from! Let’s keep all of them there and never allow them to see the light. EVER! Another beautiful horse, another horrifying, heartbreaking death! STOP the abuse and cruelty. STOP HORSE RACING.

  5. But I thought they were proud of their relationships with their horses? Taking down this video only adds credence to everything that HW has been saying – if the racing industry has nothing to hide, then leave the video out for the world to see.

  6. I have ALWAYS lived my life with the unwavering belief that; If it’s not good and beneficial for animals then it needs to go. Animals are dear,sweet,innocent souls. WE are their Voices. They’re counting on US.

  7. Gina. Prince Lucky writeup on his injury is on the Paulick report. Vet optimistic about a surgery this week.

    • Another surgery, another horse made to suffer unnecessarily to prop up the tattered reputation of the racing industry.

    • Thanks for the update Nancy.
      Probably maimed for life.
      What a horrible business this is and Prince Lucky made over $607,000!!
      STILL not enough for these greedy parasites.
      ALL doping/vet/medical treatment records should be made public because I bet my bottom dollar that it would show a racehorse that has been repeatedly doped up to mask his chronic issues.
      Todd Pletcher and the owner knew damn well that they were risking his life.
      Instead of doing the right thing and putting him out to pasture they ruined his life.
      Furthermore, he’s a GELDING so they wouldn’t care about keeping him alive because he has no further value as a stallion so run him into the ground is the mentality and always has been.
      Disgusting, revolting bunch of parasites that make me sick.

  8. Every day as I follow this blog, something extremely wrong and disturbing is reported here. Without this blog, I, as well as others who do not attend horse races in person or at casinos or other off-track betting venues, would not become more aware of the fact that more and more horses are injured, dying and killed on racetracks or near racetracks and/or training tracks. Here is another young horse not fully matured who has been killed because of the horseracing industry. The horseracing industry kills horses of all ages within the borders of the United States where it is illegal to kill horses in a slaughterhouse. If the racehorses are not killed inside the borders of the United States, they are shipped to slaughter in a foreign country.
    MACCA TREE is one more victim of CRUELTY AND TORTURE.
    What attorney or group of attorneys are equipped to take on the horseracing industry in a court of law for their criminal acts of CRUELTY AND TORTURE OF HORSES???

  9. This is heartbreaking. They deserve better!! But how do we stop it? Petitions? Take too long….
    My opinion and by no means do I know it all. Bring the owners, jockies, agents and every single person who is inbolved to light. Name and shame.

    • Sanette, for an ordinary, rational person with compassion they would be shamed and affected by their racehorses dying, but not horse racing people.
      Horse people are a “unique” bunch.
      Not unique in terms of special people who do good deeds with their racehorses, but unique in that they are deliberately delusional, chose to ignore the obvious – obvious to the rest of the planet, and even continue with their daily abusive business practices that, collectively, lead to their deaths.
      To this day, they are fighting to keep the whip and to continue beating racehorses!
      Facts are a stubborn thing.
      It will be the facts presented on this site that are indisputable, the immediate end to ALL taxpayers funding, and casino profit funding that should go to communities.
      All I can say is write your local politicians because, eventually, we will make sure that this gets on the ballot.
      People outside of horse racing will finally have a say as to where their taxpayers money goes and this will stop the obvious moral issues of racehorses being killed for stupid $2 bets.
      This industry hasn’t been financially sustainable for years and the racehorses have been dying and continue to be killed for years while OUR money goes to prop this up – handouts is all this business knows.
      When the money stops the races will stop and the killings will stop.

      • Gina,you are so right,I will never get over watching Afleet Attitude pass the finish line and fall,from a broken front leg. I still see the look on his face,he was an 8yr.old Warrior of almost 700,000 and that still wasn’t enough for the SCUMBAGS in this industry. That handsome chestnut with the big white blaze did not deserve an ending like that. I’m doing this for HIM.

  10. Someone needs to do something about this. This is so horrific seeing this in my emails every single week you people like just to go to the horse races to watch the horses die we are not gonna have any more horses left in a few years if this doesn’t stop I want to know who it is two we have to speak to to make it stop once and for all even if we have to close down the tracks. You people are heartless motherfuckers

    • I hate to say this but the facts are that the horseracing industry is more or less a commercialized factory farm of breeding, training at a way too young age for racing, racing, and causing the death of many, many horses by forcing the horses to run carrying weight at a faster speed than what they are capable of while being doped/drugged, shocked and whipped. The Grade One winning stallions are worth millions of dollars and command stud fees that can be more than what some people can get a mortgage for in order to buy a house. It’s literally a multi-billion dollar industry.

      • The racing industry is built in obsolescence – their entire structure, from training too early, to the drugs, to forcing horses to race with injuries, virtually guarantees decreasing the number of horses they are forced to take care of at any given time. Add to this their “perfect final solution” – slaughter – and the racing industry is the ultimate death machine, horrifying in its efficiency.

  11. I just happen to be at a sports betting club with some old friends celebrating a birthday that day and saw this exact race live. I was watching this horse at the very moment the accident happen. I had never seen anything like that before, It was a sickening injury and the horse suffered a massive trauma to its leg (trust me, it was VERY bad). I was absolutely stunned. The track was soaking wet, 6″ deep sloppy mud… they never should have been racing in those conditions. What really stood out to me that day… The fact that every one around our table saw the same thing and nobody even batted an eye. Here I am a year later, still thinking about that poor horse.

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