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  1. So beautifully sad. I truly hope people feel every word wrapped in this beautiful melody because just
    hearing the words isn’t enough.

  2. So beautiful, Nicolette. Thank you. The brooding gray sky and roses are the perfect backdrop for a funeral. Your music was so heartfelt and sad, lovely and pure. Will you write out the lyrics for us… So beautiful.

  3. Thank you Nicolette for such accurate words to such beautiful music.
    It’s about time the racehorses got their song and this is it.

  4. Gina, you are so right. It is about time and this is their song. This beautiful truthful sad recording Nicolette made for the racehorses should be played at every racetrack across America on every cell phone and every recording device until everyone is gone and there is no one left to hear it.

    • Rebecca, it heartbreaking to look into the eyes of a horse that is being exploited to death; to death figuratively and to death literally. I looked into the eye of a horse in the Steve Asmussen “barn” on video. It is beyond sad and it is haunting. The horse has been doped/drugged with who knows what, confined to a stall for the majority of his life, suffering with hoof problems, and suffering from and tolerating all of the other abuse that racehorses are subjected to by their owners/trainers, etc. The horse is standing with his head down and the look in his eye reveals that he is having the life sucked out of him. It is evident on the video.

      • My friend told me that if you want to know about a horse’s life, look into his eyes. There is truly nothing more haunting than to look into a horse’s eyes and see their suffering – once you see it, you never forget it. I will never understand how someone can see the gentleness of a horse’s dark eyes and yet relegate them to a life of abuse and the horror of the slaughterhouse. Humans are the greatest evil in this world.

    • They know and I have no doubt when they are looking at a piece of garbage. I had a 10. Million dollar racehorse staring at me. I said you know I am ok and love you. And he licked the fence between us and made one of the noises they make. Sorry to be personal but those. Big brown eyes looking at me. Never forget. It was.my CIGAR.

      • Nancy, I don’t see a need for you to be sorry to be personal. Thank you for being personal. I have always been fascinated by horses. I love looking into their eyes and seeing them be happy. To see them used, abused, exploited, sadistically tortured is absolutely not right and must be stopped!!!!!!!!

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