Filly Suffers Multiple Breaks, Dead at Churchill

After I questioned the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission as to why there have been no updates on their public “Mortality Reviews” since August, three appeared yesterday. Two were already known – Fast Dreamer and Stella d’Oro at Keeneland in October (because Keeneland, unlike all of Kentucky’s other tracks, is now disclosing deaths, at least the racing ones, as they happen) – but there is a new one.

After finishing 11th (of 12) in the 9th at Churchill September 21, 2-year-old Allied Party was “vanned” back to the barn. X-rays followed. Then: “She was euthanized after determining that the injuries were too severe to give anything but a grave prognosis.” The official injury: “right forelimb, closed, comminuted slab fractures of the third carpal bone and the fourth carpal bone; there were also fractures off [sic] both the radial carpal and intermediate carpal bones.” That’s multiple broken bones for this poor filly – and for nothing more than $2 bets, entertainment. This is horseracing.

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  1. Each itemized fracture is completely indicative of severe trauma inflicted on the legs, tendons and bone structure of a horse way to young and physically immature to perform the vigorous strength needed to race at its fastest pace possible while carrying the rider and tack on it’s young back. Horses legs are the last part of their anatomy to fully mature, which we know is appx 6 years of age. Starting these very young babies is equivalent to training a toddler to race. Wake up all you degenerate gamblers, go bet on Football or Cars…..
    The owners and Racetrackers in every capacity are the lowest lifeforms making a living off animal cruelty and there’s a special place in hell waiting on you all!!

    You BET — They DIE 🚫🏇🚫

    • You can bet on hockey, baseball, basketball, also. Or, try your luck at slots. Santa Anita re-opens on December 26th. All eyes will be on them as they attempt to make the racetrack safer. We’ll see what happens.

      • Slots support racing, thats where the subsidy money comes from, but yes go bet on something else leave the horses be, when its no longer supported by gamblers and governments alike it will go the wayside, rightfully so theyve had time to change and refuse.

    • Born to be KILLED I’ve been saying this for years!! How can anyone not see this?????It’s pure fucking evil.

  2. Basically,a newborn infant lost her precious life!!!!!!! Everyday I hate these assholes more and more. These humans who perpetuate this bullshit MUST not be allowed anywhere NEAR a precious baby horse,or any animal!!!!!!!

    • They know it would not look good so they try to hide their wrongdoings, but thank God and Patrick Battuello, we are finding out more and more of the names of the vulnerable young horses that are being subject to death by cruelty and torture. It is passed the time that law enforcement needs to step in and crack down on the egotistical creeps that commit these horrible crimes against horses!!!!!

  3. It breaks my heart for this filly. She only had a life as long as she was with her mother………..then snatched from her mother grieving……………then sent to train unmercifully by people who only want to make money from her come h….. or highwater. They say they “love her”; but if that’s love, I don’t know what hate is. This is my state. The slogan for my state is the spirit of the horse. They sure are making lots of spirts since so many are tortured and die. I have had my fill of horse racing………… grieves my soul !

  4. I am appalled !Since I was a child I always thought horse racing was wrong I never accepted to go to one though I grew up in Paris France where it was very popular I am now 70 years I think it should be banned as well as any exploitation of innocent animals!!

  5. I’m sure Patrick is on it: Los Alamitos is back to killing ’em off at full-speed. Hollendorfer-trained claimer. Again. First race today.
    Go figure.
    And another collapsed after the wire, same race.
    Oh, but they’re still carrying on, as always, at Los Al; why should a couple of dead horses ruin their beautiful racing day?

    • Jerry Hollendorfer’s lawyer Drew Cuoto (attorney, racehorse owner involving 10 racehorse syndicates, racehorse investor, bloodstock agent past or present) is representing Jerry while they apply to the courts for an injunction to race at Santa Anita.
      Can you imagine that?
      I want people to know that I’ve watched racetracks deny trainers stalls, deny them access to the track for something so minimal that it was ridiculous.
      In these cases, they are usually small racing stables with little clout and money and they just clear them out.
      Here we have a multiple killer of racehorses who is going to fight the tracks and the killings are continuing.
      I also want people to know that every single “top” trainer (according to horse racing standards) are all multiple doper violators with multiple racehorses who have died under their care, with huge stables full of racehorses whom they rarely see, and they ALL have attorneys as owners.
      They monopolize the track facilities, the purse money and they are a never revolving door of racehorses being dumped, bought, sold and dumped.
      This business is vile from the start to the finish and everything in between and there’s nothing, no reforms, that can stop this widespread suffering, dying, and corruption.
      It’s an abyss of evil.

      • Yep, both dead. L.A. Times confirmed it. Of course, they also have a regular feature called, “Racing!” so I doubt they’re gonna dig too deep for real answers, as you do daily, Gina. At this point, I’d expect ol’ Jerry’s attorney to slink away, deeply ashamed at the full-blown equine bloodbath wrought by his client…

        Just kidding! He’s clearly gonna do no such thing. Like you said, an abyss of evil.

  6. Kelly. FOX 5 SanDIego reporting also. Mighty Elijah 4 years old left front leg. Into a hot spot died after unsaddling of internal injuries (quote “not caused bythe race”)

    • “Not caused by the race?” What, pray tell, caused the poor animal to collapse and die, and steal all of Hollendorfer’s horse-killing thunder, I wonder? Wait, never mind: I already know:

      They’ll say, “We are deeply saddened…a full investigation and necropsy…horse safety is our number one priority…the totally unforeseen, inexplicable collapse…connections are heartbroken…no stone unturned to find the cause…blah, blah, blah. NOW PLACE YOUR BETS, FOLKS!”

      • Let’s not forget that Billie-Sue’s pony Cupcake collapsed in her paddock last year, so that makes it perfectly all right for dozens of racehorses to collapse year after year. The rampant drug overdose and overwhelming stress factors of course have nothing to do with it.

      • LOL, Rebecca. Cupcake had just celebrated her 33rd birthday, but let’s not let that ruin the narrative…”Oh, sure, adolescent equines just keel over every couple days; it’s the damnedest thing.”

    • Can this all just please go away ? So I don’t have to have worry and a sense of impending death on my mind everyday. I promise you Apologists…we will all survive without it. Go bet on football,baseball,hockey,basketball,soccer,ultimate fighting,boxing…I could go on and on and on…you get the point.

  7. 2 years old?! She’s still a baby and should just be in training: lunging, etc. not racing. She wasn’t developed enough. These people are sick!

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