Stakes Winner Breaks Down Training in September, Dead of Laminitis Sunday

And yet another racehorse’s suffering was extended because of base human greed. Coming on the heels of Princess Dorian’s break at Del Mar and subsequent death from laminitis, we now learn that Uncontested went down the exact same way: The five-year-old, according to BloodHorse, suffered a fracture training at Churchill in September and was euthanized for laminitis Sunday. (Also like Princess Dorian, this death will be recorded as non-track-related, implying, of course, that Racing’s hands are clean. Is there any thoughtful, reasonable person out there who would agree?)

Not irrelevant here is that Uncontested (below) was a very “successful” horse – multiple stakes winner, half-million-dollar “earner.” Translation: The breeding shed beckoned. So, he was made to suffer longer. And all owner Harry Rosenblum had to say was “tough business.” How about vile, Mr. Rosenblum? How about vile?

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  1. Well, of course Uncontested’s connections wanted to breed him! They’re so ignorant about equine biophysics, anatomy, and genetics that they can see only the upside of procreating more and more freakishly fragile TBs that literally snap bones while galloping.
    Princess Dorian’s owner initially admitted to this, as well. Immediately following her horrifying breakdown on Nov. 10 (Sunday, Bloody Sunday), pro hockey player Erik Johnson publicly told the world that he was planning on adding the post-surgery PD “to [his] broodmare band.” He later walked back that statement, as even industry insiders spoke out against this obvious, uninformed declaration. Turns out that PD — not unlike Uncontested, Barbaro, Ruffian, and untold others — was doubly tormented. After being mortally wounded WHILE RACING, she was forced to suffer further for desperate public relations purposes, rather than for the usual racing industry greed.
    Guess all those “thoughts and prayers” sent out for her full recovery didn’t exactly pay off for the poor, “beloved” claimer, Princess Dorian.

  2. Another beautiful horse has gained his wings, including Princess Dorian. You both were so loved by many who did not even get to meet you, just from afar. But our comfort will be one day we will be with all you majestic angels, love always prevails. Horseracing needs to stop, period!!

  3. This is so disgusting! Making a horse run being in pain when it is known that they have laminitis just shows how EVIL those people can be, no respect for these magnificent animals!

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