Raced at Parx (71 Lengths Back), Shipped to Delaware, “Found Dead” Next Morning

Here’s what we know: Indy’s Quick Image was raced at Parx October 12; he finished last, some 71 lengths back. Yes, 71. After that race, the 5-year-old was shipped to Delaware Park. At some point early the next morning (the 13th), according to the Delaware Racing Commission, he was “found dead in the barn area.” Apparently, the Commission is conducting an investigation, though with Indy’s Quick Image having been a cheap claimer (and still “maiden,” at that), I can’t imagine it’s much of a priority.


  1. Question No. 1: What insurance company is “insuring” this horse?

    Question No.2: Will the insurance company do an investigation to determine any kind of fraud before just writing a check to the owner?

    • Wanda, for some reason everyone thinks that all these lower level horses are insured. The vast majority of racehorses aren’t insured mainly because insurance companies are in the business to make money, not lose money. The risks to the insurance companies are simply too great. Also, the premiums would be so high that many in racing simply couldn’t afford to insure their horses. Even if a horse is insured and a claim is made, the insurance company will thoroughly investigate the death of the horse. It isn’t easy collecting on an insurance policy. In all the years that Beulah Park was operating as a track, only one or two horses were insured and those horses were entered in stakes races. That comes directly from a racing official.

    • Mary Johnson, thank you for your comment. I still don’t know if this particular horse, Indy’s Quick Image, was insured or not.

    • What a waste, indeed. I agree, Chris. I don’t think I have ever seen worse E speed figures – a high of 47 and 3 zeros in his record. And the fact that he continued to be entered should raise questions. What a miserable few years this poor horse spent on this planet at the hands of low lives,

      And, while the big “investigation” is being conducted his record should be reviewed and the question as to why he was still being entered should be addressed. But in this corrupt business there will be no meaningful questions asked nor will there be any truthful answers. That is a given. His connections should be drummed out of the “business”!!

  2. Investigations that often lead to nowhere. This morally deprived business doesn’t care. They are onto their next victims.
    In a more recent ruling, racehorse abuser and killer (they call them trainers) Brian Lynch’s racehorse A HOT SPOT tested positive for HUMAN ANTI-CONVULSION dope.
    You would think that a business in free fall, with a serious integrity problem, would make an attempt to clean it up – something they’ve never done before, which is precisely why their in this abyss full of dead racehorses.
    Nevertheless, for shoving this life-threatening dope into a racehorse he got 30 days initially, it was subsequently reduced to 15 days, and he gets to serve this suspension while on holidays.
    Good one – blatant racehorse cruelty and a slap on the wrist for committing such a heinous act.
    So it shouldn’t surprise anybody that Brian Lynch has a litany of previous doping positives all equally as bad as this one with all solely inadequate penalties.
    This one example alone clearly shows a business whose supposed “reforms” are nothing more than a public ruse.
    Brian Lynch is a pathetic morally deprived cruel abusive monster.
    The most disturbing aspect is that this is what we know about so one can only imagine what else he’s shoving into these racehorses when nobody is watching.
    Equally worse their secret doping records that don’t follow the horse.
    Then people like us who rescue their disposable gambling chips have no idea what they’ve shoved into these racehorses, but are left with their ailments.
    These abusive parasites are sickening and so is this entire freak show.

    • A famous French trainer was suspended for six months for using Cobra venom (pain killer). There was also a trainer in NY who has since passed who was known as “Medicine Man” because his lower level horses (claimers) were winning at an amazing clip. Here’s a hint: his brother trained Triple Crown winner, Affirmed.

  3. The majority of people in this “game” are some of your wealthier in this country. There is NO excuse for them not to be held to a rule of providing a soft landing for horses. But no….they’d rather let them die a horrific death, and purchase the NEXT VICTIM. #PureEvil

    • Exactly, Bonnie! Perfectly stated, especially about the SOFT LANDING. They think the term means mangling the horse’s upper lip (and carving out the microchip) before dumping him/her into the slaughter pipeline. God forbid the owners should be publicly identified and called out for their disgusting brutality.

  4. https://www.theracingbiz.com/2019/11/27/delaware-stolen-horses-unlicensed-participants-and-more-from-stewards/

    According to the arci, the owner was suspended for a yr also for being negligent in the death of this poor horse. The arci also names the unlicensed guy mentioned as the horses groom. Its about damn time something is actually done, it is yet to be seen, if other close by jurisdictions will go along with the ban.

    Still cant fathom why a horse far back in numerious races, including this last at parx, was not pulled up and taken out of the race, instead of being pressed on to the finish.

  5. But Donna Brothers told us (with a straight botox face, no less) that if a Thoroughbred doesn’t want to run, then the good people of the racing industry don’t make them run. I suppose it took seven track workers to force Mongolian Groom into the gate because he actually wanted to run, he just didn’t know it. Seventy-one lengths back and then found dead. Why would that be suspicious? As Donna Brothers said, they just want their horses to be in the best form possible, and to the racing industry, this horse was better dead since he obviously wasn’t going to be a source of profit. It’s beyond disgusting that even with all the media coverage about the breakdowns and deaths that horse racing is still operational. That’s me taking the moral high ground. As for the racing industry, their closest approximation of moral high ground is somewhere in the sewer. How can you claim to have morals at all when you make a living abusing, exploiting, and killing living sentient beings?

  6. That should certainly be a priority, finding out what caused the horses’ death!

  7. Wanda, I am 99.999% certain this horse was not insured. The tracks in Pennsylvania aren’t considered upper level tracks attracting upper level horses. The insurance premiums for a horse like this one would be cost prohibitive.

    • I have a tendency to believe you are correct, Mary Johnson, that this horse, Indy’s Quick Image, was not insured. That seems like a no brainer at this point. However, I don’t have proof, just logical deduction.

      Have you any new information regarding the cause of death of Indy’s Quick Image? Or any information at all regarding his cause of death?

  8. Sharon K Ullrick, I agree with you that the cause of death definitely is a top priority and I hope it does get reported by a qualified person that tells the facts once the facts are found out and there is proof.

    No horse should be dead at the age of 5 years. This is horseracing is not okay. This is Abuse and Neglect/Negligence or deliberately inflicted something, I don’t know what. It just is so upsetting and disturbing that any racehorse could be so mistreated to say the least.

  9. I think that the general population is unaware about what goes on with horse racing. They just know that they can go to the track for the day, bet the races and sip on mimosas and go home winners or losers. If they had any idea and understood the demise of these beautiful creatures (who only want to please us). Many get sent to slaughter who could not perform and win money. This insanity has got to stop!

    • Andrea Wilcox, I agree with you that there are a lot of people that most likely don’t have a clue about how much abuse of horses goes on behind the scenes at a racetrack, at least in the days before YouTube and undercover videos. In 2019, I have become more aware of the every day reality of the evil dark side of horseracing. Sipping on a drink or whatever is quite beside the point in my opinion. I don’t live near a racetrack and I don’t want to gamble. I thought about betting on horses a lot when I was much younger but it turned out that I changed my feeling about betting on horses. Now that I know more about how bad the dark side of racing is in reality, not a delusional fantasy, I am glad I changed my attitude about betting. I always felt it is bad to gamble anyway. Now I can see more about the suffering it causes to horses. It is so wrong to use, exploit, abuse, dope, drug and discard or cull horses and cause their death and have the racing industry insiders act like, “oh, well, that is just part of the game.”

  10. Many have no money for mimosas. With the advent of simulcasting there are many races to gamble on and many opportunities to lose money. Very tough game. Donna Brothers is not going to criticize her livelihood so you may be barking up the wrong tree here. Just a thought.

    • Lying is second nature to the Brothers of racing. And she had the nerve to say if a horse doesn’t want to run he doesn’t have to!! If that is not a bald-faced lie I don’t know what is.
      Yes, it is a tough game for the horses, that is!

  11. Listened to Mark Casse, famous trainer who had War of Will in this year’s KY Derby say that “fillies won’t run if they don’t feel like it” but when they do feel like it they are amazing (he was a guest on a radio show on XM satellite). In other words, the horse decides whether or not it is in the mood. Sometimes you will see a horse that figures to be a major contender just not bother trying. Not defending racing, but it is telling. You may want me to run but I don’t want to today.

    • And when the horse is not in the mood whether it be male female or gelding the starters make sure the horse is pushed into the starting gate.

    • Two words: Mongolian Groom.

      It took seven track bullies to force him into the gate and he was beaten until the moment his leg snapped. These horses are slaves, they are given no choice no matter what protests they try to make. I wouldn’t put horse shit stock in anything these “trainers” have to say. They don’t care anything about the horses beyond what money they can beat or bleed out of them, but they know all the right catch phrases and feel-good quotes when they’re in front of a camera (at least one that they know about).

      • Rebecca as soon as i posted this his name came to mind as several others. but its true. He could not tell them his leg hurt and i can not do it. RIP beautiful Mongolian Groom

  12. Fair points. The Mongolian Groom disaster will have a lasting effect on the game. Santa Anita probably feels unlucky in that it took the last race of the 2-day Breeder’s Cup for this horse to break down. Should not have even been entered in this race. The prestige and glory (not to mention purse) proved too great and MG “went wrong,” another catch phrase you alluded to in your comment. Now the Sport of Kings may “go wrong,” so MG served a purpose, albeit a costly one. The racing game is in trouble and may go the way of cursive handwriting which is being slowly taken out of the schools. Common Core education standards dictate that cursive will no longer be taught in elementary school.

    • Santa Anita should feel more than unlucky – they should be horrified and ashamed. The only shame displayed was from Mongolian Groom’s trainer, who said he was sorry his horse ruined an otherwise perfect day. Not that he was sorry the horse was bullied and forced into the gate, or beaten down the track, or had his leg snap off. Nope, just sorry that damn horse had to go and die. And MG wasn’t even euthanized until the next morning while his “loving family” was looking into the insurance. Santa Anita, like every other track in America, is a blood soaked debacle of abuse and death.

  13. The great filly, Ruffian, broke down in the famous Match Race against Foolish Pleasure (1975) and they did try and save her. When she came out of surgery and the medication started to wear off she re-injured herself and had to be put down. In the infield at Belmont Park she is buried with a giant horseshoe shrub marking her grave. One of the all-time greats. They may have tried to save MG but the injury was not fixable. Not always a money decision. At least that’s how I see it. Millennials don’t seem interested in horseracing. Where are the new fans gonna come from?

  14. Sorry Mal, I disagree with you. It is either a money, or optics, decision. Ruffian was a well-loved, famous mare, and her worth as a broodmare would have been the financial reasoning to save her. I’m sure they would have charged people to come see her at the farm, had she lived.
    Mongolian Groom was an obviously sore, injured gelding, and there were no financial gains to be made to save him. In fact, the connections purposely sent him out knowing he was crippled, and they were trying to eke the last money out of him they could, hoping to hit the board in the big race. The only reason he was not put down on the track were the optics. NBC had it on national broadcast, and they knew Santa Anita was in the crosshairs. Even my friend, who knows nothing about racehorse injuries or horse anatomy, while watching the race live, texted me that he had broken down, “and it looks realllllly bad”. His leg was literally flopping. There is no healthy, safe way to save that. Instead he was tortured to walk on a horse ambulance so it wouldn’t look bad, and gave people false hope. Much like poor Princess Dorian, who had to endure a week of horrific hardware in her leg, only to have her life end in pain and misery a week later, for the optics.
    About the millennials, the problem with them, is that they are willing to spend a day at the track on famous race days, ( Orgies, as a paulick reader described in his post recently) in a drunken party atmosphere to celebrate being seen and getting to wear a hideous hat or dress up in a gaudy suit. They care nothing about the horses, Hell, most probably don’t even know who’s in the race, but they are still willing to go there to yuk it up. Unfortunately, that’s support.

  15. Had not considered MG particulars. As for Ruffian, she had a win record of 10 wins, zero losses and one DNF (did not finish). That’s the one against Foolish Pleasure which was a gimmick “Match Race” or “Battle of the Sexes (filly vs colt.” Think Billie Jean King and that buffoon, Bobby Riggs. Owner was super rich and I doubt seriously that admission would have been charged to see the Great Ruffian on the farm after retiring from racing. She may have been saved but when anesthesia wore off she kicked wildly and that was that. This horse was what is sometimes called a “freak” in that she was so superior all others. I wrote a short note to the trainer after her demise and received a letter back with a photo (Frank Whiteley/Hall of Fame). I have since stopped participating in betting on horses and have to agree that the “model” is broken. May be end of days soon.

    • Mal. I remember that heartbreaking race and the aftermath. What a fantastic “freak” she was. That was something getting a response from the trainer. Guess most of them would never bother in his day and age.

  16. Yes, I have a feeling he got a lot of cards and letters because of the untimely death of Ruffian. Initial reports were that a bird spooked her during the early stages of the race and she took a bad step. May or may not be true. This horse never lost and then for her to have a life-ending injury really affected a lot of people. Kind of like what is happening now, nearly 45 years later. Mongolian Groom also has resonated I think for many fans and non-fans alike. I will never argue about the sadness involved in any race-related death so when I referred to Ruffian as a freak of nature it was because she was extremely large for her age group and then she just rolled over any horse she ran against. Again, 10-0-0 (DNF). Would have produced baby Ruffians, true, but she did touch a lot of people.

  17. Correct. Racetrack caller on Zenyatta, “Zenyatta has sprouted wings (as she came from last to first entering the stretch).” Her record: 16 wins, 1 loss (narrowly beaten by Blame in Breeder’s Cup Classic). Rider “blamed” himself for her lone defeat. Owned by people who brought you The Police and The Carpenters at A&M Records. Now a broodmare.

  18. PARX – all tracks are hell holes, but this one tops the list when it comes to relentless claiming, running with little rest, lack of transparency and horrific racehorse abuse.
    The state of PA is giving the horse racing tracks “horsemen” BILLIONS in casino profits – BILLIONS with zippo accountability to the community, to taxpayers and it’s got to be one of the most corrupt.
    The more money they get the more abuse and the more corruption – it’s a snake pit.
    The example I’m providing here is not only heartbreaking, but COMMON in this circle of PA abuse.
    LITTLEMISSBUSINESS. A 7 year old mare that’s made over $425,250 the HARD WAY. Here is her detailed map of abuse, inhumane treatment and utter disgust for the following parasites listed below:
    Her first start is at Belmont in May of 2013. Trainer (T) = Mitchell Friedman.
    Saratoga Aug. 3/16 Claimed/sold (T) Jeremiah C. Englehart (active claimer with multiple racehorses who’ve died under his care, custody, and control.
    Belmont April 30/16 Claimed/sold (T) Robertino Diodoro
    Belmont June 16/17 Claimed/sold (T) Steve Asmussen for Paraaside Farms Corp (?). This trainers name goes without saying because it’s equated with widespread racehorse cruelty, cheating, and dying.
    Belmont Sept. 16/17 Claimed/sold (T) Mitchell Friedman.
    PARX March 26/18 Claimed/sold (T) Michael Pino (active claimer with multiple racehorses who’ve died under his care, custory, and control.
    PARX April 21/18 Claimed/sold (T) Steve Klesaris.
    PARX June 9/16 Claimed/sold (T) Michelle Castillo.
    PARX Oct. 22/18 Claimed/sold (T) Steve Klesaris
    PARX Jan. 19/19 Claimed/sold (T) Jorge Diaz (active claimer and abuse)
    PARX May 27/19 Claimed/sold (T) Marcos Zulueta.
    PARX July 15/19 Claimed/sold (T) Jorge Diaz taking another bite out of the chump.
    PARX Oct. 12/19 Claimed/sold (T) Joseph Taylor.
    PARX Nov. 24/19 Claimed/sold (T) Scott Lake (active claimer and killer of multiple racehorses)
    PARX Dec.16/19 Claimed/sold (T) Claudio Gonzalez.
    PARX Jan. 7/2020 Claimed/sold (T) Juane Vazquez.
    PARX Jan. 28/2020 Claimed/sold (T) Patricia Farro AKA Python Pat one of the biggest parasites.

    17 different trainers, owners, barns, schedules, feed habits with needles being pumped into her veins, muscles, tendons and joints most likely.
    I repeat 17 yes 17 different sharks going in for the chump, taking a big chunk out of her, probably doping and doing whatever it takes to use, abuse and flip a buck off of her.
    Make no mistake NONE – NOT ONE of these low life blood and life sucking parasitic leeches had or have any intention of giving her a good home, a soft landing – it’s all about them, what they can get out of her because this is the despicable business called horse racing.
    Even worse, NONE – NOT ONE of her vet/doping/treatment records following her.
    For all we know she could be running with fractures, laminities, ulcers all the hallmarks of racehorses, but especially one of her caliber with so many changes to her poor life.
    She’s slipped into the lowest claiming ranks and, equally, she’s slipped into one of the worst, abusive maiming and killer racehorse trainer at PARX Python Pat AKA Patricia Farro AKA Parasite Pat.
    When she claims a horse usually 3 things happens: they are run into the ground until they drop dead or they disappear off the radar, gone, once she’s finished them off or they get claimed.
    This lady is equivalent to a human predator the likes of Ted Bundy.
    Yet, everything she does is legal under the horse racing banner.
    Any other setting in America? – JAIL TIME.

    This business is a nest of parasites, vipers, and sharks who swirl around the performs like LITTLEMISSBUSINESS to use, abuse, exploit, maim, dump and kill – that’s all they know.

    • SEVENTEEN different owners, barns, routines, etc, etc….this poor mare! For an animal that craves routine, her life is HELL even without having to race!!

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