At Least Two Kills on the NY Racing Day

At 11:35 this morning, the 1st race at Finger Lakes went off. A couple minutes later, Giant Sandy was “pulled up in distress” and “vanned off.” Shortly thereafter, the 3-year-old was dead – “euthanized due to poor prognosis” (Gaming Commission).

A couple hours later, downstate at Aqueduct, Clear the Ramp, also three, “suffered a catastrophic injury” in the 4th. He, too, was euthanized.

Last year, 100 racehorses lost their lives at New York State tracks. This year, the toll stands at 90 – with over a month to go. The lie of “safer racing” laid bare, yet again.


  1. There is no ‘safer racing’ just a bunch of baloney! They need to step up and at least do something real to stop the deaths of these wonderful horses!

    • Please name the immediate things that should be changed to save these horses. This is totally unacceptable and so wrong for equines and jockeys.

  2. The constant deaths of race horses requires a urgent look into this matter. This needs to stop. These beautiful horses are suffering and dying for what?? Let’s see who can run the fastest!! Let’s see who will die on this race. Like Russian Roulette!! Sickening. Needs to STOP.

  3. The chart for Clear the Ramp said he suffered a catastrophic injury then vanned off. Twitter posts say he was examined then decision was made to euthanize. Another poor horse made to walk onto a trailer with a severely broken leg and wait in agony until he was finally released from his pain. Awful track policies.

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