Longtime Bettor Donates to HW, Wants to Make Amends

An email attached to a recent donation:

“Thank you for your incredible work. I used to bet on horses (haven’t in 30 years) but I do feel a need to make my amends to these wonderful animals. I bet on a horse named Tarport Hap and Tarport had a heart attack and died on the first turn. All I cared about was the money I lost. No conscience, no pity for him. I am grateful to people like you who allow me to give back. I love horses and all animals. I am telling guys in my Gamblers Anonymous room about your organization. Thank you!”

Mike Kramer
New York

Thank you, Mike. Stories like yours help us to press on.

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  1. Thank-you Mike for sharing your story.
    As a former owner/trainer I sometimes get comments on this site from apologists who attack me by saying “you did this to racehorses so you shouldn’t comment” or something like that.
    They put forth a ridiculous comment that I’m somehow not to change or comment on horse racing.
    People change, people evolve, and I’ve been totally honest about who I am, what my name is, and how I participated in this industry unlike most apologists who hide behind a fictitious name when posting.
    Nevertheless, my sole purpose for commenting on this site is to be a voice for the racehorses.
    My hope is that horse racing is banned because it doesn’t belong in a civilized society.
    Prior to reaching this conclusion I went through a “reformist” approach.
    I truly believed in the purported lines we “love” and “care” for them.
    Their lack of action doesn’t match their feelings and/or claims.
    Furthermore, this is widespread, legitimized racehorse cruelty and killing.
    It would take the earth to move out of the Milky Way galaxy to make effective changes.
    All the lip service in the world won’t change anything for the betterment of the racehorses nor will it stop them from dying.
    BAN horse racing and stop supporting and defending this killing show.
    Thanks Mike.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Kramer, for confirming publicly what many in the racing business have tried to hide for a long, long time. When a horse goes down, there’s both vocal disappointment AND outright celebration among bettors, depending on which way they’d bet that particular animal. It is truly one of the ugliest, most sickening displays in “humanity” to witness.
    And, it’s yet another reason horse racing will soon be removed from our landscape.

    • You’re so right, Kelly. When Mongolian Groom broke down in the Breeders Cup, there was a video on Peta’s Website that someone in the stands made of him pulling up, his leg dangling. You can hear people laughing, cheering, and the occasional “aw”, but the video disgusted me. Here this poor horse is struggling to stand on a mangled leg, and these idiots are LAUGHING. I don’t care how much of a party atmosphere is and how drunk I may be- I could NEVER laugh if I saw an animal terminally injured!

      • Ugh. And MG’s breakdown was comparatively innocuous-looking. I’ve seen and heard racing creeps vocally celebrate their “winners” when the poor animal is still down, mangled, but struggling to rise near the finish line. It’s like hearing maniacal laughter during a horror movie; makes you more afraid of who could possibly be in the theater with you than the film itself.

      • You guys are going much easier on the low life scumbags than I can. Sooooo many of these LOSERS in this industry are Pathetic, they have no life. And you assholes who cheered about Mongolian Groom losing his life, I say to you FUCK you have fun in hell.

      • Hi, Bonnie. I try to avoid too many personal attacks and insults, because I think they tend to make folks still in the game even more defensive than they’re already feeling. This view may not be shared by anyone else on this site, but I believe we should give them an “out.” It’s a way for them to say, “I quit horse racing before horse racing quit me.”
        Nonetheless, Bonnie, I still slip now and again;)

      • Fortunately for me and the rest of humanity, Bonnie will not be the one we face on judgment day. Please remember Bonnie, some of the strongest and most persuasive supporters of this movement were once in the industry. It takes their inside information and courage to change to expose the truth that would otherwise be kept hidden. A lot of people go into this industry because of the love of horses which is exactly why they ultimately have to leave. Calling them vile names and putting more poison out into the world is not going to convince anyone sooner. I believe in God’s forgiveness. In fact, I think He may even forgive those that have butchered His message.

  3. Thank you Mike for sharing your story. It is really nice to see that you have evolved where so many are still in the dark ages. Horse racing is abusive in all forms and those involved in it are hypocrites who claim to care about the horses – but they care about nothing except their own pocket book. Far too many horses have lost their lives and are still losing them daily due to this common greed factor. We all need to be a voice for those who can not speak for themselves. As humans we need to stop the horse racing in full and the sooner the better to save the poor souls who are struggling every day to just live another day.

    • Just for the record, Tarport Hap was a harness racing horse and was a her and not a him.

      • Fred – I doubt most diehard gamblers care if the horse is a her or a him. They are potential money made, or money lost, that’s it. Or if they are standardbred or thoroughbred. It’s just another horse to make a frenzied bet on before post time. Thank goodness this site exists, because poor Tarport Hap did not die anonymously. We are saddened for her.

  4. Thank you Kelly,I get your point,believe me,but I see NOTHING redeemable about certain humans,and I get frustrated with slow help..for innocents.I admit I’m a fighter and have passionate love of animals!!!!!!!!!!!! Most humans,well they just draw my ire. OK, I am a spitfire,who has DEEP powers of understanding, but point taken.

    • LOL, I know you are a fighter:) So if you need to be reminded of the good in many people, just look at nearly all the regulars on this very site. And celebrate that we’re winning this war for the horses.

      • Thank you Kelly, remember I was the first post who knew instantly MG was fatally injured.That was the only race I watched that day because I wanted a handsome overachiever (gelding) to win,if not him then Math Wizard,b ecause well, I am a PHILLY girl,and he had won the Pennsylvania Derby. Hey, look us Philly people brought the world Afleet Alex,Smarty Jones,I may be biased…but I can assure everyone we are “good people” most importantly with heart.

  5. Mike Kramer: Congratulations on your change of heart! I am so glad for organizations or groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Gamblers Anonymous that truly do help people in a good way. I’m sure there are lots of people that are ashamed of the disgusting things they did. I am grateful for the fact that people can change their attitudes and behaviors for the good.

  6. Elizabeth the first thing that would have come to MY MIND if a horse broke down would have been throw up sadness. So the fact that his first reaction was I lost my bet …SPEAKS fucking volumes. I’m glad he changed, but I wouldn’t of have to changed,because animals lives have ALWAYS meant more to me than stupid losers and gambling. By the way I have NEVER been a gambler…NEVER!!!!!!

    • I WOULD NOT OF HAD TO CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve always put innocent life FIRST. That’s why the LIFE of animals means sooooo much to me. People are calculated evil.

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