Whipping Cheap, Hopeless Horses

From the Equibase chartwriter at Penn National (one of the more honest) Thursday:

race 1: “SULLEYS BOO had position between rivals to the far turn, was put to whip and stopped.” Sulleys Boo finished last, some 30 lengths back. She is three years old and has been put to the whip 10 times in total, the last 9, including yesterday, at the “maiden claiming” level – as low as there is.

race 5: “BEALESTREET DANCER came well out from the rail early on the backstretch, failed to respond to whip midway on the backstretch and was eased up.” Bealestreet Dancer finished last, some 45 lengths back. He is six and in this, his 33rd race, he was “For Sale” at $4,000 prior to. In other words, he’s utterly expendable.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Why is there not a law outright banning animals being used as gambling chips PERIOD..END of story. On a side note, an elderly couple,who are my neighbors,adopted one of the greyhounds rescued from bondage,they tell me it’s the best thing they have ever done. I was a little concerned they wouldn’t be young enough to keep up, but , God Bless it’s working out just fine,thank you.

  2. These 2 poor horses and one can see that there is no future for them with the “losers” of owners that they happen to have. Seriously look at the number of races for the 3 years – Jesus H Christ people wake up and see that they are destroying these animals all in the name of common ‘GREED.” This abuse is never going to stop as long as the government allows these horse races to continue. It is a brutal existence for so many incredible animals. Use the WHIPS on the owners, trainers, jockey’s, vets and the useless assholes in the racing commission. Let them feel the abuse that they are daily inflicting on these poor horses.

    • Its all about making money, its the shittiest buissness one could ever come across, they dont care horses are viewed as tools to make a living. The government sure as hell doesnt care, they are in on it too, they get their cut, its all about money and gambling.

  3. Oh, and speaking of whipping cheap horses, the geniuses at the soon-to-be-dismantled CHRB have decided to “protect” the cheapest claimers at the Santa Anita Death Track by raising the rock-bottom minimum claiming price to $10,000.
    So, immediately following the next racing death at SADT — should occur on or soon after Dec. 26, when they’re scheduled to return full-time to killing off thoroughbreds — we can all rest assured that the equine victim(s) had been for sale for at least ten grand.
    What a comfort.

  4. It is because at penn when a horse gets a dnf, they are automatically put on the vets list for 30 days and must pass a 3 furlong workout in under a set time, and also must pass a drug test afterwards. That is why you will see these horses eased and pushed to the wire. It is more to protect the game and the betting interests then the horses themselves. Because its not about “sport” racing, or a horses career and will never be, yet they claim oh we do everything possible to protect the horses. If they cared, the horse would be stopped on,pulled up and live for another time, instead of being pushed just to make the end of the race. All supported by slot subsidies, shame on the pa legislature for not ending this bullshit when they had the chance too.

  5. Please forgive me
    But I won’t be home again
    Maybe someday you’ll look up and barely conscious you’ll say to no one
    “Isn’t something missing?”
    You won’t cry for my absence I know
    You forgot me long ago
    Am I that unimportant?
    Am I so insignificant?
    Isn’t someone missing me?

    Even though I’m the sacrifice
    You won’t cry for me
    Though I’d die to know you love me
    I’m all alone

    And if I bleed, I’ll bleed knowing you don’t care
    Isn’t someone missing me?

    Taken from Evanescence – “Missing”

    Every time I hear this song, I think of all the race horses living and dying without anyone caring about them as living sentient beings.

  6. I would assume that whipping a horse would cause a loss rather than a win! If a horse doesn’t respond to the ship and loses, they are eventually sold and who knows what happens to them afterwards. Nothing good!

  7. This is a selfish, money making racket, with no consideration for the poor horse! It’s cruel and must stop!

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