3-Year-Old “Wins,” Then Dies

In the most recent Stewards’ Report from Turf Paradise, it was revealed that Saltarin broke a fetlock in the 7th October 28 and was euthanized. All was not lost, however, as the 3-year-old “won” the race, bringing home $4800 for his exploiters. One last act of giving before dying. This is horseracing.

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  1. Way to go, Team Saltarin! You guys must be so proud. Hope y’all saved your “winnings,” because that rainy day will be here soon.

  2. So how did they handle the winner’s circle? I’m sure the connections were heartbroken but pocketing the measly $4,000 must have softened the blow!!!
    These people lack a soul.
    Poor horse.

    • Rose, the same horrific thing happened to a horse I loved more than words could ever say, God rest his soul. He crossed the finish line with his front leg flopping around. It happened 2018 at Aqueduct,of course. It makes me SICK that his connections collected a check, that is so wrong.These apologists are the worst of the worst,they must have a black hole where their hearts should be.

  3. Saltarin was raced 17 times in his three short years of life. 8 starts as a two-year-old. And they ran him 3 times in just one month.

    Yet you’ll see where the graded stakes winners get some time off after a “hard campaign” – that being 3 or 4 races over the spring, summer AND fall – “took a lot out of him”…”dropped some weight”…”needs freshening”.

    Not the claimers. No breaks for them. Not Saltarin. 3 races in a MONTH. That third one killed him. And no apologists will be “mourning” his death – exclaiming how much he was loved. For them, he’s easy to ignore.

  4. When the hell are these veterinarians going to be brought up on CHARGES,for not protecting these innocent animals? Didn’t they take an oath!!!!! I wish the fate that is happening to these horses,was instead happening to YOU Asshole racing apologists. You scumbags are the worst that “mankind” has to offer. Go study your ugly ass faces in the mirror and see if you can live with yourselves. You all need to be held accountable for causing widespread massive Death. I know why most of you ugly losers want this death chamber to continue…you know you all wouldn’t be able to handle or even get a REAL job. SAD as our President likes to say…it fits You apologists to a T.

  5. These horses give everything they have and win for their owners even though it ends with their death! People can really be very cruel to animals and should be punished, no one in horse racing ever pay a price for their horses’ death, maybe a small fine, then they go on to race another horse!

  6. Seriously you god damn ignorant bastards – this poor horse raced as a 2 year old – do none of you have a god damn clue about the bone structure of animals – well of course you don’t because that would mean leaving all of your f*cking concerns about “winning” and make you have to look into some possible health aspects of these animals. The god damn vets are a joke at these race tracks – maybe they should all get their greedy hands out of the cookie jar and do what they are supposed to do – which is take care of these animals. No horse should even see a track before starting as a 4 year old and the way these idiots handle horses – there should be NO horse racing – get rid of it and stop the abuse and slaughter of these gorgeous horses – OMG the human greed is just more than I can even start to comprehend. You people involved from owners, trainers, jockeys, vets, so called racing commission are all killers – all of you. BUT he won and that is all you f*ckers care about – Jesus H Christ I hope each and every one of you assholes involved lives a horrible pain inflicted life because you deserve nothing better.

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