USA Today Report: Billions in Corporate Welfare Propping Up Most of U.S. Racing

One of my very first posts (2013) was on the corporate welfare propping up NY Racing. It has, alas, been a largely under-reported part of the horseracing story. But that’s beginning to change. Thank you, USA Today, for this devastating article.

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  1. My god,that USA Today article is a real eye opener, what a ridiculous waste of taxpayers money. The whole horseracing industry, just is sooooo sleazy. We’re better than this. Besides it’s so old and antiquated. Just imagine what good that money,taxpayers money,could do.

  2. Again,just think what important,necessary things people need that taxpayers money could be going to, rather than a dying antiquated killing machine of innocent horses. It’s going to die on it’s own anyway,today’s young people aren’t into this old- timer pastime.

  3. Penn national needs to stop letting horses run mostly every week i watch the races there last nite a horse that runs there divi e kitten look at her record last mpstlt yesterday 9th by 32 lengths how can they let her run like that she probably dont wa t to run or is hurting cant she be retired i hate to see another death like bridget maloney

  4. Barbara – it happens at most of these low level tracks. None of the breeders cup opulence and scrutiny for these horses. They are the bottom of the bottom. No one is looking out for them. Divine kitten is on quite a few radars for being an overworked, underperforming horse, and yet no one in this industry, that “loves” the horses, steps up to get her out. Look at mountaineer- horses like Low Tire, who run almost every week, or horses that come back after 5 year lay offs, and no one looks out for them. The “love them like family” and “they are treated like royalty” aren’t the things I ever heard on the backside of low level tracks. What I heard often was “this piece of shit needs to go. What a fucking rat. I don’t care where they go – they just need to go!!”

    • This is ANIMAL ABUSE plain and simple. These people need to be brought up on charges. And some morons will still say…if you could be blah blah blah blah…..Get your fucking head out of your ass and come visit the low level tracks. Then we’ll see! These LAZY delusional idiots make me SICK. Get out of your world and take pictures at these low level tracks for a year. Then we’ll see if your still chiming the same fucking bullshit.

  5. Look at mongolian groom it made my sad to see his leg dangling tonite hoof hoof away another runner runs eveey week at penn

  6. The more I learn about this industry, the more I know it MUST be SHUT DOWN — FOREVER — the news does NOT get better — if anything, it gets worse and worse — the facts are more & more deplorable — what a vile group of people — All Horses should be transferred into Sanctuaries to be properly taken care of and prepped for adoption — all owners, managers, et al., of said Horses to be arrested on the spot for Animal Cruelty — (this is what I want).

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