HBO’s “Real Sports”: “Raced to Death”

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  1. So I watched this. And I cried. I try not to watch actual footage of breakdowns, but seeing them happen over and over and over again, the cartwheeling from full speed collisions, the dragging legs and flopping limbs of horses trying desperately to keep up with the only herd they know was heartbreaking. Watching those bastards beat that filly into the trailer for the cheap auction house, then seeing her load for her abhorrent final destination will give me nightmares – and I couldn’t bring myself to watch the actual slaughterhouse footage. And the way that Hispanic trainer watches those men beat her into the trailer and just shrugs her away knowing full well what’s going to happen to her – if I had been that reporter I would’ve stomped his throat in. People in the racing industry aren’t human beings, they’re soulless twisted parasitic psychopaths who deserve to be strung upside down and gutted alive.

    • Rebecca
      My thoughts exactly. I have to tell you that were I living in the US I would already be another statistic where a crazed gunman lets off with a rifle and kills several people. But I wouldn’t hang around to get caught, I would plan to escape to do it another day, until jockeys begin to sweat it may be me next.
      I can’t understand why in a country so obsessed with guns with the terrible results of mass shootings, a (partly) crazed gunman doesn’t hide in a thicket at a race and take a few jockeys out.
      Of course if someone was to offer me a standard ticket from the UK and say 2 or 3 days in a modest motel somewhere and the tools to do the job, I’ll be on the next plane!

      • You sound unhinged. Comments like yours detract from the mission, rather than support it. We should all be sensible enough to stand together for our common goal; eliminating horse racing in the U.S. through legal, legislative means.

      • Kelly, unhinged? Far from it, I held down a very responsible job in Central London until my retirement. I feel you are looking at my comments from the views of the authorities.
        If this was a politician who every few years room the young of his country to war, not in order to defend his country but to make vast amounts of money for the weapons making business he had shares in then I think it calls upon anyone who has a love of life not just for himself but others to get up and get rid of such a person.
        Let’s face it Kelly, these rich and powerful, influential owners and trainers aren’t going to be like the turkeys and vote for Christmas, they won’t listen and make the mostly right decision to ban horse racing, there are just too many industry’s that support this disgusting business, owners, trainers, stable owners, bookies, insurance companies, race course owners.
        Being NICE to these people doesn’t work.
        Being nasty does. There is a jockey or trainer out there who will think, what will happen today, will it be my turn, ( at the same time as he tor tunes another horse to death, or the owner who buys in drugs or tells the trainers to “get rid”.
        Sorry, talking nicely to these people doesn’t work.

    • It’s interesting how you point out the trainer is Latino, racist comment. What difference does it make, scum exists in all nationalities. So let’s look at the top trainers who are the biggest aholes-pletcher, asmussen, brown, Baffert, hollendorfer, drug oneedle, etc. They are all white and suspended for drug use. Asmussen banned for some time and hollendorfer banned from santa Anita. White men.And the owners are all white men.

      • I mentioned the trainers’ nationality to be specific, since there was more than one trainer on the program. I’m not politically correct – never have been, never will be – and I’ll be damned if I’m going to tiptoe around the fact he was Hispanic when calling him out on the fact he was a racing industry butcher and scumbag. I’m perfectly willing to vilify any other nationality when the situation calls for it, as my past comments on here have proven.

      • OMG people, grow up! If I were to call someone white, would that be racist?! The trainers nationality was mentioned for CLARITY – I noticed no one screamed “racist” when Alan said “French trainer”. And if I had called the guy Italian (which he didn’t appear to be to me in the segment) for clarity would that have gotten the same reaction?

    • I agree with you. It takes someone of abject apathy and depravity to not be severely affected by seeing the death and destruction of innocent beautiful creatures. Racing promotes the worst of human nature.

  2. I quite some time ago…came to the conclusion some of these corny ass lazy humans who their only “working” job is this torture of innocents,have never given a rat’s ass about stopping this evil. They are lazy sacks of shit,who don’t want to get a real job…oh,like maybe something that would help animals and humans, to live a pain free better life.

  3. Dear Patrick. Thank you for raising awareness. I cannot believe I was so ignorant all my life, never to suspect the truth. My burning question: What about the insurance money or whatever source these evil humans are getting to allow this to happen to their million or billion dollar babies? Is anyone following the money after they are pulled from active service?

  4. Everyone in the racing business knows that this HBO segment is (yet another) accurate, scathing indictment of their anti-sport. They’re terrified, ashamed, and desperate right now, as they should be. Moreover: they are angry and defensive, lashing out at anyone who even questions their carnage. They’re demonizing one another, too, as if it’s merely the trainers, only the jockeys, entirely the fault of the breeders, just the veterinarians, etc.
    The fault lies with ALL of you in horse racing. Every last one of you brought this perfect hell-storm down on your own heads. Lashing out at your growing legions of detractors will do nothing to save your cruel industry. You’re done.

  5. I wish they had asked the French trainer where the horses go after racing instead of making it look like they’re somehow better. Ironic that she was followed by the part on slaughter.


  7. Thank you, Patrick! Horses deserve the same love they give us. I feel so sad that these racehorses are abused and abandoned by the people they worked so hard for, but I am hopeful that the thoroughbred will stop being exploited in the near future when racing is dead.

  8. France is no better than the United States, that is where they are being shipped, slaughtered and consumed.
    Thank you Patrick for doing this interview an fighting the good fight. I am praying that this will get out to the entire world! God Bless those beautiful sweet innocent souls that suffered till their death, and God bless all that are trying to help and stop this mayhem. May the wrath of God come down hard on everyone that has been involved in these barbaric evil acts.

    • Thank you, Jacqueline, but just to be clear: Our horses are being shipped to Canada and Mexico for “processing.” The meat is then shipped to Europe – and yes, France is a major consumer – and Asia.

      • While horse meat has declined in popularity they still slaughter horses in France and import live horses for slaughter in addition to importing meat. Roughly 200,000 horses are slaughtered annually in France. I’m not sure how current those numbers are.

  9. Thank you Patrick for bringing this to light. I find it to be very accurate as well as extremely heartbreaking. Sadly it’s not just a few bad trainers. More likely that there are only a few decent trainers who would never inject a fracture and continue to train and run a broken down horse.

  10. If this news segment does not get the attention of the lawmakers then they are not listening. For God’s sake animal abuse is a felony in all 50 states. It is time to enforce our laws and take responsibility and hold criminals accountable. Come on people!!!!!!!

  11. The anger and hatred i have towards all of this, is quite unbearable at times. I cant fathom how this is still an ongoing travesty in america, with little to no accountability, all in the name of the dollar bill, animal suffering for money, is what it comes down to. I thank hbo, mr goldman, kathryn papp, and patrick battuello, for this true as could be piece. My question now is how much will do the powers that be have to end this unjustification of “sport”? How long will racing keep getting the free pass and continue to maim, cripple, and kill their athletes? For centuries this has gone on unamended, like a free for all in the wild west, so how long will horses continue to be drugged by vets, ran sore and injured for owners and trainers, and continue to have the lack of punishments with little accountability. Racings dirty little secret is being exposed, at what point does the legislation say enough is enough? They are clearly being complicit, making $$$ off of the horses backs. Enough with the money and jobs crap, theres plenty of industries that have gone away in america without subsidies, if they cant stand on their own as a failing buissness, theres no reason to keep such a failure in existence, much like other industries, the people will find other jobs, and the money would continue through other forms of gambling without having to be propped up. All these horses want is to be is a horse like they were meant to be, not some money making atm then discarded at the peoples leisure, its about time for what the horse has done for the world, they get the fair treatment they rightfully deserve.

    • I have a hard time with not only the horrific atrocities done on these tracks, but the fact that NOT ONE damn animal welfare group has yet to actually grow a pair and step in to protect these horses, despite every one of them having a mission statement saying they are against the exploitation and abuse of animals. Now that all the shit is hitting the political fan PETA has finally poked its head out and made a few squeaks of protest, but I believe its only because there’s a chance of them riding along on the publicity that’s coming out of it. I have such a hard time accepting that living sentient beings are having their limbs literally snapped completely off right in front of people and they’re actually defending it. These racehorses are being tortured, shattered, and horrifically slaughtered and somehow those of us against this depravity are the ones that need to be shut down. I know there are still good people in this world, but after listening to and reading the heartless vitriolic commentary being spewed out by the racing industry and their minions, I’m having a harder and harder time believing it.

      • Rebecca, have you seen where the US Senate passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act on Wednesday? It goes now to President Trump’s desk to be signed into law. From what I’ve read it won’t affect local animal abuse and enforcement laws as it is limited to interstate commerce, but it may be helpful in shutting down slaughterbound trucks full of horses. Let’s all hope it is a step in the right direction.

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