The HW Army Comes Out In Force at Santa Anita Park

As I’ve oft written, there is no better catalyst for moral progress than protest. While this can and does take many forms – phone calls; letters; social media postings; voting and purchasing decisions, of course – without question the single most provocative, and by extension newsworthy (in the eyes of the media), is protest in the streets. Indeed, this is how every great social-justice movement in our nation’s history began.

Saturday, at Santa Anita Park, the site of 43 animal kills in 10 months, about 100 passionate activists massed to voice their collective outrage. This was, we are proud to say, a Horseracing Wrongs event. Conspicuous by their absence were the mega advocacy groups (you know who they are). While we at HW fight this vile industry on a shoestring budget – with all that comes in going right back out in protest materials, billboards, bus benches, etc. – these other groups, sitting on obscene piles of money, do little to nothing of value. In short, if you are against horseracing and wish to join the fight, please support, including financially, Horseracing Wrongs.


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    • Thank you, Trent. Kind of hard to take this guy or his publication seriously when he can’t even be bothered to check his spelling of Gov. Newsom’s name;)
      This is another reason I’m so upset by the chaos with staffing over at Deadspin; they used to post stories constantly about the horrors of horse racing. They also had an extensive and well-represented comment section.

      • I was a huge fan of Deadspin up until last week. I’m glad those writers stood up and left, hopefully they come together at a different publication and continue to expose horse racing for what it is.

  1. Congrats on a huge turnout! I especially like and agree with the sign “It’s not okay for a 3 year old to die from a heart attack.” On the track a heart attack excuse is like a get out of jail card. Easy for them to believe it was a freak occurrence, no one at fault, shit happens. No no and no!!!

  2. Awesome! A bunch of us have called Senator Feinstein today who said there “may be” consequences if anything goes wrong at the Breeders Cup. We’ve left messages asking her to stand by what she said and do something! And we will be out at Del Mar starting Saturday for the fall season :(

  3. Just a little amusing tidbit,a while back,I was watching tvg,and on air personality mike Joyce , said something to the effect, I’m a grown man sitting on a couch,talking about little men on a horse’s back running around in a circle. I actually liked him for showing the self awareness. Society will totally survive without this enslavement of horses, that kills and maims or sends to Slaughter innocent horses. And don’t give me that bullshit that your so worried about the stablehands. Get a job that doesn’t involve using innocent animals as gambling props.

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