“Whipped to the Wire for the Win”

I’ll say this about the chartwriter at Finger Lakes: He (or she) is honest. Monday:

“ACCABONAC HARBOR away well, set the pace off the rail, asked into the lane and then was whipped to the wire for the win.” For having administered that beating, jockey John R. Davila, Jr. secured over $11,000 for this filly’s “connections” (trainer Chris Englehart, owner Cedar Meadow, and Davila himself).

Then, “winners” at that same track yesterday:

“OXLEY GAP away on top, showed the way along the two path around the turns, remained clear and was under the whip to the line.”

“GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY vied for the lead early, tracked after that, gained to take on the leader at the top of the lane and drew off while under the whip.”

Beating horses so that some men may gamble, others chase pots of gold – this is horseracing.

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  1. Imagine how brutal those whacks are going to be at the Santa Anita Death Track this weekend; the “richest” races of the year, with a percentage of the pot going to the most vicious little creep brandishing the weapon.
    So highbrow, those racing folks.

  2. Not “whipping”, they were just “steering” and “encouraging” horses who “love to run”. The cruelty and lies never end.

  3. For the safety of all race horses, whipping should be banned. As far as I’m concerned whipping a horse could always end in an injury for the horse or injured enough to have to be put down! These horses run their hearts out during races, the owners and jockeys come out on top with money their horse has won for them. Taking better care of these wonderful athletes should be #1! Too bad it is not!

  4. Have to get off my chest: Horses who have achieved somewhat “success “ get sent to “old friends” while the one’s who keep this EVIL on life support,get sent to slaughter, (low level claimers). FUCKING think about that you F’n APOLOGISTS. Stick it up your ass.

    • Bonnie – Success on the track is no guarantee that a horse will land safely. Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand and international champion Exceller both died in the slaughterhouse after their stud careers fizzled. Old Friends worked very hard to bring home Charismatic, Silver Charm and War Emblem, from Japan where 80% of retired racehorses are slaughtered. Yes, the people who love their horses like family sold them overseas to a country where horse sushi is considered a tasty treat. Any horse regardless of earnings or pedigree can end up dangling from a meat hook. Escaping that fate is purely random and only got a small number of the overall racehorse population.

      • Oh believe me , I KNOW that Mac. What I’m trying to POINT out to APOLOGISTS,that the only way this brain dead idiocy exists is the TORTURE of CLAIMING horses. This SCUMBAG SIN would go the fuck away,without filling the gates with broken down Innocent SOULS

      • Mac this antiquated TORTURE Spectacle would die it’s OWN DEATH,if they didn’t have certain horses (Claimers) propping up this corny ass sack of shit “sport” It’s a PURE EVIL SIN…..PERIOD

    • Bonnie. I was thinking the. Exact same thing that Mac said. All the horses mentioned were high end race winners. One of them was brought home from Japan and died shortly after (can not remember his name) when it was discovered Ferdinand met a horrible end and that return policy was put into effect.

  5. They run them and they run them,til they have NO more to give…then they send them to slaughter. This is Scumbag horse racing.

  6. From what I understand by watching and listening to a YouTube video that I think was an undercover video taken in Japan, there were three Kentucky Derby winners that were slaughtered in a Japanese slaughterhouse; their names were Ferdinand, Charismatic and Fusaichi (spelling?) Pegasus. One of the Japanese men complained that Fusaichi Pegasus was not a good enough horse at stud and complained that he only liked cheap mares. I think that they said something about giving him hormone shots to get him to breed more mares. That is another ugly part of the Thoroughbred horse racing industry; forcing horses to mate. Unfortunately, horses are legally considered livestock and I think that is largely the reason why it will always be an uphill battle more so than some battles. At the same time animals considered pet animals are abused and exploited in horrible ways also; so it never ends.

    • You are so right Wanda. What the government calls livestock,is actually VERY sensitive sentient beings. I’ll choose animals over people…every f’n day of the week. People are nothing but Trouble. Look up Paul the pig,and the way he puts all his toys back in the toy box. ANIMALS ROCK. People don’t deserve animals.

    • Actually, Wanda, that is incorrect. Of those, only Ferdinand was slaughtered. Charismatic was brought back by Old Friends and died soon after returning. His grave is on the farm. And Fusaichi Pegasus is still standing at Coolmore, though he isn’t considered incredibly successful as a stallion. His stud fee is $7,500.

      • What I was referencing,with what Wanda said ,was YES, it will always be an UPHILL battle,when it comes to ANIMALS. I know all that other horrible shit…..it’s all bad,so let’s not get bogged down in the weeds…it’s all bad. All of it. How FP is even 7,500 is pretty amazing,in itself,but good for him,I guess? Glad he’s still alive though.

    • Wanda, Ferdinand was slaughtered in Japan when his worth as a stallion declined which is why many horses meet their demise on the slaughterhouse floor. Remember in animal industries, profitability is the key. A member of the Keck family (original owner/breeder) tried to “find” Ferdinand in Japan in order to bring him back to the states, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Through further research, it was confirmed that the horse had been “disposed of.”

      In my lifetime, I have only purchased one copy of Bloodhorse magazine and the copy I purchased told the story of Ferdinand. Google “Death of a Derby Winner: Slaughterhouse Likely Fate for Ferdinand” by Ray Paulick, July 25, 2003. The story is heartbreaking.

      There have been several tipping points for me in regards to racing. Although I never loved it for the reasons I have stated here on this blog, I did like it and I always tried to watch the big races. Ferdinand’s death, and the horrific breakdown of Ruffian previously, did it for me. I was done. There was no way I could rationalize away all the atrocities that occurred in racing.

      I still have my one and only copy of Bloodhorse and I will keep it forever. One would think that, after Ferdinand’s death, the racing industry would change in regards to the slaughter issue, but nothing has changed….absolutely nothing. Racing NEEDS slaughter to dispose of an unprofitable product. Simply repulsive…

      • Remember,Mary…when they SWORE up and down,after Barbaro and Eight Belles that they would do something! Yeah Right.

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