Another Kill at Finger Lakes – This One a Cheap 9-Year-Old Mare

Bet U Cant Find Me was killed at Finger Lakes this morning – officially (Gaming Commission), “sustained injury to right front leg while training and was vanned off…euthanasia due to poor prognosis.” The Commission adds that the “investigation continues”; I can assure that there is no such thing, for you see, Bet U Cant Find Me was a cheap – “For Sale” at $5,000 in her last race on August 26 – 9-year-old claimer who had been raced 64 times. Translation: She was basically worthless; Racing couldn’t care less that she’s gone.

Finger Lakes now stands at 17 dead on the year:

Bonafide Bandit, Mar 26, stall – “cast in stall”
Owen’s Express, Apr 2, training – “fractured right shoulder”
Facade, May 11, stall – “colic”
Ransom Note, Jul 10, racing – “fractured 3rd carpal”
D Emcee, Jul 12, training – “fractured sesamoid”
She’sakittykat, Jul 12, stall – “laminitis”
Fabulous Prince, Jul 15, racing – “flipped in the gate, skull fracture”
Avon Gold, Aug 3, training – “suffered a fracture to the pastern”
Frosty Millions, Aug 13, racing – “unresolved injuries”
It’s Flashy, Aug 17, training – “expired after breezing”
Take Charge Jamie, Aug 24, training – “sustained injury to leg”
Warrens Vengeance, Sep 3, racing – “fracture[d] limb necessitating euthanasia”
Chazy, Sep 23, racing – “sustained injury to F/L limb necessitating euthanasia”
Grady, Oct 7, racing – “broke down – euthanized on track”
Corey Q, Oct 9, stall – “euthanized due to unresolved & worsening pneumonia”
B B Molly, Oct 10, racing – “3rd carpal slab fracture necessitating euthanasia”
Bet U Cant Find, Oct 25, training – “sustained injury to leg necessitating euthanasia”

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  1. This makes me sick. All life has value. These people play god. This poor horse was overworked and then treated terribly. This must stop. All of it. these are beautiful loving animals.

  2. Another unnecessary cruel death of a magnificent horse, a NINE (9) year old mare.

    Another useless so-called “investigation” to appear to be looking into it only to satisfy themselves, job done.
    Well no, the job has not been done because it’s too late for her and the public continue to be repulsed by this sickening carnage of innocents.

  3. No living sentient being is worthless. Except humans – I could live without the majority of them.

    • I’m sooooo with you on that one Rebecca 👍 My low-rider chubby rescue Basset Hound brings me so much happiness…Animals Rock!!!! 🐶

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