Two More Casualties of Racing, Including the Tragic Magnum Moon

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that Corey Q was “euthanized due to unresolved and worsening pneumonia” at Finger Lakes yesterday. They were quick to add that this was a “non-racing incident,” as if that somehow absolves Racing of culpability. It does not. All deaths in horseracing are by horseracing. Corey Q was five and had been put to the whip 25 times, most recently at Presque Isle just last month.

Last week, the owners of the $1 million-earning Magnum Moon announced that he was euthanized at a hospital in NY “after over a year-long battle with laminitis.” Apparently, he was injured – “multiple fractures” – training at Belmont in June 2018. Given his “pedigree” and success (he had just been raced in the Derby), extraordinary efforts were then undertaken to save him – for the breeding shed, of course. So, in all probability, he suffered much more than he should have, more than the average horse would have (because the average horse would have been euthanized then and there) because of simple (and yet more) human greed. Vile enough, but then we have to be subjected to the loathsome utterances of those humans:

“He was a special colt that was obviously talented on the racetrack but also very smart and courageous during his treatment. Magnum Moon was all class until the very end. We cherished him dearly and thank him for all the joy, great times, and for the inspiration he brought to our lives.” – owners Lawana and Robert Low

“It’s a sad day for our entire team. He came to us with high expectations and delivered in a huge way. I’m sorry he won’t get to pass on his heart and talent.” – trainer Todd Pletcher

I hold this industry, these people, in contempt.


  1. So very sorry for the loss of this magnificent horse, he was beautiful in every way! It is such a tragedy to hear about all these great athletes dying before they really get a chance to live a great life!

  2. ‘MAGNUM MOON’, your tragic death brings back ‘BARBARO’S’ tragic death from laminitis also. My heart was already broke from losing my yorkie to a med his vet put him on that was to be short term only. Losing any animal to those who truly love them is a loss that never heals, and to know it could of been prevented makes it that much harder on the heart and your life. To know these majestic horses are among the greatest LOVE and PEACE that they deserved will forever bring a smile to our faces at these sad, sad time. May God richly continue to bless all who are trying with all their hearts to stop this vile business called ‘horse racing’, AMEN!

  3. Laminitis is extremely painful so it’s difficult to imagine how much Magnum Moon suffered before his owners finally let him go. There are no words to adequately describe the unspeakable cruelty of subjecting Magnum Moon to endless medical procedures, drugs to deaden the pain and anxiety, and solitary confinement without the comforting presence of herd mates. “Smart and courageous” is actually the stoicism horses display when they come to realize their fate and have lost the will to live. I’ve seen the light leave their eyes as they wait for death to release them from their suffering. Please spare us all the bullshit. We’re not buying it.

  4. Thank you Patrick for being so dedicated to exposing this HORSE CRUELTY INDUSTRY where the weanlings get taken from their mare’s nurse and early education, the yearlings get auctioned off for their design and confirmation, their minds bent into containment under saddle and they are forced into a starting gate, where terrorized they try to flee, are drugged, twitched, whipped, and euthanized for a performance they NEVER auditioned for. Thank you for telling it like it is.

  5. MAGNUM MOON – another victim of multiple doping violator and multiple racehorse killer TODD PLETCHER.
    GOLDEN JULIA – another victim of racehorse killer Todd Pletcher who died from “acute blood loss.”
    I grew up in this business and was in it for many years.
    Yet, I’ve NEVER heard of a racehorse dying from acute blood loss??
    What the hell happened why wasn’t their a full investigation into this poor fillies death?
    Why isn’t anything released as they continue to keep their doping/vet records secret?
    Why hasn’t Todd Pletcher had his license suspended for life after the 10th racehorse dropped dead under his care, custody, and control years ago?
    To owners Lolana and Robert LOW what in the hell is wrong with you people?
    RELEASE all doping/vet/medical records so the public can see what in the hell was going on with this horse.
    Laminitis is a chronic disease, this was probably going on since his first race and you people along with your killer trainer need to be in jail.
    This is insanity and I’m so heartbroken over the ongoing abuse, suffering, and killing of these racehorses.
    This must end, it has got to end, and it must end now.

    • Gina, it was probably static laminitis which is caused when the horse places excess weight on another foot to compensate for the discomfort of the injured leg. The problem is compounded by stall confinement and carb overload from an excessive grain diet while confined. Of course, he may have been predisposed for those very same reasons. Yes, racing killed that horse but they love the “brave horse but complications…” bullshit.

  6. It’s suspicious as hell the number of horses that die from pneumonia – like this is the dark ages and we use urine for medication. We all know why colic and laminitis claim so many, between the cocktails of drugs, the constant changes in surroundings, (ie, different feeds, new handlers and barns), and the extreme stress of training and racing. One study found that just changing the cutting of hay can increase the chance of colic by 30%, and some of these claimers get tossed around three or four times a week.
    Why does the racing industry even pretend anymore? They repeat their bullshit rhetoric from a pedestal made from the bodies of the horses they’ve destroyed, and no one is listening anymore.

  7. There is a petition on the site asking to shut down Santa Anita. The petition mentions Emtech and Ky. Colonel and their catastrophic injuries. Please sign!

  8. That message by Robert and Lowana Low was the usual fatuous drivel when a nice horse is pushed beyond its limit and self destructs. Their insurance company pulled the plug and that is why Magnum Moon had to die. They probably never even looked at him. This year’s Kentucky Derby was deadly. That horrible slop. That should have been postponed.

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