Ontario’s (Canada) Dead Racehorses, 2018

Through a FOIA request to the province of Ontario, I have been able to confirm the following kills at Ontario racetracks in 2018. Please note: This is our first reporting outside the U.S. We fully expect to continue this expansion.

Go Find Out, Feb 3, Flamboro R
“broke down 3/4 pole, trailered off – [multiple] comminuted fractures; chronic degenerative anthroparhy [sic] fetlock”

Townline Striker, Feb 25, Flamboro R
“dropped dead in first turn”

English Rain, Feb 28, Woodbine T
“broke down working – fracture MC3”

Sports Journalist, Apr 2, Western Fair
“acting up, gave banamine – died 2 minutes later”

Guscrest, Apr 21, Mohawk R
“cut tendons in race”

Lest We Forget, Apr 28, Woodbine T
“broke down training – acute, complete, oblique humerus fracture”

Extremist, May 3, Woodbine T
“dropped dead in shedrow after exercise”

Golden Jiggs, May 7, Woodbine
“severe diarrhea”

Charmbo Dev, May 9, Western Fair R
“broke down in race – acute fracture P1”

Northern Stormont, May 11, Mohawk R
“broke down – comminuted fracture P1”

New Standard, May 18, Flamboro
“repaired fracture, broke down in stall”

Bayani Warrior, May 27, Woodbine T
“comminuted, open fracture radius”

Mr. World Wide, May 28, Woodbine T
“large swelling (presumed to be hematoma) over stifle”

Napayshni, May 30, Woodbine
“dropped dead in stall” (four years old, last raced two weeks prior)

Primordia, Jun 2, Woodbine R
“fracture P1”

Viciousgrasshopper, Jun 5, Fort Erie R
“fracture MC3”

Total Prospect, Jun 6, Woodbine T
“comminuted fracture P1”

Jade Dragon, Jun 10, Woodbine
“dead in stall in am – intestinal torsion, splenic obstruction, fractured skull”

A J C’s Passion, Jun 12, Woodbine
“fever yesterday, found dead in stall – septicemia” (two years old)

Precious Hilda, Jun 19, Clinton R
“highly comminuted fracture P1”

Boog Style Justice, Jun 20, Grand River
“died on trailer – gastric rupture”

Calling Card, Jun 24, Woodbine T
“fracture P1”

Down Home Something, Jul 14, Ajax T
“[fracture fetlock] – horse sent to deadstock”

Signature Spark, Jul 15, Woodbine R
“slab fracture”

Ginger Snapp, Jul 18, Ajax T
“comminuted, compound fractures MC2, 3, 4”

Sams Destiny, Jul 18, Woodbine R
“collapsed and died returning to unsaddle – severe, acute pulmonary hemorrhage; chronic gastric ulcers” (three years old)

Speed River, Jul 20, Woodbine T
“fracture pelvis”

Dinero Sucio, Jul 22, Fort Erie
“on stall rest – fractured tibia overnight”

Captain Capri, Jul 23, Grand River R
“acute, comminuted, open fracture MT3”

Xica, Jul 24, Woodbine T
“dropped dead galloping – pulmonary hemorrhage”

Show Girl, Jul 25, Woodbine T
“dropped dead working” (three years old)

What a Sassy Girl, Jul 29, Clinton R
“broke down in accident – comminuted fracture P1”

Working Girl Blues, Aug 4, Mohawk R
“collided with maintenance vehicle – septic joint with unsuccessful treatment”

Swans Showpiece, Aug 5, Georgian
“found dead in pasture”

Maria’s Princess, Aug 16, Woodbine T (euthanized Aug 17)
“broken tibia”

Dangerous Star, Aug 18, Woodbine R
“acute, comminuted fracture P1”

Seeyouinthecomics, Aug 26, Woodbine R
“fractures medial and proximal sesamoids”

Classic News, Sep 2, Grand River
“developed neurological signs – encephalatis”

Chase This Yawl, Sep 2, Ajax R (euthanized Sep 6)
“bilateral carpal fractures”

Perletta, Sep 8, Woodbine
“neuro signs, euthanized – equine protozoal encephalomyelitis”

Tesseron, Sep 9, Woodbine R
“[multiple] fractures ankle”

Calculatin’ Cat, Sep 15, Woodbine
“infected hock” (last raced Aug 17)

Talking Book, Sep 24, Kawartha R
“injured in race”

Baby Blame, Sep 26, Woodbine T
“broke down working – sesamoid”

Stroke of Luck, Oct 6, Woodbine T
“broke down working – P1”

Icrywheni’mdrunk, Oct 16, Woodbine R
“reaction to pre-race medication – multi-organ congestion”

The Bear Factor, Oct 21, Woodbine T
“broke down working – [multiple] fractures”

Brown Dirt Cowboy, Oct 23, Western Fair T
“fracture shoulder”

Lowi Vene, Oct 31, Woodbine R
“[multiple] fractures”

Vintage Vixen, Nov 8, Mohawk
“neuro signs, euthanized – spinal ataxia, gastric ulceration”

Three Ring Circus, Nov 11, Woodbine R
“broke down at wire – dislocated ankle”

Marquette, Nov 17, Woodbine R (died Nov 19)
“cerebrovascular infarction”

Revolver Sessions, Nov 20, Fort Erie T
“slab fracture knee – chronic” (five years old)

On Golden Ponder, Nov 26, Western Fair T
“accident, injured carpus”

Southern Greatness, Nov 30, Woodbine R
“broke down – [multiple] fractures”

Love On a Fence, Dec 7, Woodbine R
“fracture MC3”

O See My Artist, Dec 8, Western Fair R
“comminuted fracture P1”

Triple Chocolate, Dec 8, Woodbine R
“severe comminuted fracture P1”

Fishin for a Corona, Dec 11, Ajax T
“hit head on fence – died”

Sunday Poker, Dec 11, Rideau
“colic, gastric rupture – euthanized”

Casimir Priest, Dec 29, Western Fair
“sudden death overnight”

The tracks:
Ajax Downs Quarterhorse
Fort Erie Racetrack Thoroughbred
Woodbine Racetrack Thoroughbred
Clinton Raceway Standardbred
Flamboro Downs Standardbred
Georgian Downs Standardbred
Grand River Raceway Standardbred
Kawartha Downs Standardbred
Mohawk Park Standardbred
Rideau Raceway Standardbred
The Raceway at Western Fair Standardbred

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  1. I am flabbergasted at some of these descriptions. The suffering of these horses is horrific..
    “Broke down in stall”? Hematoma over stifle”? What in the hell!
    And poor Jade Dragon, woodbine is considered one of the more upper tier tracks in Canada – and yet no on heard the commotion or thrashing that this poor horse went through prior to (most likely slowly) dying?

  2. I trained during the winter at Woodbine since the stalls are only allocated to Trainers who are “in with the gang.”
    They kick us all out after winter because they only want Trainers in there who keep their dirty little secrets it seems while they are getting 100 million per year in taxpayers money.
    Anyways here are just some of the killers (I have trouble calling them “trainers” as I see this word as just another euphemism used by the industry):
    I put the blame on the “trainers” primarily because racehorses are in their legal care, custody, and control day in and day out with the owners being the enablers of the abuse.

    ENGLISH RAIN. Killer Nick Gonzales. Oh boy, could I tell you stories about his alleged Ohio background and this is not the first racehorse he’s killed. When a racehorse shows nothing in his barn they suddenly die. Associated with Sue Leslie’s HBPA – need I say more?
    LEST WE FORGET. Unraced. Therefore, the connections to the killers are not exposed. This poor racehorse didn’t even make it to his first race. The abuse was probably too much for him to take.
    EXTREMIST. Killer on this one is W.V. Armata AKA Willie. Like father like son. His Dad, Vito Armata, has been killing racehorses for years. He originates from Sicily, Italy. Need I say more?
    GOLDEN JIGGS. Killer Mario Williams.
    Bayani Warrior. Unraced. Killers unknown.
    Mr. World Wide. Unraced. Killers unknown.
    Napayshni. Killer Reade Baker. This dude is a Class A racehorse abuser and killer who doesn’t believe in feeding his racehorses hay – can you imagine that?? I don’t know if he’s changed this policy, but went years with racehorses eating their stall mats out of sheer boredom and/or stress. Can you imagine a racehorse locked into the stall for 23 hours per day with nothing to chew on? He has many racehorses, over the years, die from colic. Does that surprise you? One of his racehorses were actually left on the walker on a hot summer day and collapsed if you can imagine that. A forgotten commodity. He worked for the Ontario Racing Commission and he can do no wrong. Another connected trainer who can repeatedly breech rules and regulations with little to no repercussions. Like I said “in with the gang.”
    PRIMORDIA. Killer W.V. Armata. Another one killed under Willie Armata and he’s killed plenty more. There are many examples of racehorses dying both under his Dad and him under suspicious circumstances that are never investigated. VERNE’S BABY broke my heart.

    This is just a glimpse into Woodbine Racetrack and I’ve raced on so many tracks, but Woodbine has to be, based on my experiences, one of the most corrupt racetracks in North America.
    They complained that nobody was investing in their racehorse business blaming the cancellation of the slot funds by the Ontario government (345 million per year that would otherwise go to education and healthcare), when nothing could be further form the truth.
    It’s year after year of screwing around small stables (the backbone of the business) in favor of large corporate barns such as Mark Casse (who pays little to no taxes in Ontario but took home the bulk of the purse money funded by Ontario taxpayers).
    There are a lack of racehorses and racehorse investors there mainly due to Woodbine and their unwillingness or inability to curb alleged corruption.
    The word is out and people don’t want to support that let alone the obvious moral factor of racehorses dying.
    Thank-you Patrick for obtaining this information.

    • Yes gina you couldnt be more right, believe me i want racing to go away just as much as you and everyone else, i realize it was a stupid thing to say, i might not have been around this for a very long time compared to the rest. The only reason i stated what i did, is here in pa racing is protected by law ( act 10) i dont agree with it i absolutely hate my state will prop up this sad industry, yet it leaves me in a position to where im not sure what can be done, i simply try anything and everything to stand up for the horses. I know what the horse racing industry is in the big picture, and im damn sick and tired of knowing what i do, and seeing it all happen before my eyes. I am here to fight for the horses anyway i can, in the meantime while this is all going on, im just not sure what can be done, change is needed but it would be far better to just be ended, because the industry and the folks involved simply cant and will never make it about the horses. Subsidation and simulcasting are really the only things that keep most of these tracks going, certainly all in pa are this way. So while it was very stupid of me to say what i did, im not sure what else i can do besides stand with the horses and fight for them.

  3. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As a resident of Toronto Ontario and lifelong once in a while spectator at horseraces I am very concerned. I do agree that the existence of the sport should be reconsidered. We need complete transparency to know about what is going on behind the scenes as you have exposed here (i have a hunch you have scratched only the surface of this )

    • Thank you, Michael. Yes, this is only the beginning. Please take the time to read this site thoroughly. In short, horseracing is morally indefensible, but it only ends when the masses – including, obviously, those who currently patronize it – say no more.

    • Susan, here is another link re the Australian trainer, Darren Weir, who has been charged by the Victorian POLICE for animal cruelty. To my knowledge, this is a first in Australia in that the Police have laid charges under our Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (only the Police or the RSPCA have the power to take action under the POCTA Act) in relation to a thoroughbred racehorse in the racing industry. In my experience, i have come across only three (3) animal cruelty cases against racehorses in my home state that have been reported by the relevant racing authority and, as always, such authority deals with it themselves with the usual pathetic penalties e.g. a paltry fine, disqualification of licence for a short period of time and then allowing the trainers to come back and carry on business.


      It is interesting to hear that a court will be asked to determine that electric discharges cause “unreasonable pain or suffering to a Thoroughbred Race Horse“ presumably in a way that whips do not.

      What happens on the track stays on the track, people see stuff in training and they just shut their mouths – the veil of secrecy whilst the horses suffer in silence. However, this case is different and legal constraints prevent me from expanding. Here is an excerpt from the above link article –

      “…photographic evidence was presented to Weir during the course of interviews amid suggestions horses had been struck with the jiggers while exercising on treadmills.”

      Imagine being restrained on a treadmill and being shocked with jiggers – i cannot bear to think about it.

      I hope this court case results in some justice but this is just one trainer (he’s high profile here) who has been dobbed in – there are plenty more like him but they won’t be dobbed in, you can bet on that.

  4. Absolute vile, the horror and pain these horses go through for no reason – there is no argument that can be given to justify what happens on a daily basis.
    As an aside, talking about how racehorses supposedly need Lasix to function, the Whitecoat Waste Foundation, who is fighting against using animals for all these pointless research projects, had an article on how puppies are given Lasix to cause them to have heart attacks. And the racing industry can’t figure out why horses are bleeding from the nose and dropping dead?

  5. Patrick: I just read your latest opinion piece in the Washington Post. I believe this is your best; absolutely succinct, powerful, factually-based, and utterly persuasive. I’m still muddling through the nearly 300 comments as of this writing, but had to stop to let you know that this particular piece makes me even more proud to be on the right side of your considerable efforts. We really are winning this war, and so are the horses!

  6. Could you please provide statistics on the rate of catastrophic injury, sudden death, fatal colitis, laminitis, colic, idiopathic vessel hemorrhage, or irreparable bony structure injuries leading to death or euthanasia relating to horses that roam unconfined or loose on governmental or private range lands. I would find that statistic helpful for comparison to your data base.

    • Even if this statistics were kept (which im not sure they do or dont) would you really trust the data supplied by the blm….talk about an orginazation with an agenda…..and i must add with all the horse loving people involved in racing and such why are they not barking to the high heavens about our wild horses being pushed out for cattle to graze? By the way are you the clark brewster with richards boy?

      • Yes. I read with great interest Mr. Battuello’s chronicles and he identifies some serious and merit-worthy issues with horse racing. As an owner for 30 years and over 4,000 racing starts, I have had only 2 horses suffer racing injuries resulting in euthanasia. That is two to many, but when compared to horse deaths at my ranch (where our horses are very well cared for) we have recurring injuries and fatal illnesses that devastate us as animal lovers but happen due to the nature of horses running freely in a pasture setting or due to various unavoidable injuries or fatal illnesses. I am also informed about range horse management where there is a very high injury and death rate without human cause or contribution. That doesn’t color the legitimate criticisms of racing but some honest context is necessary.

      • Billy, racing doesn’t “bark” about the horrors of our wild horses going to slaughter because they send tens of thousands of THEIR horses to be butchered – what can they say?

      • Perhaps a simple analogy by way of a hypothetical will help.
        100 males over 50 work at company B. It is reported 3 of the 100 male workers died of heart attack during 2017. Company B is besieged by press inquiries and publicly condemned. They commission an expensive independent investigation while lawsuits pend over the wrongful deaths.

        One sage, named Alan comes forward with the seemingly irrelevant information published by the CDC that 1 in 4 males over 50 suffered heart attacks at some point during the same period. In fact the company B rate was lower than the general population incidence of heart attack.

      • Sorry Clark, I can’t tell if you’re joking or you actually believe that to be a valid analogy. How about company A breeds humans purposely to make them work beyond their physical capabilities for entertainment and profit. As a consequence, a number of them die of catastrophic injuries and those who don’t are then slaughtered for meat when unable to perform.

        For what it’s worth, I have a completely different anecdotal experience than you. I spent 15 years in the horse business and kept up to 40 horses at a time. I never had a single horse experience a catastrophic injury while turned out on 80 acres. I did, however, see the horses I bred standing in a kill pen with a USDA sticker. I, too, thought I was the good guy because I took care of my horses and loved them dearly but participating in and supporting a business that exploits and abuses the very animals that are bred for that business makes one just as culpable as those directly involved in said exploitation and abuse.

      • Alan- I have to tell you- I don’t know who you are, but I look forward to your posts and comments. They are always great, and very spot on. I appreciate you, your experiences, and honesty. Your responses to some of the silly pro racing people that come on here are always perfect. Thank you for being here and being a voice.

    • I feel like this, life is a gift, everyday, not a given, whether it be us or the horses. Of course one could be injured, or killed simply walking down the street, yet competing in say mma its almost a given, i feel the same with racing. You and i both know its russian roulette everytime they go out to the track. While i can comfortably put myself in this position, theres no way i could subject a horse to racing, their life isnt worth the risk to me no matter the reward.

      I dont mean to put you in a vulnerable postion by saying this but take your horse, ive watched his entire career, had the privilege to see him in person at penn, one of the most beautiful horses ive ever seen, hes like a michael jordan of horse racing almost. Yet look at how he was handled before you claiming him. To me this would be like jordan being shipped off to saudi arabi when he couldnt compete in nba breeders cup to 40k claimer…its sickening to watch some of these horse fall into the oblivion without a care or concern, this is my issue use em up and ship them out, kaigun is another example of this, dark helmet was another from rockinghan just found at new holland a few days ago, im not an extrimist,advocate, or whatever other name others want to use just a guy that loves and respects the horse, and hates seeing what you can really get away with in racing with little to no punishment, why cant racing seem to handle their own and make it about the horse? This has been going on for decades and yes while improvements have been made, the status quo very much remains. While it would be impossible to ask mother nature to take mercy on the horses, theres no good god damn reason racing cant clean up and throw out the undesirables, its that simple, yet it seems impossible for them to take that initiative. All im trying to get at is horse racing is a thing, theres suppose to be structure, rules and the only thing that seems to matter is money and wagering. I love the horse and im tired of seeing the bad, it shouldnt be, theres no reason for it other then the overall lack of will the racing industry has shown, that why im here and why i speak out about what happens. I mean its hard for me to ask for the end of racing because i know what im up against, i just feel the industry as a whole leaves me with no other choice because of their own lack of will. I know my grammar sucks, i appologize i thank you for coming here, but this sits squarely on you and everyone else involved shoulders racing doesnt and shouldnt operate the way it does and until that mindset goes the wayside, your gonna go down that slippery slope and inevitably die just like the horses are. Racing should be a privledge, with the strictest rules possible simply because what your doing with the horse, not a damn free for all where killing a horse is acceptable. Youll never fix the mentality alot of these owners and trainers have, and they know they get away with it. This is why i cant and wont condone racing its not about the horse or whats in their interest that takes a backseat to buissness

      • Billy,
        You are a good hearted man who obviously loves horses as I do. I got my first horse when I was 2 and my horse was 3. She lived to 33 and I loved her every day. My daughter was able to ride and care for her during the last years of her life. When your love for horses is that deep you will not tolerate mistreatment, I won’t. My career has enabled me to be an active horse owner and a racing participant. My wife and I own a working ranch that uses working horses to manage and move cattle to large ranges and provide care and supervision of multiple herds. Our gelding string is used nearly daily. Many we have raised and kept into their 20’s. We also have multiple grass traps and larger pastures for race geldings that we retire and care for or re-home. I assure you it would take a diligent search to find people that love and care for horses more that my wife and me. That said, we find that many of the horribles published about the evils of horse racing are fabricated, exaggerated, or born from true ignorance. That is not to say that there are never genuine criticisms or outright wrongs occurring in horse racing. I have seen some and have stood up to demand changes. On the other hand I know many in the industry work tirelessly and act always from heartfelt love of horses. At Saratoga I come to the barn every morning. The trainers, grooms, hot walkers, exercise riders I know beam around the stable. If I would ever see the slightest hint of abuse or carelessness my horses would be taken from that stable.
        Last, Richard’s Boy is truly a class act. I felt as you and that is what moved me to claim for $40,000. I promptly sent him to KesMarc Spa where he stayed for nearly 2 months. I only permitted him to return to racing after a thorough wellness evaluation and a thumps up heath report. He ran at Remington on Sept 26th and won in a time near the course record. Sleep well. RB is doing great.

      • Clark…I, too, have been on Saratoga’s backside. “Beaming” employees, maybe, but the horses there stand in their stalls for hours on end just like at the cheap track I worked at for nearly ten years. They, like the “cheap claimers”, have their lives put on the line (thank you, Jay Hovdey, for that line) every time they’re made to race. For human entertainment. For profits. For egos.

        And then those “royally treated” horses find themselves at Mountaineer and Charles Town and Belterra and Turf Paradise….in the hands of Burton Sipp and the countless others like him – the slaughterhouse their final finish line.

      • Billy, I went from a staunch supporter, racehorse investor, apologist to reformist (believing that things could change for the better), to rationalizing just about everything about this vile business, to outright supporter of HRW’s position to shut it down.
        I was an idealist, I thought that things could change for the better, but they can’t and here’s why:
        the horse racing business requires daily abusive (Felony Animal cruelty charges in any other setting) business practices in order to fill races, the wagering coffers and flip a buck.
        They require the dumping of racehorses, either in claiming or at the kill auctions, in order to fill the slot with yet another voiceless victim.
        Throughout all of this discombobulated mess is a voiceless, defenseless living being, the beautiful racehorse – my love for them will always prevail so the only morally correct conclusion I could come to was to walk away, to be a voice for them, and to advocate for this horror show to be shut down.
        As Patrick as often said in his public appearances: our society (just like the Ringling Bros. Circus, SeaWorld) has been conditioned to accept this.
        These businesses, including horse racing, are on bucket lists all over America.
        They aren’t anymore as American society is evolving, much more than any other country, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to the exploitation of animals for profit.
        Yes, it’s going to take time because we are up against well-financed, politically connected people.
        Most of these movements have started with grassroots people, with little funding, in the face of giants, but we have won in the 2 aforementioned businesses and we will win the fight against horse racing.
        The truth is on our side and the truth will prevail.
        There’s no rational, sane person who can watch racehorse after racehorse getting beaten/whipped to perform while it’s leg is snapping-off and think that this is okay.
        IT’S NOT OKAY.

    • Clark Brewster – it’s telling that you’re asking for equine deaths not related to horse racing – for “comparison” – towards what end? Will one more death of a non-racing horse (in comparison to those of racehorses) excuse the industry’s killing of its “athletes”? That any animal is killed while in use for gambling entertainment is inexcusable.

      I see you claim “only two” of your racehorses died while in servitude to you – provide us with a list of horses you got off your books via claiming races, private sales, or given away – and where they are now.

    • Clark, welcome to this site.
      I’m not here to attack you because I do believe that a civil conversation is possible in the light of an antiquated business model that involves widespread suffering and carnage.
      I also believe in the right to Free Speech, organized peaceful demonstrations as protected under our American Constitution, therefore, I read all of your posts.
      It’s clear that you are an apologist (only because I’ve been there for years).
      Clark, you are rationalizing something that you know deep down, is wrong – horse racing is wrong.
      I hope one day you come to that conclusion, which is the only one for the racehorses.
      Your obviously an intelligent person, as most lawyers are, and I hope that one day your intelligence will not be ruled by inexcusable actions or non-actions towards living beings.
      If you truly love racehorses than you would stop exploiting them for profit and join our cause.
      The racehorses could really use your voice Clark.

      • Thank you Gina. I have respect for all conscientious opinions but concluding that I am rationalizing assumes that you are fully informed about my knowledge base. Perhaps our paths will cross and we could have a rational, respectful exchange of views. Until then I will remain respectful toward all views expressed, notwithstanding knowing many may be expressed based upon a paucity of facts.

    • Clark, your reference to Saratoga and the horses stabled and racing there reminded me of another apologist’s comment to me a couple of years ago – so I went back to some notes I had filed away.

      The following horses were some of those “lucky” Saratoga horses…

      -Creeker’s Cat
      -Irish Filibuster
      -Glaken Too
      -Pin and Win
      -Blameiton Brooklyn
      -Kingston Bay
      -Royal Saint
      -Read the Dream
      -Second City
      -All Class
      -Finding Candy
      -Classy Chris
      -Happy Match
      -Non Stop
      -Dance With Gio
      -Pass the Dice

      That list of horses, all once raced at Saratoga…all were killed racing or training in 2017 at other tracks, most, the cheap tracks. That’s the thing about racehorses and the system they are enslaved in – sooner or later, they cannot give the “elite” what is demanded of them and they are simply gotten rid of.

      • Joy, thank-you for providing this detailed list of facts.
        Unfortunately, this list doesn’t even scratch the surface because most racehorses who start on their “elite” (only by the horse racing standards, but involves just as much suffering, dumping, and dying as the “B” tracks) tracks such as Saratoga end up getting dumped.
        Statistics provided by pro-horse racing entity The Jockey Club and often admitted by supporters of horse racing:
        90% of racehorses will not make it to the upper ranks (stake races, black type races, allowances), and only about 5% of those will actually win at this level.
        So given these statistics about 90% of racehorses will eventually become a financial burden to those who get into this business only to exploit them for profit.
        The reality is they get dumped into the claiming ranks or elsewhere usually a kill auction.
        In the last 5 years, according to The Jockey Club website, about 20,000 foals were born for the sole purpose of filling races and flipping a buck.
        90% of 20,000 is 18,000 racehorses per year will be dumped or become an unwanted disposable gambling chip.
        Many will end up running for their lives in the claiming ranks and the ones who are crippled, who no longer have healthy limbs to flip a buck for them – will be dumped mainly at kill auctions.
        Also, the industry usually touts about their racehorse getting a forever home with the loving teenager (I wish I had $1 for every time I heard that line) is really not a home at all.
        It’s just another stepping stone to the slaughterhouse and Joy you have so generously given your time and money (with your OTTB rescue network) to save these racehorses from the most horrible fate.
        I’m sure you have notes on this as well not to mention the fact that you’ve attempted to hold racetracks accountable for their “no slaughter” policies that are supposed to deny trainers stalls who send their racehorses to kill auctions.
        We all know that this is laughable and isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on.

      • Yes, Gina, it is just a minuscule scratch – yet those are just some “Saratoga grads” confirmed killed racing/training in only 2017 – and most of them had raced at Saratoga in 2015/2016. That “royal treatment” never lasts long.

        One thing I notice about the “intelligent” apologists? – the well-educated? As a health-care professional working alongside individuals with enough formal education to choke a horse (no pun intended), I’ve also found a good number of them to be merely “book smart” – book smart but lacking wisdom, common sense and the most disturbing, compassion. There is a sense that some “intelligent” individuals feel superior to those “less than”…to “dumb” animals, included.

        Our list of racehorses desperately needing help to be acquired from their abusive racing owners/trainers grows by the day. And there is never a week that passes that more racehorses are not discovered in the possession of kill buyers – some having raced only a few days prior. We just keep trying to catch every last drop of the Niagara Falls in 5-gallon buckets – the horses bred for racing, used in racing and dumped by racing wait for help…for tens of thousands, the help will never come. We cannot keep up.

      • Joy, thank you, again and again for all that you do for the too-many-to-count dumped racehorses. I notice, as I’m sure that you notice as well, that our nice new friend, Clark, didn’t bother to respond to any of your posts; he just gave some vague, ominous reference to “a paucity of facts.” Classic. “But, but, but… MY horses are always retired to the best homes, under the most loving circumstances, blah, blah, blah. It’s everybody ELSE in this business that is drugging, abusing, dumping them, blah, blah.” (Funny how the vast majority of racehorses end up in kill pens, yet never has a single racehorse owner ever, ever acknowledged dumping even one of them.)

        If I wasn’t so horrified by these soulless abusers, I’m pretty sure I would laugh out loud at their feeble attempts at self-congratulations;)

    • Clark, first and foremost this isnt personal, i do have personal issue with some in the game because of what they have done, but that is another subject for another time. Take yourself out of this, while i can commend you for the love you profess, this is about the bigger picture of horse racing. I cant and wont sit here and pretend to act like i know the man you are, but i must tell you i followed richards boy for a long time now, so naturally i looked you up as deep as i could, i care about your horse wanted an idea of where he was going so im aware of what you do for a living, but ive only looked into the horses. Devine oath is one that stands out to me, that doesnt scream love to me, more just buissness of the game. You state “we find that many of the horribles published about the evils of horse racing are fabricated, exaggerated, or born from true ignorance” spend sometime looking around this site, its as real as it gets. Me personally i can only go off of what i know and see firsthand theres no denying what has taken place. What do you think of rockingham ranch, and how they used richards boy and dumped him? I commend you for standing up speaking out and demanding change, but i must ask jow has that worked out for you? Because in my case its fallen on deaf ears, that refuse to give me the time of day regardless of what im able to present to them. I hardly follow the top of the game, i concentrate on the lesser tracks, the 90% percent of racing the lower level claimers. You say ” know many in the industry work tirelessly and act always from heartfelt love of horses” ive seen it with the horse myself and some others got off the track, his groom loved him, he thanks me everytime i see him for taking him from the track, and is always concerned about how he is doing, i asked him why they just didnt stop running him and when i got him his whole right front hoof was epoxy, when i asked he said its buissness sometimes you gotta do things you dont really wanna do ( that will never leave my mind) even the trainer which i had to fight my ass off with to get the horse, when i went to get his papers from him he told me that the horse will put on weight and thrive being away from the fuckin track ( his words) speaks volume right? The horse was being run into the ground, he didnt want to race he was running poorly, was almost barred, yet there was no way the horse was going anywhere unless he got the amount of money he wanted for him, its just buissness he said, even now when i go to the track he asks me hows the boy. So here we are as much as they didnt want something to happen to him, they werent doing anything to stop it. My favorite horse of all time NO BRAKES look him up, theres a story on him on paulick, he was the nations best 11 yr old at the time, theres some things that should jump out at you in the story especially the part where he was going to do dressage, but eventually was turned out just to be a horse, if this doesnt speak to you im not sure what will, no brakes was an incredible horse, that all i wanted was to make it out alive and just be a horse. I got in contact with his trainer, started off good, then when he caught wind i was asking around about his horse he got pissed and told me hes been really nice to me, but after my looking into the horse and asking around i should find out for myself ( hence the paulick report story) i dont agree with paulicks views very much but i will always be grateful and in debt to him and chelsea hakenbarth for finding the horse and writing a story about him , now the trainer and i dont have issues( funny how that works) . So back to richards boy hes 7, has alot of wear n tear on him, i question what condition he will have to live out the rest of his life in after racing, rr did no justice with him, and that will stay with him forever. I would urge you to reach out to kate papp and talk with her about your horse shes has some knowledge of him you might be concerned about, im not sure with the legalities if the knowledge could be shared but its like i said i only care about the horse, and wont stand for what is being done to them, i simply cant, so i will stand up and fight for them in every and anyway i know how too. Tired of seeing all that goes on it is straight up inexcusable. Its been a pleasure to talk with you sir, i wish you and the horses the best, i hate this is an us against them deal, i wish we could find a common ground just to do better for the horses but i know thats not what racing is about no matter how much the horse is loved and cared for, their still being subjected to what they are, i wont tolerate that ever.

    • Mr brewster, what are the plans for rb?, i think its about high time you consider retiring him to a greener pasture, or finding him an easier job thats more fitting for him. Hes a young horse, has alot of life to live, please consider doing the right thing for him. Theres people that adore this guy and have watched him for a long time just like myself has, dont ruin him by keep asking him to run.

      • Thank you, Billy.

        Your comment reminded me of another gelding – Call Me Richard. Karl Broberg ran him on 1-22 and again on 1-25.

      • RB is up for sale.
        He’s in the claiming ranks now so that somebody else can claim him, put him into another round of abuse as he will, probably, sink to the lowest claiming ranks eventually like they all do if they don’t die in the process.
        This is common business practice that is designed for parasites in this vile business.
        Clark, you can correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t seem to have any intentions of giving RB a nice paddock back on your big farm in Oklahoma – do you?

  7. There is no justification, NONE, for how racing uses the horse.

    It starts with overbreeding.
    It continues with the numbers that never make it to the track – unwanted “out the gate” (no pun intended)
    What happens to these “rejects”????

    The foals are weaned too young, then
    broken, ridden, “trained” and raced way too young. Many 2yr old horses “break down”….But this is part of the norm of horse abuse in this gambling business.

    Then there are the sales of “2yr olds in training” ridden at outrageous speeds to bring the most money. Many are pumped up with steroids, too.

    The horse then isolated in a small stall 23 hours a day. He is denied anything of his natural lifestyle and natural instincts as a herd member.

    He bursts from the gate every 10 to 20 days, depending on the decision of the trainer/owner (no rules here!) to be ridden at up to 40mph and whipped hard as he tires.

    Many die right on the track or are loaded into a van to be put down out of sight on the backside.

    He may be “claimed” and change hands over and over as his value drops in the claiming ranks. And as he continues in the downward spiral he
    Is forced to race more often.

    Then, of course, there are the DRUGS, “legal” and illegal. The “legal”, high powered diuretic, Lasix, is detrimental to the skeletal system, the cardiovascular system and renal function. But is free flowing despite this, because it is considered to be a performanceoc enhancer. Winning is what is paramount, not the horse! There is NO disputing that fact.

    Then there is the question of getting rid of the horse once he is no longer useful and will not bring any money from a claim – he has run the course ! He will , more often than not, enter the slaughter pipeline because, in truth, this how racing disposes their “used up horses”. There is NO denying that fact because the numbers of Thoroughbreds slaughtered every year are as real as it gets.

    Mixed in with all this are the many,many instances of unquestionable cruelty along with the illegal drugging.

    Amazingly, there are people in the business who claim to “love” the horse and say he is treated royally. But as the saying goes, don’t listen to what I say, watch what I do. What they do is give Lasix to the horse, keep him confined, allow him to be whipped while running as fast as he can, and put him up for sale in claiming races if not right away, later……

    • Thank you for your summary of the life and death of racehorses, Rose Smith. I watched a video on YouTube a few years ago. It was titled, “Where Racehorses Go To Retire” and it is nothing like Bold Ruler being buried on the breeding farm with a headstone on his grave; not even close.

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