Two Killed at Keeneland on “Opening Day”

Two horses were “vanned off” the Keeneland track Friday, “Opening Day.” Both are dead. In the 4th, Stella d’Oro, four years old and under the whip for the 5th time, sustained, in the words of the track itself, “a catastrophic injury.” Next race, Fast Dreamer, two and under the whip for the 3rd time, same thing.

On cue, the track’s marketing division released a statement that would make Joseph Goebbels proud: “Keeneland remains committed to the welfare of all involved in this sport we love so much. The safety of the horses and riders participating at Keeneland is priority No. 1. Keeneland has instituted some of the strongest safety and integrity protocols in the nation, and we are a leading advocate for further reforms to make the sport as safe as possible.”


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  1. These EVIL assholes make me want to PUKE all over them.What words are left to say…
    about these LAZY SCUMBAGS?

  2. Thank you, again, Patrick. I was very skeptical about Fast Dreamer’s fate when I read that they took her back to THE BARN for “further evaluation” following her injury. I guess they didn’t want to do back-to-back euths on the track in front of the oh-so-sensitive horse racing fans.
    So the poor thing suffered even longer and more than was necessary in order for the Keeneland horse killers to make themselves look less barbaric.
    Disgusting and indefensible.

    • In a statement from Keeneland Equine Safety Director Dr. George Mundy, this regarding Fast Dreamer: “the filly sustained an injury to her right front leg and was taken to her barn” (Fast Dreamer was a COLT. So “committed”, so “concerned”, so “saddened” they were by the deaths of these two horses that they can’t get the few details of their short lives correct?).

      I have a photo of the little colt – Fast Dreamer – on my FB page. He was a beautiful, sweet-faced little baby and his tender age is unmistakable in the photo.

      • Thank you, Joy. I based my “her” comments on a news story from that press release. How stupid of me to think that Keeneland Horse Killing officials would bother to confirm HIS gender before firing off their usual, hyper-defensive “safety” spin B.S.!
        Apparently they were too busy scrambling to excuse away their back-to-back opening day breakdowns. How pathetic.

      • How in the hell does a veterinarian get a horse’s gender wrong? I guess it’s not surprising, since 99% of the so-called vets on the track are simply animal abusers and butchers who may or may not have a diploma.
        And what excuse do these safety conscious bastards have this time? Too much sun, too little sun, wind from the wrong direction, improper alignment of the planets……. or are they going to try citing statistics that it had something to do with the horse’s gender (which they couldn’t get right anyway)?
        More needless deaths, more pain and suffering. When is enough going to be too much?

  3. VILE.
    Anybody who continues to support this massive suffering and carnage is a mentally deranged, sadistic, delusional ignorant idiot.

  4. This is all about greed at the price of torture and death for these young horses. It’s morally wrong. It’s evil. It needs to end now!!!

  5. Empty words will not save any horses’ lives! It is the same rote statement we have heard for the last 50 years or more! Not until this “sport” is ended will I be satisfied. It better be sooner than later for the horses sake! I hope to see it banished in my lifetime! I still do believe in miracles!

  6. If there were any truth to their Public Relations statement, the two-year-old horse would never have been brought to the track at all; instead the two-year-old would be out on pasture growing and developing the normal way that horses are supposed to be allowed to just be horses and have a chance to be strong and healthy.
    The four-year-old would just be in light training under saddle at the breeding farm where it was born. In other words, both horses would not have been forced to extend themselves beyond their capabilities! They would not be forced to perform at the maximum possible level of performance for a racing horse.
    The track is just as guilty of inhumane treatment of young Thoroughbreds as the owners, breeders, and all who are employed in this industry. Industry is a more accurate term than sport except that it is a blood sport as much as trophy hunting and killing of large game animals is a blood sport. Yes, it is absolutely vile.

  7. Another day of destruction and abuse – over and over again. Here we have a 4 year old under the whip for the 5th time and a god damn 2 year old under the whip for the 3rd. I would so like to be the one to use the god damn whips on these owners, trainers, jockeys, racing commissions, so called “vets”, etc. The abuse is unbelievable and I am so tired of seeing the word “catastrophic injury” – that is only because these horses should have not even been at the race tracks. A 4 year old should be just starting and a 2 year old should be no where even under saddle – what in the hell is the matter with you money grubbing son of bitches. Horse racing needs to end and it can’t be soon enough – it is always about the money and the greed – it is never about the lives of these gorgeous creatures. You are a shameful bunch of f*ckers involved in this whole matter. Keeneland – save your bullshit statements for the rest of you ignorant bastards – Safety is definitely NOT your number one priority – quit the bullshit. Your track is just like all of the others and I don’t know what it is going to take to make people see and understand the damage and carnage that goes on at these tracks. It is despicable in every sense of the word. Let’s get the media more involved where it covers worldwide coverage – the message unfortunately is not getting out there and we all know why that is – it is because people with money always make the rules at the cost of anything just to get their own way. I shutter ever day when another posting comes on my screen – they are so incredibly horrible and sad to read about and the loss of more of the gentle giants just goes by the wayside. Humans are the worst abusers on the planet.

    • So true Cathy…..humans are the worst abusers,and might I add,they’ve also ruined,destroyed the planet.

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