One Track’s Carnage

I compiled this list for a fellow activist in Maryland. It speaks for itself.

Horses killed on (racing or training) the Laurel Park racetrack since 2014:

Trick the Queen, January 18, racing
Love Is Enough, January 31, training
Victory Unveiled, February 1, training
One to a Royal, February 1, training
Salt Block, February 6, racing
Marie B, February 20, training
Giant Indian, February 26, racing
Tropical Treasure, March 5, training
Bravo Romeo, March 7, racing
Spookorific, March 9, training
Cooper River, March 14 (euthanized March 29), racing
Pure Afleet, March 19 (euthanized March 24), racing
Diva On Demand, March 22, racing
Jump Two, September 5, training
Boastful Dancer, September 11, racing
Charliesirishpride, September 20, racing
Tenleytown, October 2, racing
Angel of Mercy, October 11, racing
Cactus City Road, October 13, racing
Magnificent Moon, October 23 (euthanized November 14), racing
Springs R Loaded, November 1, training
Seeyouinthecountry, November 11, training
Midnight Music, November 14, racing
Tip It On Back, November 19, racing
Boca Babe, December 4, racing
Born to Sail, December 17, racing
Very Potent, December 20, training
Mo Bagels, December 26, racing
Silent Appeal, December 27, racing
Bonnet Carre, December 27 (euthanized December 29), racing

Pop Pop Kiss, January 2, training
Ear D’Rhythm, January 9 (died January 10), racing
Cattagirl, January 21, training
Wonderfella, February 14, racing
Cosmic Gold, February 14, racing
Mr. Flexible, March 13, racing
Second Round, March 19 (euthanized March 23), racing
Eltham, March 21 (euthanized March 26), racing
Cherokee Empire, April 6, training
Cyclone Warrior, April 11, training
Mytrack Marie, April 11, training
Prayer Cloth, May 5, training
Evelyn’s Colors, July 4, training
Passionate Concern, August 4 (euthanized August 5), training
Minescape, August 8 (euthanized August 11), racing
Hertzalot, August 9 (euthanized August 12), racing
Sharp Richard, August 14, racing
Storming Sixty, August 21, training
Blue Deep, September 12, training
He’s Not Bluffin, September 13, racing
Great Smile, October 6, training
Margaret High, October 12, training
Me Darlin Jackie, October 24, training
Tygra, November 9, training
Do It for Fun, November 27, racing
Kind of Silver, December 29, training

Tsonga, January 1, racing
Minor Heir, January 3, racing
Whiskey Rock, January 13, training
Half Wed, January 29, racing
Rock Me Gently, February 12, racing
Carved in Stone, March 4, training
Tiz Stormy, March 7, training
Consistency, March 12, training
Personal Property, March 13, racing
Bruno and Me, March 14, training
Automagically, March 26, racing
Splitter, April 10, racing
Heather’s Rose, April 17, racing
Air Squadron, May 6, racing
Salsalito, May 7, racing
I.E. Flash, August 14, racing
Dannhauser, September 24, racing
Boston Strong, October 14 (euthanized November 12), racing
Cats Serenade, October 16, racing
Pauline’s Pride, October 26, training
Bluegrass Lady, October 30, racing
U.S.S. Boxer, November 6, racing
Arrogant Officer, November 13 (euthanized November 14), racing
Seeking the Sherif, December 20, training
Tactical Hero, December 23, racing
Beware the Fury, December 23, racing
Just Jack, December 31, racing

Nancy’s Spider, January 22, racing
Mr. Winter, February 2, training
Trudys Lucky, February 19, training
She Spoke French, March 4, training
Paranapiacaba, March 4, training
Royal Saint, March 11, racing
Kay’s Finesse, March 13, training
Find Your Revenge, March 25, training
Ideal Behavior, April 2, training
Stalk, April 2, racing
Worthy One, April 3, training
Really Big Bird, April 9, racing
AJ’s Wolf, April 23, training
Stick Shaker, May 6, training
Supero, June 9, racing
Pinkie Blu, June 30, training
Papa Vinny, July 8, racing
Wonderman, July 29, racing
Credit Ready, August 20, racing
Angel’s Gabriel, August 30, training
Inspired Flight, September 2, training
Niigon Express, September 8, racing
Regal Note, September 15, racing
Gloria Patri, September 16, racing
Seventy Niner, September 22, racing
Texarkana Rose, October 3, training
Wicked Heat, October 20, racing
Jerandson, October 21, racing
Broad Surprise, October 29, racing
Bistro, October 30, racing
Leather Goods, November 3 (euthanized November 19), racing
Eyesfirst, December 4, racing
Sunset Arch, December 10, training
Sippy Cup, December 15, racing

Not Above Love, January 7, training
D. K. Two Step, January 12, racing
No Love Lost, January 14, racing
Vua Saigon, January 26, racing
Vim, February 3 (euthanized February 4), racing
Arrivano, February 4, racing
Summer Gems, February 16, training
Gato Dolce, March 10, racing
Bandits Glory, March 23, training
Admiral Alexis, March 25, training
Little Jimmy B, March 29, training
Raging Regina, March 31, training
Sticksandbricks, April 14, training
Ice On the Severn, April 14, racing
Tango Delta, April 14, racing
Asian Trick, June 20, training
Royal Pass, June 24, racing
Minor Legend, July 14, racing
Kaitain, July 14 (euthanized July 21), racing
Defenestration, July 15, training
Markeesa, July 15, racing
Amigo, July 15, racing
Archie’s Revenge, July 22, racing
Menorah Lora, July 28, racing
Amplify, August 16, racing
Tiz a Trill, August 24, training
Crafty Estate, September 14, racing
Simpson, September 14, racing
Straight Tequila, October 5, racing
Rubys Fire, October 5, racing
Inorbit, October 14, training
Yankee’s Milestone, November 8, training
Reedini, November 9, training
Dove Dynasty, November 9, training
Whateverybodywants, November 14, training
Adversary, November 22, racing
Candlestick Nic, December 8, racing
Hazana, December 10, training

2019 (in progress)
Kimberly B., January 11, racing
Tuffy’s Way, January 11, racing
Rosuri, January 26, racing
She’s Stunning, February 1, racing
Doit for Spite, April 17, training
Let’s Blaze, May 3, training
Citi Party, May 5, racing
Hero’s Welcome, June 15, racing
Follow the Petals, June 16, racing
Hot Sriracha, June 29, racing

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  1. The Horse Fund, a publication I read daily, posted this Quote Of The Day……

    Quote of the Day
    by The Horse Fund
    “In general treatments designed to repair a horse’s injuries and to alleviate [his] suffering are now often used to get the animal out onto the track to compete — to force the animal, like some punch drunk fighter, to make just one more round.” — Greg Ferraro SOURCE TDN Magazine; May 2, 2013; p. 6 […]

    • The quote by vet Greg Ferraro is known by this vile business and these treatments are also used to mask chronic conditions which often lead to catastrophic breakdowns as per reputable vet studies.
      This is all going on, knowingly and willingly, while they deliberately hide and keep secret the very doping/vet records that would clearly show this pattern.
      This business shows time and time again that filling races to increase wagering profits are their sole concern not their profit slaves whom they exploit, beat, dope, dump, maim and/or kill.
      The day of reckoning has finally arrived for this vile business and the general public is finally understanding what we have been trying to tell people for so long now, but we were up against the powerful and well-funded horse racing business.
      This antiquated business model that facilitates the widespread suffering and killing of racehorses has got to go!
      It’s run its course, it has no place in the 21st century and no amount of “modernization” will change their fundamental business model of killing racehorses and the apologists continually admit to this themselves.
      We should not nor can not accept a business that kills racehorses for profit.
      We need to all pull together to STOP their funding and shut it down.

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