5-Year-Old Rock You Killed at Gulfstream

The end for 5-year-old Rock You came in the 6th this evening at Gulfstream: “bumped at the start and lacked early response, raced along the outside entering top stretch then took a bad step…was quickly caught by the outrider then was euthanized on the track” (Equibase). Rock You was under the whip for the 25th time.

This is horseracing.


  1. No, he did not take a “bad step” as alleged in the chart.
    The truth is that this horse broke down badly (suffered a serious injury) resulting in him dying on the racetrack.

  2. I’m sure this was another horrific site of a horse attempting to run on, on a badly snapped (possibly off) leg….yet racing apologists will shrug this off and say deaths will happen, “it’s part of the sport”. What a deranged mentality that causes them to be OK with that.

  3. These jockeys are cold hearted pos….Hard to believe they can’t tell something is wrong with the horses before running them to death. What’s the saying “karma is a bitch”.

  4. The Stronach Group headed by Ms. Belinda Stronach is in the business of facilitating widespread carnage.
    Her attempts to mitigate the damages, supposedly for the racehorses, but one could argue it’s really for the billions in wagering profits, are futile.
    Racehorses are continuing to be maimed and killed on TSG’s tracks, but it’s the same all over.
    I suppose my question would be: why would a wealthy, successful family choose to support this horror show?
    Isn’t even one dead racehorse with its leg snapped-off enough for a rational person to end this business?
    The real estate value of both Golden Gate and Santa Anita tracks are in the billions, would create lots of jobs, and wouldn’t involve thousands of voiceless victims getting maimed and killed every day.
    Instead, they continue to support this travesty.
    I’m writing this on a sad note as duck hunting season started this morning in Ontario.
    Hundreds of people lined up at the marshes before dawn, where the ducks have felt safe all year-round even raising their young, to blow them away.
    I’m right on the river and I hear their cries as they fly for their lives while some are dropping dead.
    They fly north to the next lake only to be greeted by other hunters just waiting to kill them.
    All the wildlife is effected as you hear the cries of everything from crows to robins.
    It’s so disturbing and so horrible, but there are members of the human species who have no problem killing animals and our planet with out politicians/government full legal endorsement including horse racing.

    • Should read: …..with OUR politicians/government full legal endorsement including horse racing.
      So sorry for all racehorses who lost their lives for stupid $2 bets and for a bunch of racehorses abusers whose sole purpose is to exploit and dump them.

    • Using the proverbial “bad step” excuse, which has esentially been debunked, illustrates the casual attitude to the suffering and death of the countless horses this business kills HO-HUM, any excuse will do!!

      And Gina I can relate to how you feel about duck hunting. I dread “deer season” here and seeing abandoned carcasses on the side of the road that have been skinned is sickening.

  5. Come on people – this he/her took a “bad step” is nothing but bullshit. These animals are being abused so incredibly bad with trainers and owners that don’t give a shit about any of their lives only the god damn money aspect of the racing. it should be banned everywhere because it is nothing but a licence to kill off so many of these gorgeous animals. We raced horses back in the 80’s and never ever had a horse come up lame or hurting. We trained at home not at the race tracks and our horses never left the ranch unless they were totally sound and ready to go. Never once did we put a horse in a claiming race that just did not happen either. My Dad was a true horse whisperer and he treated all of our horses so incredibly well. Reading these posts on a daily basis is just so sickening and heart breaking. Shut them all down – get rid of the god damn Stronach family we don’t need them or her at all – she is nothing but a horse murderer and sends that same message thru to all of these idiots at these tracks. These daily “kills” are so incredibly unnecessary and one of the worst kinds of animal abuse all for a lousy $2.00 bet – you humans involved are the ones that should be killed off!!!

  6. I have no respect for people who hunt – there is something seriously wrong with you if you enjoy killing an animal just because. I have seen deer wandering my country roads with arrows sticking out of them and some are limping or hobbling along with gunshot wounds. And it’s bad enough to kill them without leaving their bodies all over the side of the road so the entire area stinks of rotting flesh.
    No wonder horse racing is still supported with mentally deficient assholes like these continually breeding in the back country.

  7. Santa anita 8 emtech dead. I did not see the incident. They put up screen and euthanized just now

    • Oh my god, Nancy! I literally am seeing this for the first time. They are DONE if your post is remotely accurate…
      Goodbye forever, Santa Anita, the Great Disgrace Place!

      • Kelly. Nbcsn broadcasting . The apologists going on and on about how things happen
        Made a big fuss about mario Gutierrez going to the emt after the incident
        I didnot see it. Santa Anita strikes again.

      • Alan. Apparently an important race for the trainers as it was being covered.on nbcsn. Three years old and gone. Then they went on to the next race after cleaning up the screen and the poor horse.

  8. Poor baby was laboring near the rear just awful stomach turning. Asshole Santa Anita is cooked,DONE. Does anyone know if Collusion illusion, pulled up last nite at Santa Anita is dead?

    • I have not been able to get any info on Collusion for you Bonnie

      There was hardly anyone at tracks today and those at SA were walking away with men having arms around the women. It must have made a horrible finish to the day out at the track. Thank you for giving me the facts re race
      Can not get replay til tomorrow.

      • I know this post wasn’t a reply to me, but thank you anyway, Nancy.
        You literally broke this story, and much thanks to this site, as well, for enabling that. I truly believe this is
        THE END for Santa Anita. The world was watching and waiting for them to kill off another horse, and they were sure accommodating, weren’t they?
        I will never, ever. in a million years, watch video of Emtech’s agonizing final moments. But I will forever celebrate his short life.

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