“Flipped Over and Started Paddling All Legs, Bleeding Out Mouth/Nares” – More California Kills

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have confirmed the following deaths:

Joy of the Saints, Jun 20, Pleasanton T
“Flipped over…and started paddling all legs. Bleeding out mouth/nares. Presumed broken neck. Multiple acute, traumatic skull fractures…with extensive intracranial hemorrhage and trauma to the brain. Horse died before pentobarb administered.”

Eagle Screams, Sep 14, Golden Gate T
“Sudden death.” Eagle Screams was ten years old and had been put to the whip an unconscionable 80 times. Imagine that the only life this poor animal ever knew was one of utter subjugation. How profoundly sad. How positively intolerable.

Arise, America.

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  1. Is there any way to find out what happened to To the Victor at Parx yesterday? He was racing for $5000 and DNF his race. His trainer was Donald R. White whose wife is Jane. I guess I will feel better if I know one way or another whether he is dead ir still alive but badly hurt.

    • Mary I TRULY feel your pain,when my Beloved A Fleet Attitude 8yr old gelding died on the track at Aqueduct I thought I was gonna have a nervous breakdown. And then later that same year Wentzylvania died on the track at Parx, he was only 3. The people in this horror show are PURE EVIL, I can tell you they don’t really care,which is the sad truth. Let’s not let their deaths be in vain.

  2. The odd thing is that I have only minutes ago signed a petition for the outlawing of the yearly capture, round up and brutal slaughter of wild horses in America. The outcry of this annual ‘event’ is huge, so why do they support and permit this appalling cruelty year in year out?

  3. Another day, another atrocious “unexplained death” that makes it sound like the horse went from a calm stand still to suddenly flipping over. It’s absolutely disgusting that accidents like these are every day occurrences and there is no investigation and nothing beyond a track vet’s scribble and another body left for the renderer. It takes a special sort of sick person to see things like this on a daily basis and not only remain in such an industry but actively support it.

  4. Joy of the Saints – the little chestnut mare with the wide blaze raced consistently from May of 2014 (when she had just turned 2 years old) to February of 2017 (she had one 7-month-long break late 2015).

    -After finishing 4th in a 4K claiming race at Delta Downs on 2-23-2017, the multiple stakes winner didn’t race again until October 14, 2018 – 20 months without a race.

    -On October 14, 2018 (for a new owner), she finished last, over 17 lengths behind in a 5K waiver claiming race. It would turn out to be her last race.

    -She dies training at Pleasanton 8 months later.

    Eagle Screams made over 500K racing. His last 4 races:

    -May 24, 2019 at Santa Anita; finished 7th of 8 (the last place finisher was eased) for a 20K tag (owner John Tipton).

    -June 28 at Pleasanton; dropped to a $6,250 tag and claimed by J. Bonde for Del Secco DCS Racing.

    -July 26 at Sacramento; labored for a $2,800 check (10K claiming race) for Bonde and Del Secco DCS Racing.

    -August 23 at GGF; got a $2,600 check (8K claiming race) for Bonde and Del Secco DCS Racing.

    -September 14, training at GGF; SUDDEN DEATH.

    • Thanks for this detailed information that clearly shows a morally deprived business that cares nothing about the racehorses whom they exploit.
      Every single one of them are responsible for the ongoing widespread suffering and carnage that JOY OF THE SAINTS and EAGLE SCREAMS endured.
      Eagle Screams made over $400,000 for Trainer GILL MATOS and Owner M.A. DOUZOS plus they made an additional $62,500 when they dumped him into optional claiming on Februrary 7, 2016.
      You would have to be heartless, morally bankrupt and have a piece of your brain missing to not take care of a racehorse who has taken such good care of you.
      They didn’t give him a decent, forever home that he so deserved.
      Instead, after he ran his ass-off for these human blood sucking parasites they dumped him.
      To Gill Matos and M.A. Douzos there’s a special place in hell for people like you, but the pro-horse racing cronies on the CHRB are equally responsible.
      They have watched racehorse after racehorse die and do nothing.
      This entire vile business and the vile people who support it deserve to be shut down and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

    • Joy, I have a soft spot for chestnuts,as I lost A Fleet Attitude,with the huge white blaze,and also Wentzylvania,another chestnut.NONE of these Innocent Godly Souls deserve the horrifying deaths. This MUST END NOW…….end of story.

      • Bonnie, I have a photo of her on my FB post about her and Eagle Screams…

        I, too, love the beautiful chestnut coats, especially with splashes of white markings.

  5. Joy, thank you so much,I’m not on any social media,but God Bless you it means a lot,I loved him beyond words. I urge anyone to look him up,and look at his pictures and you can see the nobility and pride in him.Most beautiful horse I’ve ever laid eyes on…well he is my Afleet Alex’s son. They are ALL Angels,they all deserve Life. A Fleet Attitude 😇 2010-2018. 🙏 Live Free with no pain my 😇.

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