Scratched for Being “Crippled”

The Delaware Racing Commission has confirmed the kill of Blarp in the 2nd at Delaware Park September 12. A mere “went wrong” on the chart, the 8-year-old – prime of life for a horse; old and beaten for a racehorse – was in fact euthanized for a “condylar fracture with soft tissue eruption.” ‘Twas Blarp’s 54th time under the whip.

The Commission also disclosed the following:

Sep 11:
Dancer’s Kin scratched for colic.
Imaginethejoy was “vanned off” for having “bled,” not “walked off” per Equibase.
GQ Girl scratched for “respiratory.”

Sep 12:
Pure Magic scratched for being “lame.”
Wheelbarrelbrothers scratched for “respiratory.”

Sep 14:
Philly Completely scratched for being “cast.”
Baby Bam Bam scratched for “respiratory.”
Congress Hall scratched for “respiratory.”
Private Party scratched for “respiratory.”
Colonel Red scratched for being “lame.”
Big Gillette scratched for being “crippled.”

Scratched for being “crippled” – this is horseracing.

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  1. I was amazed when I read the comment that the stewards admitted to this horse being “crippled”. But at least they scratched him. So many tracks would have let him run anyhow and turned a blind eye towards his being “crippled”.
    And on Sept. 11, also at Delaware, a 5 year old horse, Dispel, was racing for the first, and only, time in his life. He died on the track also.

  2. And this is what’s disclosed!
    “Crippled” and “lame” horses entered to race, horses scratched because of “respiratory”(whatever that means!!!)
    The abuse of horses in this corrupt business is a national disgrace

    • Yes!!!!!!!!!!it is a NATIONAL DISGRACE.Innocent animals do not deserve this F’n PERIOD. Man (humans) on the other hand…..too many of them are lazy,pure,calculated evil. Like Arlene says,for man it’s only about the almighty dollar. Pure evil greed,they don’t care about any of these beautiful souls. I’d love to see these lazy sacks of shit “men”,I personally don’t consider them men because they don’t work a real job,have this sick Gravy train taken away.Todd,Bob,etc. get a real job. I know ,you guys know you can’t,I’m on to you guys…you lazy losers.

  3. A condylar fracture is a disease of speed. I’ll bet dollars to donuts it was left front, on a turn. To call that “unfortunate” is disingenuous or just a flat out lie.

  4. If it wasn’t for increased media scrutiny these crippled horses probably would have been shoved out on the track. To actually be scratched from the race they must have been in bad shape indeed – but I’m sure after a few doses of frog venom and some freeze strikes to the legs they’ll be out again.
    It’s disgusting how many horses have respiratory ailments, and it’s probably from the constant confinement and exposure to moldy hay and dirty stalls. These horses travel all over and I’m sure the accommodations are never sterilized after housing a sick horse.

  5. If government did their job, this would not happen. The vets on track are there because of regulations in the laws allowing racing. The vets are thus, agents of the government. As are the stewards. None of the oversight is vountarily provided for by the racing “business.” This is why, handles are divied up to “foundations,” and educational institutions such as here in California. UC Davis is paid handsomely to “research” injuries and stress. Please follow the trai of accountability back to whoever has been hired to direct the racing commission in each state and then back to your local representatives and state officers. If government thinks they are gong to get out of this unscathed, they better think twice. They should all lose their jobs and pay back the taxpayers monies paid to them to enforce the animal cruelty and racing laws. They are not. Corruption is sick. It has to be stopped and retribution taken in the form of reimbursement of monies gotten.

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