In Memoriam – Saratoga 2019

While NYRA and Saratoga Race Course are busy celebrating “another successful season,” here was the cost of that success, courtesy of our own Linda Rydant. (The Borough Boy replay – 1:45 mark – alone should be enough for all Americans of good conscience and compassion to forever forswear this vile business.)


  1. Did you notice almost all the male horses who broke down/died were all geldings. I think these “horse” people are harder on and CRUELLER to the geldings. I really do think that,because hey they don’t matter,they’re Disposable,no residual value. These EVIL SCUMBAGS make me SICK!! Can’t they just go the HELL away,and crawl back into the hole from which they came…..good riddance.

  2. I made myself watch the horrific breakdown of Borough Boy – I’ve seen enough of them in my lifetime and no longer need convincing that this antiquated and unnecessary industry that uses sentient beings as gambling tools should NOT exist – but I decided to bear witness to his suffering. Dear GOD…I reminded myself his terror, his pain, his confusion was over…he was dead. And while there was a bit of relief that his cruel exploitation was over, there was – AGAIN – an overwhelming grief that Borough Boy never knew what it was to be a respected and cherished family member. He was a mere tool – up for sale as a “claimer” to any of the SCUM even racing insiders admit exist in this industry.

    His fall to the track was excruciating – for a prey animal who will do whatever it takes to stay on his feet, it’s horrible to watch such a proud and powerful yet fragile creature go down so unwillingly…but with no chance to stay upright given the speed and his broken leg.

    And then to watch him scramble to his feet, his fractured right foreleg swinging wildly – is that because he loved to run, apologists? – and do you shrug off his suffering and death because “he died doing what he loved!”? Those are the claims I see you comment – every last one of you has the compassion of a gnat.

    • I’m sure it’s a powerful video, and an eye-opener for those who are still naive to the bloodbath. But…
      I cannot watch it. I will not watch it. And I like to think I’ve perfected the art of avoidance of such horrors over the years. Sounds like you have a similar sensibility, Joy.
      Here’s hoping that soon there’ll be no need for any of us to have to cringe at the sickening carnage.
      Because soon, there will be no horse racing:)

      • Kelly I am sooooo with you,I cannot and I will not. I mean come on as a child I would get too upset watching the tv show Lassie. I can’t see anything that hurts Animals. I’m still TRAUMATIZED from seeing A Fleet Attitude lose his life at Aqueduct in March 2018,at the time I wanted to BEAT the living shit out of these scumbags.His death is what sent me on the path of discovering the wonderful Patrick.

  3. I finally brought myself to watching this knowing that it would upset me.
    BOROUGH BOY so sorry for you buddy.
    Thank-you Linda for presenting this and for providing me with yet another reason to keep going, to keep being a voice for these poor voiceless creatures as they snap their legs-off and drop in the dirt.
    I stand up proud proclaiming my position to shut this horror show down.
    This is not a “sport” nor is it “entertainment.
    It’s a public butcher show.
    To all of you apologists HOW DARE YOU DEFEND THIS?
    You all suffer from a derangement syndrome that has a piece of your brain and heart missing.
    There are no valid reasons for this unnecessary gambling venue, none, and there is not one excuse or rationalization that can justify racehorses dying for stupid bets – disposable gambling chips.
    Apologists have to be delusional to watch poor BOROUGH BOY trying to run on with his ankle flapping in the air hanging by a thread and not want to immediately advocate for the shut down of this horror show.
    I implore anybody to please join our position to shut this down.
    I implore the residents of California to vote this out of their state so that we can start the dismantling process.
    Please anybody help us end this.
    Whether you contribute your voices and/or a donation anything is better than nothing.
    I’m especially appealing to the media outlets please implement Freedom of journalism and help us expose this morally bankrupt business for what it is.

  4. I just sit here speecless. Burough Boy being whipped 6 times, tiring badly, before going down in the slop is just horrific.And then seeing him get up with a dislocated leg trying to finish is simply heartbreaking. …Im disgusted with myself given I was betting about 2 months ago, but Im Thankful Patrick knocked some sense in me.

    • These beautiful,beautiful intelligent sensitive souls deserve sooo much more than this hand they’ve been dealt…courtesy of humans,of course. Let’s make this right🙏shall we.

  5. Absolutely beautiful tribute to these majestic horses who died as a result of this terrible industry.
    Horse Racing Wrongs please do all you can to end horse racing in my life time. I want to see tracks close across the country one by one until this horrible industry is no more.

  6. I have a hard enough time reading about the injuries – I simply can’t watch them. I am very sensitive about the suffering of animals, but I’m proud of that. In a world with so much innocence lost I think it speaks volumes about a person when their heart can still be touched by the pain of the innocent.

    That being said, I have no problems with seeing a jockey face down in the muck. They have a license to abuse horses and they go about it with a sadistic glee that should shock even the most casual observer at the race track. For every struggling horse they beat down the track, they should be slapped (literally) with animal cruelty and have their asses tossed in jail.


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