Two Kills at Woodbine on Same Day

I have made inquiries into getting information on Canadian racetracks. In the meantime, this comes from the charts (Equibase) at Woodbine this past Sunday: 3-year-old Notice Me “vanned off” (after falling) in the 1st; 2-year-old Final Rhapsody “in distress, vanned off” in the 7th. Both, I have confirmed, were euthanized.

End horseracing. Now.

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  1. Woodbine Racetrack is about as corrupt as they come and has been since its opening day based on both my parents and my own experiences and observations.
    Like all other tracks there is a closed gang there, a private club that no outsider can enter or get a fair shake.
    Racehorse killer Roger Attfield (AKA trainer) of FINAL RHAPSODY has a litany of dead racehorses under his belt some of which died under suspicious circumstances.
    IZVESTIA top champion racehorse who made over 2 million back in the 80’s was sent out to die according to a former groom who is now passed.
    IZVESTIA it was reportedly rumored had a 10 million dollar equine insurance policy in place that took into consideration his waiting stud career and 10 million would be like 100 million today.
    Attfield allegedly knew that he had a very bad rear leg that wouldn’t permit him to carry the weight necessary for stud duty that would decrease the insurance policy if the insurers found out about it.
    So, according to the groom, the owner Kinghaven Farms in conjunction with their vet Dr. McMartin pretty much ordered Attfield to send the racehorse out to die to cash in on the insurance policy.
    So the groom was instructed to soak the rear leg in ice and apply an ice pack while Dr. McMartin went to work injecting him with needles that he didn’t know what they were.
    This lasted long enough to get him out of the gate and into the turn where his left rear leg snapped in 3 pieces literally flying onto the track according to some eye witnesses.
    So here’s Roger at 80 years old still killing racehorses with all of the enablers standing by to watch – sick.

    NOTICE ME killed or “trained” by Catherine Day Phillips.
    Same as them all because gender in this business has no boundaries when it comes to abuse and killing racehorses.
    She’s in with the gang just like her fellow female trainer Josie Carroll.
    At Woodbine your either in or your out and they’ve put thousands of small stables and owners out of business.
    This is all going on while they get 100 million per year of taxpayers money.
    They continue with their lack of transparency it’s near impossible to get information on what racehorse died or how while they claim to be one of the most transparent tracks due to their taxpayers handouts.
    Whether Woodbine or elsewhere it’s all the same.
    It’s their voiceless victims, the poor racehorses, that pay with their lives to keep this cruelty show going.
    Good luck with your requests Patrick.
    I sincerely hope you get that information and put it on here for all to see.

  2. Racing apologists and advocates will say that all weather poly track, such as Woodbine’s, is so much safer, and that there are less deaths on it. This just proves that horses die on it also, Why is even one innocent horse death OK? And isn’t it sickening that they debate what surface KILLS less horses?

  3. True to industry form they focus on this track surface saving lives, but what they don’t tell people is that racehorses are suffering significantly from this surface in the form of continuous respiratory conditions not seen before.
    My horse was coughing up particles of crap for days after running on that surface and it’s no secret among trainers that poly surface causes an entirely different set of issues.
    Poly track tends to cause more rear end issues in a racehorse as well..
    So it’s not all cracked up to what the industry claims.
    Whether dirt or poly the results are the same: racehorses are suffering and dying for this vile business.
    There is no justification to force a sentient being to endure such pain, suffering and dying – none.

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