3-Year-Old Collapses and Dies at Golden Gate

In one of my recent “Weekly Reports,” I noted that Mr. Frank “fell after crossing the finish line and was vanned off” at Golden Gate August 18. In fact, he is dead, with KRON noting “Mr. Frank had a cardiac event, possibly a heart attack.” Mr. Frank was three years old. Yes, three years old – “cardiac event,” “possible heart attack.”

While the station rightly points out that Mr. Frank is the 10th horse killed on-track (racing or training) at Golden Gate this year, there have been six other deaths – back in the stalls – at the Berkeley track, bringing the true toll to 16 thus far.

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  1. I’ll never get that image of those assholes at saratoga when Filly Fight Night died,and I saw all those evil idiots run to the rail to watch her be killed.What kind of SICK sons of bitches are those people that live there? Who does that?

    • Soulless monster gambling junkies, that’s who. I take solace in the fact that they’ll soon have to find a different form of suffering to bet on and to ogle over.

  2. Why is all this keep going on? Can’t their be laws against drugging these poor horses? And jail time. Also he made it to finish line. But died a death that should not have happened . No winnings. Take blood tests on every horse entered in the race. This inhumane shit all of it needs to stop! What kind of people keep doing this?

  3. Yes, there are laws against all of this but they are not being enforced. We need to get some undercover operations going with in the humane society as well as police departments of these cities that have the tracks and document and enforce the law.

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