Winner’s Circle Celebration – As Borough Boy Was Breathing His Last

Video of the kill (Borough Boy) at Saratoga yesterday. Please continue watching till the end, when it’s all smiles in the Winner’s Circle even as another horse lay dying. Vile.

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  1. And it’s not just the owners, trainers and jockeys – the people in the stands didn’t give two shits about this poor horse laying shattered in the mud. I don’t know why they feel they have to use a curtain on the track because it’s obvious people aren’t bothered in the least by seeing a horse literally break apart right in front of them.

    Died in the mud and then dumped in the garbage pile to be dragged away by the rendering truck.

    But they love their horses.

    I think every broken racehorse’s body should be taken to PETA and HSUS so they can look at the whip marks, the freeze burn scars, the shattered limbs and bits of bone found scattered on the track, and the bloody faces from pulmonary hemorrhaging. I want them to look into those dead horses’ eyes and tell them that this isn’t abuse.

  2. Yet another horrific verification that this business doesn’t give a damn about the racehorses dying.
    As long as their horse picks up a check then who gives a fuck about the other one and this is precisely why their stupid “go to” quote is: there are just some bad apples that need to be weeded out.
    No, you are all bad apples, rotten to the core, every single one of you.
    You apologists, the racetracks, and every single entity needs to be weeded out of our civil society because you can’t possibly be civil or have one ounce of compassion while continuing to support this massive suffering and dying for a completely unnecessary gambling venue.
    Another thing, ever notice how this business continues to lie about their “smashing wagering records,” while proclaiming that no racehorses died during their meet?
    These people are the amoebas on top of the blood sucking leeches – that’s how low they are.
    I will continue to be a voice for racehorses like BOROUGH BOY – so sorry for you.
    We will not let you and all the others die in vain.

    • Do you or any of your followers have any concern about the health of the jock??? Its COMPETITION same as Automobile racing or football which also carry grave HUMAN dangers!!! Anyone involved from owner to trainer to jockey and beyond are deeply hurt by the results of these injuries during COMPETITION!

      • The jockey chooses that work. Surely you as a reasonable human can see that as a dangerous occupation. the jockey chooses to keep beating the horse to run even when the horse is in pain or going down as evidenced by the videos of races. now you tell me when the horse as the choice. end this useless waste of money and stop breeding these animals only to have them die

      • Not really. The jockey chooses to participate in a dangerous activity while fully aware of the consequences. Same for automobile racing or football. Humans are the only species that willingly participate in dangerous activities for fun or money, the horses don’t get a choice. If it’s so dangerous for the jockeys maybe horse racing should be banned? I assure you, if a jockey died daily it would be illegal.

      • You would think that if a jockey was so concerned about their health then they wouldn’t consent to the dangerous risks involved now would they?
        The racehorses don’t have a choice to be beaten or sent out to die now do they?
        Finally, if the owners and trainers are “beyond deeply hurt” then why do they support this?
        Why do they continue to subject their racehorses to practices that are nothing less than abusive?
        Why do they watch racehorse after racehorse snap their legs-off and not demand the shut down of this public butcher show?
        Why don’t they donate even one dime to their disposable gambling chips while spending hundreds of thousands buying yet their next voiceless victim?
        Deeply hurt? …….pleeeeezzzzzeeee.
        Go stick your head in some manure because maybe the smell with awaken your rational senses.

  3. No words for this horror. The Greed of Humans is sickening. I am ashamed of these folks. I would never help them if they needed help after displaying such carelessness of these horses. No compassion for their lives, my heart is broken watching this. May Karma bring them sorrow in their lives full of Greed.

  4. Why can’t this horrible industry fold up and go away. Stop the killing of theses beautiful horses. Please end horse racing in America

  5. Oh my god I feel sick watching that the cruelest thing ever. Heartless
    I do not condone horse racing at all
    Just animal abuse Such a senseless waste of a life for you to line your pockets at there expense
    So very sad

  6. Watching this was painful, Borough Boy was whipped harshly 6 times down the stretch, right before he broke down. Just speechless and Angry.
    Patrick has done a fantastic job in trying to end this torture as I was impressed by his plea on HBO this past May.
    There has to be coverage on the abuse during prime time such as 6O minutes. There are too many animal lovers, let alone humanitarians, in this country that are unaware of the inhumane treatment. Congress has been sitting on a reform bill for years while our beloved horses, who carried us through wars( recently in Afghanistan in 2001) continue to be tortured. I will be emailing 60 minutes with a request and hopefully Patrick can shine again and get a larger audience demanding an end to this cruelty.
    This video clearly shows the abuse and I’m sure Burough Boy, other broken down horses and ones led to slaughter all shared one last thought “I tried so hard to win for you but what did I do to deserve this treatment?”

  7. You can literally see that poor horses’ broken legs flopping. The announcer didn’t even miss a beat.

    I think I now see what the problem is. These people- the announcers, the jockeys, the trainers, the owners, the vets and the fans – are so thoroughly desensitized by the day-after-day death, injury and abuse that they have no qualms whatsoever about this. It has become normal to them. They don’t even give it two seconds’ thought.

    I find myself wishing for a climate disaster, a world-wide plague, a disease with no cure, ANYTHING that will wipe the vile and despicable VIRUS that the human species has become off the face of the earth.

    • Thank you so much Arlene,you articulated Beautifully Exactly how I Feel. I know I am not alone,we are in the right,and we Will win out.

  8. Beating that poor house right into the grave. It’s lplain he fell in the slop which would not have happen had he not been beaten to run through that crap. End this useless so called sport and stop breeding these horse so they can be tortured their whole lives for no useless purpose

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