11th Kill at Finger Lakes; Another Death at Del Mar

Take Charge Jamie, four, was killed training at Finger Lakes Saturday – “sustained injury to leg necessitating euthanasia,” according to the Gaming Commission. He is the 4th horse killed at Finger Lakes in August, 8th since July 10, and 11th on the year.

Bonafide Bandit, Mar 26, stall – “cast in stall”
Owen’s Express, Apr 2, training – “fractured right shoulder”
Facade, May 11, stall – “colic”
Ransom Note, Jul 10, racing – “fractured 3rd carpel”
D Emcee, Jul 12, training – “fractured sesamoid”
She’sakittykat, Jul 12, stall – “laminitis”
Fabulous Prince, Jul 15, racing – “flipped in the gate, skull fracture”
Avon Gold, Aug 3, training – “suffered a fracture to the pastern”
Frosty Millions, Aug 13, racing – “unresolved injuries”
It’s Flashy, Aug 17, training – “expired after breezing”
Take Charge Jamie, Aug 24, training – “sustained injury to leg”

From the most recent Stewards Minutes at Del Mar:

week of Aug 05-Aug 11, 1 “deceased”
week of Aug 12-Aug 18, 1 “deceased”

One we know was Bri Bri, who was killed (broken pelvis) training Aug 12; the other, however, remains unidentified. Del Mar now sits at six dead on the meet:

Charge a Bunch, Jul 18 – “head-on collision”
Carson Valley, Jul 18 – “head-on collision” (see above)
Bowl of Soul, Jul 29 – “broke down”
unidentified, Jul 31-Aug 4 – stall death
unidentified, Aug 5-Aug 11 – probably a stall death
Bri Bri, Aug 12 – “suffered a catastrophic injury”

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  1. So many unidentified horses that die – the racing industry can’t even be bothered to acknowledge they had a name. But what can you expect of an industry that refers to living sentient beings as “it”, and dumps their broken bodies basically in the garbage heap to be scraped up and disposed of like they never existed? I believe there is a special place in Hell for those who abuse the innocent, and they truly deserve it.

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