And Yet Another California Kill – “Went Over the Outside Rail”

Sunday, according to Equibase, Bronco Brown “went over the outside rail” in the 7th race at the Humboldt County Fair (Ferndale). That was the extent of the notes. Turns out, the 4-year-old is dead – euthanized for undisclosed injuries. In a press release, Fair publicist Ellis Davis spent six paragraphs on the dinged-up jockey (“a hard-working and well-respected rider…”), but just a single sentence on the dead horse: “Bronco Brown had to be euthanized following Sunday’s accident.” Oh, how they care.

Since “SB-469” became law on June 26, 13 horses have died at California tracks:

No New Friends, dead racing at Pleasanton June 30
Sandra Smiles, dead training at Pleasanton July 7

Charge a Bunch, dead training at Del Mar July 18
Carson Valley, dead training at Del Mar July 18
Bowl of Soul, dead training at Del Mar July 29
unidentified, dead back in stall at Del Mar July 31-August 4
Bri Bri, dead training at Del Mar August 12

unidentified, dead back in stall at Los Alamitos July 8-July 14
Cuervo Foose, dead racing at Los Alamitos July 20
Always Checking, dead racing at Los Alamitos August 17

Black Site, dead racing at Santa Rosa August 1
It’s The Ice, dead racing at Santa Rosa August 8

Bronco Brown, dead racing at Ferndale August 18

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  1. You know what? I don’t give a damn what happens to the jockeys or trainers or anyone else in this disgusting bloody industry. I only care about the horses, because no one in this industry does.
    If human athletes suffered the numbers of injuries and casualties as these horses do, this business would have been outlawed YEARS ago.

  2. What a disgusting bunch of bastards who are involved in this horrible abusive sport. I am like abs314 – I don’t give a shit about the jockeys either – nor do I care about the owners and trainers and I really have no use for the god damn racing commissions – no one is there to care about the lives of these poor horses and the horrible abuse they suffer daily at the hands of humans. This racing has to stop – it is so deplorable and I just can’t believe how incredibly inhumane humans are – you bastards all need to rot in hell.

    • This shit makes me sick. U idiot people raci g horses for money. Get ur lazy asses out on the track and run around that track. U gutless Ass holes!

  3. Those jockeys are nothing but animal abusers in fancy clothes. More of them need broken necks.

  4. Horses will do anything for you. They should not be forced to race to make money for you idiots!!!

  5. The numbers are appalling! How can anyone continue to support such cruelty? Horse racing needs to be banned. To hell with these greedy profit mongers!

  6. I would seriously like to know how a horse manages to flip himself over a rail. Was he being whipped? Shocked? Trying to escape the bit and tongue tie? Horses don’t just fling themselves over objects for the hell of it; the only time I’ve seen horses plow into and straight thru things is when they’re scared out of their mind or desperately trying to escape pain. Two things the racing industry is all too proficient at.

    • Exactly, Rebecca – they will do their best to avoid running into an object unless whatever is causing them fear or stress is perceived as more dangerous and/or painful than what colliding with it would be.

  7. People whose adrenalin rise doing this to animals, are ignorant idiots wich deserve the same!

  8. While researching what makes the minds of white collar crooks tick, I learned some handy info that applies to many aspects of human culture and human nature. The plain sad fact may be that sociopaths and psychopaths, people without a conscience, could exist in much larger numbers than we think. Not all become infamous, many are just big jerks who get no pleasure from anything but acquiring wealth and power. Empathy is something they simply don’t possess, or not in large enough amounts that wealth and power don’t look more attractive in comparison to being decent. I believe animal abusers are sociopaths, whether they’re the kind that operate outside even our weak animal protection laws, or those who work in animal entertainment like rodeo and racing, or agriculture, and are immune to feeling for their victims.That they insult our intelligence by claiming they care deeply for these animals is just the rotten cherry on the excrement sundae.

  9. This is so sad and no true horseman ( or horsewoman) would dream of running a horse at 3 or 4 years old….they are babies. BAN HORSE RACING

  10. this IS AWEFUL information av=bout this “sport?” HORRIBLE!!!! I WILL make a donation to fight this ABHORiBLE activity!!!! NEEDS MORE EXPOSURE AN HAS TO BW STOPPED!!!

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