“Catastrophic Injury” at Penn; “Expired After Breezing” at Finger Lakes

In the 6th at Penn National last night, Classic Lines “clipped heels and fell,” says Equibase, “[suffering] a catastrophic injury.” Gone. Four years old.

Earlier in the U.S. Racing day, It’s Flashy “expired on the backside after a breezing” [training] at Finger Lakes. But fret not, for the Gaming Commission assures “more to follow,” as if anyone in this vile industry really cares how or why a cheap 7-year-old claimer “expired.”


  1. “More to follow” – does that mean more information or more deaths?
    I’m sure the racing industry is proud of their apparent transparency, which I think is ironic that as they’re opening up about what really goes on it only makes the horror that more obvious. The way these horses are being killed you would think it was a f*king scorecard in a game – the more catastrophic the injury, the higher the points.
    The Paulick Report had an article about how horses are able to recognize not only individual voices but the meaning of specific tones of voice. Of course everyone was just in awe about the intelligence of horses and the comments were mostly about how amazing horses are. I commented that even with this further proof of horses’ intelligence, the racing industry still treats them like shit, with shock devices, drugging and doping, tongue ties and lip chains, constant confinement, whipping, and slaughter. Don’t know if Paulick actually had the balls to let my post stand since I haven’t received any responses.
    The racing industry doesn’t care about the deaths of two more (in their eyes) “meaningless” horses, but we do. And we will NOT forget them, or all the others that have died before them.

    • Rebecca I just checked PR and did not see a comment from you. The truth hurts
      They also did not mention that horses and most other animals can tell a jackass a mile away or know somehow who is not a good hearted and kind person

      • Surprise, surprise. The last few times I left comments they posted right away, but this time it said the comment had to be approved first. I guess he doesn’t want unwelcome visitors telling the truth on his site. C’mon, Mr. Paulick, what are you afraid of?

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