Filly Breaks Pelvis, Becomes 4th Dead Racehorse at Del Mar

Bri Bri, three, is dead after suffering what The San Diego Union-Tribune called a “catastrophic injury” – a broken pelvis, that is – while training at Del Mar this morning. She is the fourth kill there in a bit over three weeks. “Cool As Ever.”

Charge a Bunch, Jul 18 – “head-on collision”
Carson Valley, Jul 18 – “head-on collision” (see above)
Bowl of Soul, Jul 29 – “broke down”
Bri Bri, Aug 12 – “suffered a catastrophic injury”

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  1. And, what is Del Mar’s official tweet immediately following their latest death?

    “Keep the fun going this fall!”

    I swear, that’s what they tweeted. Tone-deaf?

  2. Well, at least the racing industry is consistent: heartless, morally bankrupt, and self deluded into thinking that no one will notice “one more death”. If this is their idea of family fun, why don’t they let the little kiddos help drug the horses on race day, or ride in the ambulances with the broken bodies? Oh, they could practice slapping the shit out of a two year old with one of their ” guiding” whips, or have a family photo op with the dead bodies in the rakeyard waiting for the rendering truck. Honestly, these people make me sick.
    And another head-on collision. How? Just how in the bloody hell do you assholes manage to run horses smack into each other?! And people seriously defend this shit? I don’t care whether you know anything about horses or not, but seeing them snap their legs off or slam into each other at full speed should invoke some sort of common sense feeling that this is wrong, completely morally wrong. But I guess that John Q Public is as heartless and morally bankrupt as those disgusting excuses for human beings calling themselves owners and trainers. I hope Karma is as cruel as you racing monsters are………….

  3. Sunday August 4th two of us went to Del Mar early morning to watch the warm up/training to video. We were harassed by three different people, two workers and one horse owner. Their lame excuse for the horses that had died already in training was “well that was in training, not a race.” As if that matters but they’ll come up with any lame excuse because they are scared.

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