10-Year-Old “Collapses,” Dead at Saratoga – 10th Kill Thus Far

The 6th at Saratoga yesterday, as relayed by Equibase: “Sundae On Sunday got out then collapsed approaching the backstretch, failed to fully revive after numerous attempts and was subsequently euthanized.” Since this hasn’t been posted on the database yet, I’m not sure what “failed to fully revive after numerous attempts” means (the DRF called it a “catastrophic injury”), but suffice to say he’s dead. Sundae On Sunday (below) was ten years old – prime of life for a horse, beaten and battered for a racehorse. Yes, beaten and battered: This was Sundae’s 61st time under the whip.

This, in case anyone needs reminding, is the 10th kill at Saratoga thus far:

Golden Julia, May 30, stall, “found distressed in stall…died from acute blood loss”
Golden Julia was two years old and coming off a training session just five days prior.

Investment Analyst, Jun 7, training, “sustained leg injury necessitating euthanasia”
Investment Analyst was two years old; he was being prepped for his first race.

Gattino Marrone, Jul 3, training, “fractured sesamoids, euthanized”
Gattino Marrone was three years old and had been put to the whip 6 times.

Fight Night, Jul 12, racing, “fell heavily after the wire, euthanized on track”
Fight Night was three years old, and this was her 5th time under the whip.

Total Fidelity, Jul 14, training, “suffered fracture to LF sesamoids, euthanized”
Total Fidelity was two years old; she was being prepped for her first race.

Overlord, Jul 15, stall, “colonic rupture, euthanized”
Overlord was three years old and coming off a training session just one week prior.

Verravanni, Jul 25, stall, “pleuropneumonia”
Verravanni was two years old and coming off a training session just eight days prior.

Misspent Youth, Jul 27, training, “cardiovascular collapse”
Misspent Youth was five years old and had been put to the whip 13 times.

Umetuka, Jul 31, training, “injured, vanned off for x-rays, euthanized”
Umetuka was four years old and had been put to the whip 9 times.

Sundae On Sunday, Aug 4, racing, “collapsed, euthanized”
Sundae On Sunday was ten years old, and this was his 61st time under the whip.

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  1. Please stop horse racing. They have feelings just as we do. They feel pain, anxiety, fear and deserve our love and respect. You are killing these beautiful animals all for the sake of the almighty dollar.

  2. Every time I read one of these updates, I’m heartsick. Those poor horses! And all for greed.

  3. SUNDAE ON SUNDAY, R.I.P. beautiful angel you are now. You should of been able to enjoy the rest of your life in green pastures amongst your own family and friends. But, again, the horseracing greed ended that dream for you. A 10 year old horse should never be racing, much less any age horse, either. Stop the racing, period!!

  4. I just sent a letter to the Humane Society Legislative Fund outlining the REAL statistics and pure barbaric practices involved in horse racing. I also included the list of dead horses from 2018 (I hope you don’t mind, Patrick) to show that this Horseracing Integrity Act is just pure denial on their part. Simply trying to police the doping of racehorses will do absolutely NOTHING to stop the wholesale suffering and death on American tracks. There is nothing in this vile industry that is worth salvaging. It needs to be banned. Completely and finally.

  5. Time to end this brutal abuse of horses. We are aware of what goes on behind closed barns and it is horrible. Needled and shocked and whipped for what? This isn’t fun and games, this is a money hungry bunch of idiots, including, the owners, trainers and riders. Disgusting!

  6. They are not beaten by a whip. They use a crop to keep their attention and keep them from going into the path of other horses. They do not beat them with the crops. I feel bad for any horse that dies

    • There have been multiple documented instances of jockeys leaving welts, even to the point of bleeding. If a horse can feel a fly land on him, what do you think being hit with an overhead swing of a whip feels like?
      Hint: it’s not guidance.

    • When I was riding, my lesson horse would stop in front of other horses because she didn’t want to be ridden, I was given a crop (whip) to use on her to keep her going, I used it once and her head popped up, yes she felt the crop. It is painful and if you really watch any race these horses are BEATEN!!!

    • Hey Ruth,I don’t want to whip your butt but just let me use a crop to keep your attention

    • If you feel so “bad for any horse that dies, ” then stop defending the cruel and inhumane practice of BEATING, yes BEATING, a racehorse who is tired/sore and doesn’t love to run.
      Another thing the main reason why a racehorse drifts out is because it’s SORE, TIRED and LEG WEARY because pro-horse racing people life you suck every living breath out of them.
      Go stick you delusional head in some manure because I’m so sick and tired of you sadists defending this public butcher show while racehorses are DYING every single day.

    • You are either blind or a liar. The crop is used for beating these horses. “Under the whip” means just that.

    • May you Rest In Peace Sundae on Sunday. God knows you never had a moment of peace while you where alive. You should have been retired from racing years ago. I feel terrible you gave your best until there was nothing left. Terrible way to die.Shame.

    • A few years ago I started a petition to BAN THE WHIP.
      I didn’t have any advertising, no shares, absolutely nothing promoting the petition except for a very motivated goal to stop this obvious racehorse abuse that should be punishable under Felony Animal Cruelty laws.
      Anyways, with minimal advertising for the petition it got over 90,000 signatures and it was only open for 3 months so that’s about 30,000 per month and most of these people were NOT animal rights “extremists” as the horse racing industry labels anybody who opposes them.
      Most were horse lovers, owners and animal lovers.

      As I often claim here, the horse racing business requires the cruel, abusive, and inhumane treatment of the racehorse behind their facade that they “care for them like family members” in order to fill races and increase their wagering profits.
      When the cameras and articles are not rolling the horrific abuse continues in the corner cobwebs of their stalls that often lead to them dropping dead in the dirt.
      They don’t want to change it’s all public wallpaper based on years of resistance and certainly not actions by people who care.

    • Dear Ruth, I simply ask that you go and visually inspect a horses hindquarters following a race. Then you will be enlightened to the fact that the horses sustain welts and open lash cuts from the crop striking their flesh. I used to groom horses that were used to race. I used to apply salve to these cuts. Dont be ignorant of the facts!

  7. Greed and ego driving “sport.” People dress up and watch horses run for their lives.
    The owners make millions and the horse gets a carrot. When they lose or are injured, they end up on a French or Canadian plate. When will
    this disgusting spectator sport be outlawed?

  8. I know and truly feel how outraged the outsiders watching this abuse may feel. I’m tired and fed up with the B.S. this brutal business tries to shove down the public’s throat as in the public doesn’t understand “OUR BUSINESS” as in ( injuries and deaths are part of the game) and all professional athletes are open to injury. How many pro football players are Euthenized on the field. I can’t remember the last time I saw the referees throw a blue tarp over the quarterback after being sacked. This arrogance should not be tolerated any longer treating the public with disdain. It’s not bad enough these horses are mistreated under the whip but when the trainers,vets and the racing commission are allegedly selective in who they allow to “skate” when it comes to cheating.This is allegedly the way it may go down,supposedly they are clamping down on the drug abuse which is all well and good. This does not mean the commission has to prosecute all that are cheating. Key word being selective.This is a typical ploy allegedly used in this game. Remember in New York the commission is useless The New York Racing Association allegedly IMO runs the gaming commission instead of the other way around IMO allegedly I believe this is called corruption,or abuse of power. I believe most of the horses that die on the track IMO is not from high cholesterol. It may be from the use of the drug EPO or similar. This drug tends to thicken the blood,which makes it more difficult to travel through the heart but it’s proven to increase oxygen in the red blood cell thereby increasing athletic performance.The draw back is an increase in cardiac sudden death. I am not saying this was the case with Sundae on Sunday but maybe this should be investigated if they have not incinerated the horse by now.Name names who are the owners of all the horses that are “euthanized”

  9. SUNDAE ON SUNDAY earned over $320,000 for these blood and life sucking human parasitic leeches.
    NOBODY, not one of these parasites gave her the home that she so deserved.
    The enabler of the abuse from the commissions to the person with their stupid $2 bets are to blame for her life.
    This is HEARTBREAKING that a filly who ran her ass-off and gave everything she had for a bunch of people that didn’t care, just kept squeezing her dry until she had no more to give.
    SUNDAE ON SUNDAY – so sorry for you and may your spirit rain down a living hell on every single person that watched you suffer and die while supporting this public blood bath.
    I’m committed to shutting this down and I will continue to be a voice for the racehorses.

  10. There is the ANIMAL KINGDOM and the HUMAN KINGDOM. If animals want to eat each other that’s their business. We have no business forcing their bodies to death, because then the sin is on us, not the animals.
    Why don’t we race each other for money, instead of horses? We’d be more careful then wouldn’t we?Re

  11. This severe animal abuse must stop now, they are essentially slowly killing these poor harmless animals. These beautiful, intelligent and majestic horses are forced to endure a life of misery and physical/mental torture, how can any human being with an ounce of compassion or even a heart or soul, treat a loving and loyal animal in such a sadistic and horrific way? These animals deserve a safe, free and happy life where they are loved and cared for by people who respect them and will always ensure the animals best interests are at heart. The life these poor horses have suffered is extremely upsetting and justice must be done on behalf of the ones who have had their lives viciously stolen!! We must also help the others who are at risk and currently living the same perilous life. NO MORE LIVES CAN BE LOST, PLEASE HELP SAVE AND PROTECT THE HORSES AND HELP GIVE THEM A LIFE THEY TRULY DESERVE.

  12. Jail time and fines for owners, jockies and trainers, and the track too. This is the only way we’ll end horse-racing. Call these horse deaths what they are:
    animal abuse and neglect. Get the law involved. Get
    their pocketbooks involved and we might have a chance of ending this horrific killing. Run them out of business and get serious. These jerks don’t give a damn about protesters and signs. We have to step up the game and call this abuse what it is…

  13. How can I share these terrible occurrences on Facebook, Twitter? Please include a link!

    “God often appears to us in a distressing disguise.” (Mother Theresa)

  14. I am deeply offended that you would use the death of my beloved Sundae On Sunday for your own agenda , Sundae On Sunday was a great warrior he was not battered down or beaten
    He is gone and I am devastated. But he was much loved . His owners are heartbroken they are proud of his accomplishments. Stakes winner multiple stakes placed winner ,of $324.190. His was game as ever and he was never overraced treated like a stakes horse with a few races a year and resting all winter. Please have you decency at long last to pretend you care about this horse and tragic loss. Some of us will never get over this tragedy
    Instead you gleefully use this for your own purposes
    This was a special special horse Sundae On Sunday you were loved and we were so proud of your whole career .

    • His “accomplishments” was the money he made them. I’m sure they are happy as clams for the paychecks he brought them. And he paid with his LIFE!! Are they proud they put him out there to die? They took a chance with his life, they ran an aged horse to try to eeeek a little more money out of him, and he’s DEAD. Even people on pro racing sites are making comments that it was ridiculous that he was thrown into that race and that it was ego or greed. How’s that for a source of pride?

    • Loved? You racing industry people don’t know what it means to love your horse! The very fact that you entered him in a race at his age after all the money he had sweated out for you is proof of that. Let me ask, if he had never won a penny for you, would you simply love him for the gentle amazing animal he was? Were you planning on giving him a real retirement, or just the one that the racing industry is most fond of: the slaughterhouse? Don’t try to make it sound like you give two shits for the death of that horse – it’s the loss of his earnings you’re mourning.

    • Please be sure and tell us how shocked and saddened you are when your next one goes down, okay Teresa? And the one after that, and on and on, until your non-sport is finally banned.
      Such a wise choice to come here, of all places, to publicly express your so-called devastation.

    • The “purposes” are to prevent greedy stupid individuals, such as yourself, from abusing horses for your own monetary gain. Your horse should have been retired on a legitimate retirement farm by now. Instead you continued to race him, and squeezed every last
      drop of blood and energy from him. He gave you everything he had, including his life. Go ahead and keep whining…. nobody is listening to you. I can tell
      you would have sent him to the slaughterhouse once he started losing.

    • Either you are delusional or just plain full of crap. I don’t know what your connection to this horse is but you should be ashamed. The horse is loved until the checks stop coming. I spent 15 years in the horse business and it is not a sport, it is barbarism. Barely half of all foals ever see a racetrack, maybe half of those ever win a race, the average winner doesn’t race past six years old. Nobody adopts these unwanted horses, nobody pays for their retirement. They are bred to be slaughtered after being abused. If you are defending this industry you are an absolutely despicable human being who has no business ever being around animals.

  15. Teresa Fasolino – you are a life sucking human parasite.
    You’ve convinced yourself otherwise, but SUNDAE ON SUNDAY is clear evidence that you didn’t give 2 shits about him, you only cared about what he could give you.
    You not only exploited him when he was alive, but your now using him to display your empty claims that you actually cared about him.
    Myself, and all supporters of HRW didn’t exploit, use, abuse, and kill him – YOU DID and you need to take full responsibility for that.
    You made the decision to risk his life and to send him out to his death – I didn’t.
    RELEASE ALL OF HIS DOPING/VET records so that we can really see the truth behind all this “caring” that you are claiming.
    Then, and only then, can we have a real conversation.
    SUNDAE ON SUNDAY – so sorry for you and so sorry that you were run into the ground by Teresa and her husband.
    Caring and loving horse people don’t exploit their horses.
    They keep them in a paddock and/or stall, enjoy them for the beautiful creatures they are and don’t exploit them for their personal ATM machine.

  16. Treasa, why were you people running a much “loved” 10 yr old and in a claiming race, yet?!
    AND he was up for claiming in a recent “optional claiming” race – you did not have to put him up for sale but you choose to see if some would buy him.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  17. Abuse and something the average citizen would be prosecuted for. Called over driving for anyone else. This is merciless and uncalled for. Human greed and nothing less.

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