Cover This CNN: Two Kills at Gulfstream Yesterday

The 2nd race at Gulfstream yesterday, as relayed by Equibase: “Buttonhook raced in contention tracking the early pace, hustled up three wide in the final turn and continued a bid in close contention in upper stretch, switched out a path then got slammed into…which cause[d] him to clip heels with SOMETHINSTOPPIN, fell and was euthanized on the track.”

“got slammed into” – “fell” – “was euthanized on the track”

Four races later, same track: “Little Christina vied for the early lead racing three deep, could not match strides for lead at the top of the lane but continued a bid with response then clipped heels when TRUE HEIRESS moved in a path late, fell and lost the rider, was euthanized and vanned off.”

“clipped heels” – “fell” – “was euthanized” (then “vanned off” – of course)

Two kills within a couple hours of one another at one of America’s premier tracks. See, it wasn’t Santa Anita after all.

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  1. Jockeys using horses as bumper cars again. The results often end up looking like the worst nascar wrecks, with horses cartwheeling and somersaulting in the air. Clearly, the jockeys aren’t concerned that they are riding living, breathing beings. But, you would think they may have a little more concern and respect for their fellow riders. They will be holding coast to coast fundraisers this weekend for the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund. Most of those jockeys are disabled because the horse under them died. Sure they put on a good show fundraising, but on the tracks, the reckless riding continue. Who’s looking out for the horses, if the jockeys aren’t concerned about taking each other out of the race?
    Crap like this keeps happening. It almost caused a huge wreck in the Kentucky derby. These 2 wrecks are a prime example that on the track it’s win at all costs.
    Pro whip advocates say the jockeys need whips for SAFETY. Where was the safety in these wrecks? Wonder if these horses actually veered and shied away from being whipped. So much for safety. This track is also owned by the same group as Santa Anita. Where’s all the “good show” changes they implemented at Santa Anita? It’s a fake PR lie.

  2. I’m sure racing advocates will blame the track, the weather, the wind, the horses’ breeding, probably even the alignment of the planets. But this is just disgusting. Two more horses dead just because their riders were complete and utter irresponsible assholes who won’t even face any penalties for what they did. And did anyone in the stands who saw these horses die for their entertainment give them a second thought as the next race began? Probably just to be pissed the blood money they put on them wouldn’t pay off.
    And as for the Permantly Disabled Jockeys Fund, you guys chose to get on those horses, to ride them with utter disregard for their safety and wellbeing, beating the shit out of them, so who should feel sorry for you when Karma comes back to bite you in the silk ass? You kept your life, you just won’t be able to kill any more horses. Boo hoo. Why doesn’t the billion dollar racing industry have a Permantly Disabled Thoroughbred Fund? For the THOUSANDS of horses they annually churn into the dirt – or worse.
    Honestly, the question “How low can you guys sink?” is not a challenge…………..

  3. Horrific racehorse abuse.
    The massive suffering, maiming and dying continues unabated.
    The jockeys, connections will have little to no repercussions.
    The people who defend this public butcher show are just as guilty as the ones perpetrating the abuse.
    True to industry form and, more specifically, The Stronach Group – ugliness edited out.
    Once again there are no changes that will stop this out of control killing business – none.
    This must stop, must end please everybody must pull together and end this.
    It can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.
    You could be instrumental in stopping this, but you chose to accept donations to defend it in some capacity.
    You are nothing more than whores, but at least whores on the street are honest about what they do – not you – you claim to protect animals, but take money to talk out of the side of your mouth while racehorses die.

  4. People on this blog are almost unanimously against what is happening over and over to racehorses. My question – is there anyone or organization who can stop this senseless killing getting the message that racing kills horses? We can blog all we want and condemn the tragedy of the loss of horses, but who is doing something about it? The deaths have been importantly documented but who is taking charge of cleaning up the racing business or stopping it all together? The list of deaths makes me sick each day. Can this be publicized in national newspapers more? Can CNN or other do a documentary on the issue? Like all of you, I am frustrated that nothing is being done to stop these tragic deaths. Maybe it is and if so, I would like to read and hear what is happening so we can provide support for resolution. The list of deaths is just staggering. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks

  5. Where the heck is PeTA on this? Are those crickets that I hear? But they do seem to care about common phrases that they say use animal terms in a negative fashion.But they don’t seem to care about racehorses being doped up, overworked, and dying on the track or being placed in livestock trailers and shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. And Mexico is not noted for using the most humane methods of slaughter. Plus the fact that the horses spend hours crammed into open trailers with no food or water and many arrive with horrific injuries. I have not seen “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” but PeTA has criticized Quentin Tarantino for using a pit bull with cropped ears. They claim this promotes dog fighting and abuse. Ingrid Newkirk has advocated numerous times that no shelter should adopt out pit bulls–they should all be killed. When they were operating a shelter in Virginia, they killed over 80% of the animals they took in, even the healthy, adoptable puppies and kittens. Their shelter had no kennels or cages, just a killing room and a crematorium. Two of their employees entered private property and stole a little girl’s chihuahua and executed it immediately, in violation of Virginia’s stray hold law. Then they bitched when the state forced them to close their ‘shelter’. No one would have known what happened to the dog, except the tenant had installed CCTV and caught it all on camera. I bet their employees are now trained to look for cameras. PeTA paid the family $50,000. How much of that hush money was donated by people thinking they were helping animals?

    • Although PETA has done some tremendous work on behalf of animals I can’t, for the life of me, justify or accept their weak stance on horse racing.
      It seems clear to me that they are acting as a “buffer zone” between those of us who take a strong stance like shutting it down and those who want reforms until it shuts down, which I think is their official position.
      They could email every single member in California, set up voting stations and garner enough signatures to begin the dismantling and eventual shut down of this business.
      Instead, they keep giving their lip service and it seems reasonable to assume that they received donations from racehorse track owners like “The Stronach Group” or pro-horse racing entities/individuals.
      We know that the HSUS accepted money to release an official statement supporting horse racing.
      There’s no way in hell that any group who claims to be an animal rights group doesn’t outright condemn, advocate and work towards ending this carnage can be a friend of the racehorse – no fucking way.
      Now to find out that they wasted their time and breath on a pit bull in Quentin Tarantino’s newly released movie “Once Upon a Time,” is pathetic.
      I’ve yet to see the move or in what context the pit bull was involved, but either way it doesn’t jive to say this, but to not condemn the massive pain, suffering, and carnage that racehorses live every single day.

  6. What is wrong with you selfish people. Let’s put horses on your backs. Run you into the ground.

  7. Please find out what happened to a filly that was racing at Arlington and broke down in the stretch. The race was won by Sugar Sugar Sugar. The filly that broke down was Neuqua , July 27. I saw her wobble and be pulled up but I can’t find any updates on her condition thank you

  8. As most of you probably know there’s a massive tornado that will hit Florida dead on and Gulfstream is in the cross-hairs.
    You would think that the people who care so much about their “family members” would demand that they evacuate the racehorses – no way because this is horse racing.
    They are thinking about just getting back to business so they want their gambling chips in the stalls ready to go once the storm blows over it seems.
    This is why their recently released statement basically permits the “horseman” to keep their horses stabled at Gulfstream if they so wish during this storm that has a high potential of killing them since they are sitting targets.
    These are not the actions of people who “care” and I wonder if Ms. Stronach has put a disaster plan in place?
    We’ve now had several major tornadoes including a massive fire at their training center called San Luis Rey and they didn’t have a proper evacuation plan then and they STILL don’t have an adequate evacuation plan in place now – outrageous.
    Even when they were being told by the firefighters to evacuate, due to the fires, they STILL left the racehorses in their stalls because they didn’t know where to put them just like they don’t know what to do with them after they are done maiming them.
    What do you expect from a bunch of parasites who maim and kill racehorses on a daily basis?
    This clearly shows people who don’t give a damn if they die in their stalls and they will probably call it a “non-racing” death, but we know that this vile business is solely responsible for any racehorse who dies and that includes on the slaughterhouse floor.
    Nevertheless, I would never want to see a racehorse or anybody harmed.
    However, if the track, grandstand, and the 30 million dollar ugly cement Pegasus statute all blew away I would actually cheer knowing that no more racehorses would be harmed there.

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