The “Vanned Off” and “Bled From Nostrils”

Last week in U.S. Thoroughbred and Quarterhorse races (Equibase)

“Vanned Off” – required horse ambulance to get off the track
Hirschbein, Delaware
Bibbo, Mountaineer
Spanky, Parx
Discreet Beauty, Indiana
Neverenoughkandi, Penn
Rubys Got Em, Albuquerque
Gotta Nip, Charles Town
Wagered, Charles Town
Flying With Scissors, Fair Meadows
Scouting, Laurel
Maximum Volume, Prairie
Stylistic, Ruidoso
Gratto Swing, Saratoga
Great Going, Saratoga
Ghost of Creebear, Albuquerque
Carolina Jasmine, Lone Star
Cuervo Foose, Los Alamitos
Claude’s Choice, Prairie
Leigh Who, Ruidoso
Racy Opinion, Emerald
Informed Lady, Emerald
Masterkey, Saratoga

“Bled” or “Returned Bleeding From the Nostrils” – usually pulmonary hemorrhage
Baron of Bluegrass, Laurel
Clear Winn Cartel, Albuquerque (also “vanned off”)
Newport Kid, Arapahoe (also “vanned off”)
Turbo Mag, Ruidoso (also “vanned off”)

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    • What’s worse is that there are people who know it is happening on a daily basis and not only don’t do anything to stop it, but actually have the complete lack of conscience to defend it.

  1. I hardly know where to start. I’m no stranger to the total lack of care by the monsters but I simply wonder why you and I am fully aware but those who bet are either ignorant or choose to ignore the suffering.
    It is the latter that are most culperble as they KNOW what is happening but don’t care. Like the meat eaters who believe all the animals going through the system are well cared for up to the time of slaughter and are shocked when they find otherwise, and those who know of the systematic cruelty and couldn’t care less.

  2. “In Defense of Racing,” a pro-horse racing article appeared today in TBH.
    Anyways, to say that the article is laughable is an understatement.
    It’s a feeble attempt to justify the massive widespread suffering, crippling and dying of racehorses.
    Sure it’s full of the sophisticated words by 2 educated people, but take away the words, their frivolous excuses and what you have is a bunch of racehorses being exploited for profit, dumped and/or dead.
    How can you possibly justify this?
    Take, for example, this statement:
    “For horse racing to survive, it has to face its ethical hurdles and defend the fundamental morality of the sport.”
    We know it’s not a sport, it doesn’t qualify for a sport, and how can somebody “hurdle” over a dead racehorse?
    “The recent spike in fatalities is a problem and should be taken seriously. But it is also uncharacteristic of the racing industry as a whole.”
    In one word – horseracingwrongs.
    The facts are clear – dying has been going on long before the national attention that Santa Anita got.
    Racehorses are being maimed (Vanned-off, and bleeding) every single day on tracks all over America.
    It’s no recent spike nor is it an isolated incident on 1 track – again the lies.
    The article proposes some statements that could only be found in a fantasy fairy tale and it’s downright unbelievable that they actually think that there are stupid enough people out there to believe it.
    Okay so your not stupid, but delusional you would have to be.

  3. What other equine “sport” finds it perfectly acceptable for horses to have blood pouring out of their nose and mouth? Or have to be transported back in a trailer because they can’t even walk? At two and three years old?! How can anybody be so heartless that they cause this misery and even have the audacity to defend it?
    Apparently there is a bill before the senate to finally make soring illegal in Tennessee Walking Horses. I pray for the day when horse racing meets the same long over due fate.

  4. Im thankful to people who are standing up to the unreasonable non caring people in horse racing who have demonstrated those facts. Whover is in there keeping it going bluffing cheating lying tamprring with evidence will run into the same board and regulatory comittee will let yours be botched and waived and God isnt on those!

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