Three Kills at Finger Lakes

Three kills at Finger Lakes, courtesy of the NYS Gaming Commission…

Ransom Note, July 10, 2nd race – “pulled up, vanned off; fractured 3rd carpel, euthanized.” Ransom Note was six years old and under the whip for the 34th time.

D Emcee, July 12, training – “fractured sesamoid necessitating euthanasia.” D Emcee was three years old and had been raced 8 times.

She’sakittykat, July 12 – “laminitis.” She’sakittykat was five years old and had been raced 24 times, most recently in a claiming (the cheapest kind) at Parx in May. In other words, make no mistake, Racing gave her (painful) laminitis; Racing killed her.

This is horseracing.

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  1. These reports are heartbreaking and difficult to read. My first reaction is to turn away but I have made a commitment to post in FB and attend protests when possible. Horse racing and the cruelty and disregard for equine life has been kept in the shadows far to long. The round ups out west are another form of abuse and disregard. Thank you for being an advocate. All must play a part in ending this.

  2. Finger Lakes would have shut down years ago if Gov. Cuomo hadn’t thrown out repeated life lines to them.
    In fact, last year he stepped up, once again, to bail out this dying business as he did with Monticello.
    All tracks are hell holes for racehorses, but these ones get all the crippled, lame and sore horses.
    They mask the issues with dope and just keep on running them to fill races for their stupid bets.
    This is widespread suffering and dying on a massive scale.
    RANSOM NOTE: bred by no other than Becky Thomas’s Sequel Bloodstock. This lady is a blood sucking human parasite that flips, beats/whips at the 2 y.o sales, and dumps racehorses for profit. I suppose she’s no different than the rest. Started out as a stake potential and sent to multiple racehorse “trainer” killer Linda Rice. So from the get-go this gelding was, most likely, pumped full of dope possibly shock wave therapy and then dumped when it could no longer perform at the high levels that was expected of him. Ms. Rice can count on the insulation of a system that hides their vet/doping records and she never skips a beat when it comes to maiming and/or killing racehorses. They just keep handing her another one and they don’t give a damn.
    D EMCEE bred by the infamous attorney Clark O. Brewster, subsequently dumped into a sale, like most of his racehorses who get dumped when their no longer flipping a buck for him, and then died. His “go-to” trainer for years is Steve Asmussen so that says it all right there.
    SHE’SAKITTYCAT. So obvious that this filly was being trained and run on very painful hooves. It takes time for laminitis to develop to this point. I once asked a vet what it would be like for a horse that had the beginning stages of laminitis. He told me it’s like walking in new shoes, developing lots of painful blisters that continue to rub and exacerbate the pain. It gets worse every time they take a step and to continue training a horse with this condition is blatant animal cruelty, but they won’t be held accountable and this is why there are no changes that can prevent the dying of racehorses – it just needs to end, to be shut down – and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

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