Fight Night Killed at Saratoga – That’s Four Dead Horses Already

Saratoga Race Course has claimed its first racing kill of the summer – on this, its second day of business. Fight Night, a 3-year-old filly under the whip for the 5th time, “fell heavily after the wire,” says Equibase, and was euthanized on the track. Horseracing Wrongs has obtained exclusive photos of the scene:

While this, as mentioned, was the first race kill, the Saratoga ’19 Death Toll already stands at four – well on its way to meeting or (likely) exceeding its historical average of 14 dead horses per summer.

Golden Julia, May 25, Saratoga T (died May 30) – “horse died from acute blood loss”
Investment Analyst, Jun 7, Saratoga T – “sustained leg injury necessitating euthanasia”
Gattino Marrone, Jul 3, Saratoga T – “fractured sesamoids – euthanized”
Fight Night, Jul 12, Saratoga R – “suffered a catastrophic fracture”

If you weren’t already planning on it, please consider joining us for our first protest of the season, tomorrow at 10:30 on the corner of Union and East in Saratoga Springs.

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    • I don’t get why anyone would want to watch one animal beat another animal for sport. Is it not the same as dog fights and cock fights abuse is abuse.

  1. OMG and we are off to the races again. Why is it that you bastards all think that MONEY = BRAINS?? These owners and trainers are all horse abusers and do nothing but slaughter these gorgeous horses. A 3 year old filly under the whip for the 5th time. Do you people have any idea what this even means – it means that she was started way too early in her life – her body, her bones, etc not developed even to the closest point of being on any god damn race track. Again – the abuse – these people do not care – they don’t give a shit how much abuse and pressure they put on these horses – this is just tragic in every sense of the word. Please do not think I do not know what I am talking about – my Dad raced horses and we NEVER EVER had a horse break down because we never went to a track until they were ready to do so. This is criminal in every sense of the word. These people should all be charged for animal abuse and the more that you assholes attend these races the more you encourage all of these uncaring pricks to keep on with the abuse. Stop the horse racing and stop the slaughter of these poor horses. Shame on all of you – if you do not stand up for these animals you are as bad as the abusers.

  2. VILE.
    Here’s my analysis for all its worth.
    INVESTMENT ANALYSIS (I.A)- purchased for $485,000 equine insurance policy most likely in place.
    Purchased by “LARSEN LANE BLOODSTOCK” very typical of these high end purchases, a bloodstock company that doesn’t divulge just WHO in the hell they are? They could be anybody. Could it be that I.A. displayed some serious physical issues during his workouts that only they knew about? Possible. He was supposedly sent to multiple racehorse killer “trainer” Graham Motion, but please feel free to correct me if this info is wrong.
    GATTINO MARRONE’s chances at dying went way up when he was put into the barn of multiple doping violator with multiple dead racehorses’s under his belt “trainer” Rudy Rodriquez. Let’s call this dude out for what he is. He’s not a “trainer” he’s a killer as his record clearly shows. G.M didn’t have a chance.
    FIGHT NIGHT purchased for $150,000 and sent to multiple racehorse killer “trainer” George Weaver. Owned by “Ex-line Border Racing and LLC and Michael Burns – a partnership whom we don’t have a clue who in the hell Ex-line Border Racing is?
    GOLDEN JULIA – I left the poor filly last because she deserves so much attention. First of all, she was bred by Barbara Banke’s Stonestreet Thoroughbred Holdings LLC.
    Now Ms. Banke’s millions comes from many sources, she’s a smart lady/attorney, but it’s her JACKSON FAMILY WINES that generates billions in profits and most likely pays for her million dollar horse habit. We are pleading to people to STOP buying Jackson Family Wines. Please choose another wine when you sit down to dinner. Don’t support the massive pain, suffering, and dying of racehorses because this lady supplies the horse business.
    It’s no different than breeders of beagles to supply the horrific animal testing industry because as long as there’s breeders like Ms. Banke’s Stonestreet TBH LLC then there is a steady supply of racehorses to potentially be maimed and killed.
    Ms. Banke also sits on the Keeneland board where woman, children, and men were being exploited for their labor by Steve Asmussen – all documented in court and under a current court case.
    She claims to love children and help them out, but seems to go deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to these very serious issues and allegations.
    Back to poor GOLDEN JULIA. Both the owner and trainer is not listed because this poor filly didn’t even make it alive to her first start – this is how bad it was for this poor helpless filly. It’s highly likely, and sources are saying, that the horse was owned by Ms. Banke’s Stonestreet Farms and was sent to killer “trainer” Todd Pletcher. Also, the fact that it was not sold at auction is a strong indication that this information is correct.
    If anybody has any information please come forward, anonymously, if you must.
    Her broodmare was DREAMING OF JULIA – one that made it out of Todd Pletcher’s barn alive and was retired with $874,500 in earnings. Of course we know that several other horses sent to TP by Ms. Banke ended up dying in the dirt, but for hard core apologists sending racehorses’ to the same trainers who have killed some other horses is par for the course. These people are vile and insane.
    It’s highly likely that an equine insurance policy was in place, no doubt, for Dreaming of Julia.
    Nevertheless, her website claims this motto:
    “From planning matings and raising youngstock, to training and racing at the highest levels, pursuit of excellence is the foundation of everything we do.”
    Well Ms. Banke is poor fillies and racehorses writhing in the dirt from, most likely, busted bones/bodies/spirits in extreme pain, waiting for the pink needle, “pursuit of excellence?”
    There’s no amount of money, opulence or “excellence” that can justify this horror show – none – and the fact that you chose to support it (because you don’t need the money) is downright vile.

  3. I will not repeat myself—- Horseracing has to end. The cruelty comes about because of ignorant trainers who abuse and drug these horses. So many greedy owners and breeders who don’t know squat about horses. They are overbred and every two bit owner thinks he/ she is so important because they “own” a racehorse. Ignorance at its worst. Well I hope you get to speak to WTEN channel 10
    News. They are located inside, close to entrance. They have two moron bobble heads there this morning. Unless we educate these dumb track goers, so they don’t go to track, the horses will continue to lead a life of hell and die painful deaths.

  4. I used to enjoy the racetrack, admired the horses so much. I will not support this sport, something needs to change. May the thing could be that your racing babies, 2yr olds should not be running like this. Shame. Shame!

  5. Sensationalized article! HORRIBLE ACCIDENT. watch the pan and head-on. There was zero whip abuse. Mostly hand ridden. Broke from the gate and raced the entire race straight as an arrow with no pre-existing signs of soreness. I am a HUGE advocate for adopting UK whip and drug rules (minimal use and zero race day drugs) BUT any athlete, human or animal, is subject to accidents. You could be killed by accident pulling out of your own driveway or walking in the park. It is ignorant to say this horse was “abused” and claim wrongdoing. I will be the FIRST to call foul on any such wrongdoing and have a lifetime of sharing my voice to prove it. I am a true horseman, not just a rider or trainer. A true equestrian will always point out fault within ourselves and our chosen equine sport. Trust this was a heartbreaking true accident. You did NOT see the Weaver team in tears throughout work all the following morning, did you? I did. Get your facts straight. Accident vs could have been avoided. If you slice off the tip of your finger cutting veg, obviously you’d call that an accident. If you twist an ankle jogging on a treadmill, obviously that would be called an accident. If you swam in a competition and pulled a shoulder muscle, casing you to need PT, that would be an accident. YES some accidents can be avoided. Most in life cannot.

    • You’re just another self-deluded apologist for a cruel, deadly industry. Read the site – there’s a whole lot of these “accidents,” some 2,000 every year. And tears from those responsible, from those who exploited her for money, are an obscenity. Go peddle your garbage on the Paulick Report.

    • You know I try to be civil with apologists like you Kim, but you all need to be called out for your continued defense of a business that maims and kills racehorses on a daily basis.
      Weaver has many racehorses that have died under his care, custody, and control over the years.
      Yet, he continues to train and send out racehorses to their death so the tears you mention are crocodile tears because if he truly cared than he wouldn’t be doing this to racehorses in the first place.
      You would think any rational person with feelings would have stopped after the first racehorse dropped dead, but not these delusional abusers and racehorse killers.
      Your stupid examples are clearly obsolete since people have choices racehorses don’t.
      I’m certain that the doping/vet records will clearly show a filly with issues long before dropping in the dirt and a trainer who continued to pound on her knowing full well that he’s protected by an industry that facilitates the ongoing cruelty, abuse, inhumane treatment and killing of racehorses.
      The only accidents that can guarantee no more dying of racehorses is when this vile business is shut down and it’s well on its way – thank goodness for that.

    • Why soo many accidents – why soo many crippled horses without a place to go – why soo many former racehorses on slaughter bound trucks – why soo many rescues fillfed to capacity and others closing their doors because of lack of money – why so many dead horses when they have “lived” but one third of their life spans.

      You can’t answer these questions without exposing racing for what it is – a corrupt gambling business where the horse is a disposable commodity with NO protection from abuse.

    • Kim Laudati…ACCIDENT you say? It actually matters not if Fight Night never felt one lash of the whip – had not received even a milliliter of Lasix – was a fully skeletally-mature mare running her first race instead of what she was, an immature 3-year-old filly with 5 races already “under her belt” – had not endured a trip across the country, from California to New York, and had not been stressed by a minimum of 4 different barns and 2 different trainers in a mere 8 months – or was as sound as my 13-year-old draft-cross with legs like small tree trunks…the MERE FACT that she had lived the unnatural life as a racehorse and was MADE TO RUN as fast as she was able (in close proximity to other horses, no less) put her at an increased risk of injury or death. “SPEED KILLS” – uttered time and again by the renowned equine orthopedic surgeon who evaluated and treated the many injured racehorses our organization took in. And the industry knows it…we see “prayers for safe trips” and “hoping all horses make it back to the barn safe and sound” when reading tweets and posts and racing rag articles in preparation for a “big race”. Jay Hovdey, in his 2013 DRF piece on Hollywood Park’s last day of racing, said it as good as any; “Announcer Vic Stauffer…lapsed into a baffling recitation…even as the earnest dozen runners…were out there putting their lives on the line.”

      Are you serious when you try to equate “you could be killed by accident pulling out of your own driveway or walking in the park” with the death of a non-consenting animal that was made to participate in a high-risk for injury and death activity for GAMBLING purposes? What idiocy. I unfortunately have to drive my car to get to work, to make my living – my horses don’t need to race and be at risk of injury or death to support me, to make my living.

      Now if YOU want to put your own life and limbs at risk, go for it…but please leave the horses who never consented to having their survival instinct – flight – exploited for entertainment and gambling purposes (and your own pocketbook) out of it. A “true horseman”, as you called yourself, will always avoid the many hazards of potential physical and/or psychological damage our domesticated equines could be subjected to – racing creates additional risk then makes the horses navigate it.

      • Thank-you Joy for calling out this apologist.
        These deaths are not “accidents” at all.
        Racehorses dying is inherent in horse racing.
        Furthermore, the mandatory business operations (doping, shock wave therapy, pushing beyond limits, running with chronic issues, intense confinement, medical/doping records not following them, etc. etc.) that every single racehorse is subjected to is a recipe for disaster.
        Now, these apologists have been fighting and continue to fight hard for any accountability whatsoever.
        This is not the action of people who care, but people who exploit.
        They only care about what they can get out of them and dump then when they can’t just like a disposable gambling chip and I’m sickened about what’s going.
        Any rational and compassionate person who truly loves horses would not accept this in any capacity and our society shouldn’t accept this because it doesn’t belong in the 21st century.
        It has no place and this vile, rotten, corrupt public butcher show needs to shut down.

  6. The people involved with horse races or any other sport where animals are hurt unnecessarily are all assholes, and I pray that you all suffer too one day. Drop dead assholes!!

  7. Please stop horse racing!!! Make it illegal! It’s pure evil to do this to these loving animals!

  8. money mighty murder of animals; if you did that to your dog at home you’d be in jail

  9. Thank you for letting the public know
    About this slaughter I am a horse owner of 53 years
    The racing world has always and will always be unfortunately because it is the rich mans sport
    They don’t care. It’s only an animal

  10. So sad for these poor babies,they whip them,so they’ll run faster,therefore,causing them fall…this is cruel….all for the almighty dollar😢😭😠😡

  11. This is a disgrace. People are always talking about animal abuse for cats and dogs and farm animals but not these poor horses. What does it take for this to stop. Apparently not the death of another horse. 😠

  12. With the heat index going in to the triple digits this weekend, I hope that the race track does the right thing and considers canceling the race until the beginning of next week. Monday and Tuesday we’re back to nice seasonal summer weather, in the low 80’s. This is unacceptable!!!

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