14 Kills in Louisiana So Far

Through a FOIA request to the Louisiana Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills on that state’s tracks through March 31. Please note, however, that the Commission (as usual) did not forward training or off-track deaths. So, obviously, the true toll is greater than what follows, and what follows is 14 dead horses.

Tee La Jolla, Jan 21, Louisiana Downs R – “sesamoids”
Breeze of Cinnamon, Jan 23, Delta R – “cannon fracture”
Yankee Trip, Feb 1, Delta R – “comminuted fracture carpus”
Conner Clark, Feb 2, Delta R – “open fracture sesamoids, fetlock luxation”
Brylee’s Deelite, Feb 6, Delta R – “hyperextension flexor tendons”
Doc’s Mescalero, Feb 15, Delta R – “fracture sesamoids, fetlock luxation”
Zoomin Effort, Feb 26, Louisiana Downs R – “sesamoids”
Just Richter, Feb 27, Delta R – “fracture sesamoids, fetlock luxation”
Grand Tuner, Feb 27, Delta R – “fracture sesamoids, fetlock luxation”
Simply Gucci, Feb 28, Fair Grounds R – “cannon fracture”
Oxford Comma, Mar 5, Fair Grounds R – “cannon fracture”
Rockin Sunday Mass, Mar 8, Delta R – “open, communited fracture cannon”
Monster Bea, Mar 15, Fair Grounds R – “sudden death” (five years old)
Jet Black Oil, Mar 18, Louisiana Downs R – “radius/ulna”

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  1. Why are tracks so hesitant to provide the names of horses killed while training? Are they afraid the additional deaths will effect what little image they have left? What happened to transparency?
    Nobody with even a shred of common sense and decency could support this industry. Horses DIE, period. They die during training, they die during racing, and they die back at the supposed safety of their stalls (prisons). They die from broken legs, shoulders, backs, and necks; they die from having their insides eaten away with cocktails of drugs and God only know what other substances; they die from illness that would be preventable if these horses were treated right.
    And they die alone, no one offering comfort, and no one mourning their passing as the tragedy of a living sentient being destroyed for no other reason but money and entertainment.
    To the owners, the trainers, the jockeys, and the even the shed row workers who see the torture but say nothing- your day of reckoning is coming. If not in this life, then most assuredly the next.

  2. A moratorium needs to be placed on tracks that tolerate racehorse deaths, such as in Louisiana and certainly California. Pennsylvania follows closely with 9 racehorse deaths. Thank you Patrick for all your hard work on such devastating facts as in horse racing.

  3. People r killing off all animals for greed. It’s so sad that trainers and veterinarians and jockeys think that the public is so fucking stupid to believe their lies when we all know they r all in on it. Your all murderers. Fuck all of u at every track

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